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How to Buy Organic Cannabis Seeds Online

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Just as people choose to eat and live in a health-conscious manner and to care about the very fragile planet we inhabit, choosing to cultivate, smoke, vape, or consume organic cannabis seeds is about keeping both yourself and the earth in good health. Afterall...  Read More

Buy Marijuana Seeds in California

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Sure, most everyone knows that purchasing cannabis seeds and products have long been possible in California. But, do you know the laws that ensured these things, and are you aware of more recent legislative pieces that have been passed and proposed in relation...  Read More

Cannabis Beauty Products for Your Self-Care Routine

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There’s a cannabis renaissance happening in the beauty community. A fraction of the billion-dollar cosmetics industry is finally warming up to all-natural ingredients in their products, rather than chemical toxins produced in a lab. We could all use a self-...  Read More

Cannabis Gift Guide for Christmas 2021

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What do you get the stoner who already has everything? Possibly one of the presents listed on our 2021 gift guide. We scoured the internet for Christmas gift ideas that stay true to nature’s greatest gift: cannabis, of course. ‘Tis the season of giving, so...  Read More

Black Entrepreneurs In Cannabis: Amplify Their Voices!

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In honor of #BlackoutTuesday, we muted all social media channels to learn, listen, and allow space for black voices to be heard. Now, we want to amplify those voices as loudly as possible for the world to hear. Some could argue that cannabis culture started in...  Read More

Want To Work In The Cannabis Industry? Keep On Reading…

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Over the last decade, the United States has experienced a massive societal shift in regards to cannabis. A drug that was once deemed dangerous in pop culture and politics is now legal in many states. Some have recreational cannabis, others medical, and others ...  Read More

CBD in Stores? Walgreens and CVS Take on Cannabis

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Guest post by Eric Van Buskirk Until very recently, cannabidiol- and CBD-infused items either had to be purchased online or through specialty retailers. This restricted availability is partially to blame for the continued stigmatization of cannabis-related ...  Read More

Get High and Give Back: Cannabis Companies with a Cause

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Remember a time when stoners were depicted as lazy and self-indulgent? Sitting on the couch for hours on end in a T-shirt covered in bright orange Cheetos dust with no regard for anyone or anything else? Yeah, those days are long gone. The cannabis community ...  Read More