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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Toledo in 2023

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We have big cannabis news for Toledo, Ohio With marijuana, you can go toe-to-toe with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. While people will buy assorted marijuana products, some people grow their own cannabis in Toledo, Ohio. This gives them more ...  Read More

Cannabis for Your Skin Health: Helpful or Harmful?

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Have you heard of the term “shower thoughts” before? Originated from Reddit, “shower thoughts” described a random thought that you may have had in the shower, or while driving, or doing some other relatively mindless activity where your...  Read More

Cannabis and Dementia — Can It Help Lower Your Risk?

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Research supports the claim that cannabis can help patients with depression, PTSD, ADHD, and the like. But what about dementia? The question poses somewhat of a paradoxical answer. Regular cannabis use may inhibit blood’s ability to reach your brain, ...  Read More

The Latest Research on Depression and Cannabis

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Cannabis has been used to treat depression since the 17th century. Nonetheless, when it comes to mood disorders, cannabis can be a tricky subject. Opponents argue it can cause or exacerbate the disorder, while advocates, some referencing recent research, ...  Read More

CBD Tampons, Cannabis, and Women’s Health

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Here’s a cannabis-related product you don’t read about every day: CBD tampons. We were first introduced to CBD tampons via a staff member who mentioned she was experiencing painful cramps and bloating. Many women can relate to these uncomfortable ...  Read More

Cannabis for Your Hair Health

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Cannabis for hair health? That sounds strange. We thought so too at first until we read about the science-backed research that supports cannabis’ positive effects on your hair from new growth promotion to stronger strands. Science supports the claims ...  Read More

Can Cannabis Help With the Common Cold?

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From a young age, we learn that there is no cure for the common cold—you can treat the symptoms but you cannot, unfortunately, rid yourself of a cold altogether once it takes up residence in your body. In addition to over-the-counter cold remedies, people ...  Read More

Need a Mental Health Boost? Cannabis to the Rescue

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Think of the last time you watched TV—likely last night with dinner on the table. During the commercials, did it strike you odd that so many pharmaceutical ads say, “Ask your doctor if (blank) is right for you!” When it comes to mental health, ...  Read More

8 Natural Products That Help Ease Chronic Pain

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Do you want to try a natural treatment for your pain? Maybe you would like to move away from prescription medications, or have always preferred to take the earth-based route. Here are eight natural products that can ease chronic pain, and some general ...  Read More

The Effects of Kratom vs. Cannabis

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Kratom has been getting a lot of press in recent months. Whether it’s released by the FDA about the dangers of this “killer” drug or positive stories about the people whose lives have been changed by an all-natural plant and herbal remedy, chances are ...  Read More