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Keep Your Cannabis Seeds Fresh For As Long As Possible

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After days of searching, you finally found a reputable, secure, and highly-rated place to buy cannabis seeds online. Hopefully, your Google search led you to Growers Choice Seeds—one of the top seed banks in the US and Canada. Let’s say you purchased ...  Read More

Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal?

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It’s the question on everyone’s mind: are marijuana seeds illegal? Left and right, regulations surrounding this oft-maligned weed have been changing in our favor, granting access to patients in desperate need of natural and effective therapies and ...  Read More

What’s the Deal with Cannabis Seed Oil?

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Welcome to the wonderful, albeit confusing, world of cannabis. Also known as marijuana. Also known as hemp in certain cases, and CBD in others. As if there weren’t enough slang terms for cannabis (mary jane, ganja, weed, etc.), now consumers also have to...  Read More