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The Hardest Cannabis Strains to Grow

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Who doesn’t love a challenge every now and then? For our more experienced and adventurous growers, we’ve rounded up the hardest cannabis strains to grow. These strains really put the pressure on when it comes to maintenance, proper care, and giving...  Read More

How Does Cannabis Get Its Color?

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In the culinary world, they say we eat with our eyes first. We make a snap judgment on the quality of food based on its colors, textures, and overall presentation on the plate when really, visuals have no real connection to flavor. It’s all in our minds ...  Read More

5 Countries That Grow The Best Cannabis

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For those of us who’ve been in the cannabis-smoking business long enough, we can usually tell when a strain hits just right. Cannabis connoisseurs value quality over quantity and part of that stems from the origin of a certain strain. Which countries ...  Read More

Will We Eventually Run Out Of Cannabis?

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As a result of global warming, humankind may be in for some tough times ahead. No more polar bears. No more koalas. No more cannabis. It’s a scary thought that we could eventually run out of resources that keep us alive, everything from clean water to ...  Read More

Cannabis Growing Series: Harvesting Your Plants

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Well, the time has finally arrived. Can you believe it? You’ve successfully raised your marijuana plants from ungerminated seeds to marijuana that is now ripe for the harvest. We’ve gone over what the final days in your marijuana plant’s growing look ...  Read More

Cannabis Growing Series: The Final Days

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So you’ve successfully germinated and planted your cannabis seeds and have made it through the vegetative stage. Now what? How can you tell when it’s time to harvest your marijuana plants, and how do you care for your plants in the best possible way until ...  Read More

Cannabis Growing Series: Low-Stress Training

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Whether you’re relatively new to cannabis growing or you’ve been around the cannabis growing block a few times, you might be wondering what low-stress training (also often referred to as LST) is and if it might be right for you. We’re going to break it ...  Read More

Cannabis Growing Series: The Vegetative Stage

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In marijuana growing, the vegetative stage is what we refer to as the first stage of life for a cannabis plant. During this period of time, the cannabis plant focuses on getting strong and large. The vegetative stage also refers to the stage when a marijuana ...  Read More

A Deep Dive Into Different Growing Mediums

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You may have heard of hydroponics, coco, or even living soil — these are different grow mediums. To help you understand the different methods, here is a deep dive into different growing mediums. By the end of this guide, you will be able to choose which ...  Read More

Growing Series: Water Your Cannabis Plants

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When you embark on your growing journey, one of your initial concerns may be how to water your cannabis plants so that they start and stay strong and healthy. Whether you plan to take marijuana to ease pain or to enjoy its recreational benefits, we can all ...  Read More