cbd benefits

Cannabis for Your Hair Health

Cannabis for hair health? That sounds strange. We thought so too at first until we read about the  research that suggests cannabis’ positive effects on your hair from new growth promotion to stronger strands. This anecdotal evidence puportes that regular, consistent cannabis consumption can help your hair grow longer, faster, and stronger. We’ve said it...  Read More

Everything You Need To Know About CBDA

CBD is something that most people are certainly familiar with, if not intimately acquainted with. But what about CBDA, also known as cannabidiol acid? Let’s take a closer look at this other chemical compound which tends to be much lesser-known.

What is the Pechoti Method?

As we are all likely becoming aware, CBD is getting increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicine. People are choosing to use CBD to treat a huge range of different issues, like stress, anxiety, migraines, sleeplessness, and chronic pain thanks to its anecdotal therapeutic benefits. That’s where the Pechoti Method comes into play....  Read More

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