cannabis for your health

Cannabis for Your Skin Health: Helpful or Harmful?

Have you heard of the term “shower thoughts” before? Originated from Reddit, “shower thoughts” described a random thought that you may have had in the shower, or while driving, or doing some other relatively mindless activity where your brain goes on autopilot. Our shower thought of the week, unsurprisingly, revolves around cannabis—more specifically, its connection...  Read More

9 Ways to Combat a Cannabis Hangover

Too many of us know the effects of an alcohol-related hangover all too well. While some may say their out-all-night-in-the-club partying days are over, there’s a lesser-known type of hangover that may occur as you get older. It’s the cannabis hangover. Yes, it’s real, and yes it’s becoming more common as millennials age out of...  Read More

Cannabis and Dementia — Can It Help Lower Your Risk?

Research supports the claim that cannabis can help patients with stress. But what about dementia? The question poses somewhat of a paradoxical answer. Regular cannabis use may inhibit blood’s ability to reach your brain, thus causing concern for dementia. But at the same time, cannabis can also help patients who have already been diagnosed with...  Read More

The Latest Research on Continuous Low Mood and Cannabis

Cannabis has been used to treat continuous low mood since the 17th century. Nonetheless, when it comes to mood disorders, cannabis can be a tricky subject. Opponents argue it can cause or exacerbate the disorder, while advocates, some referencing recent research.

CBD Tampons, Cannabis, and Women’s Health

Here’s a cannabis-related product you don’t read about every day: CBD tampons. We were first introduced to CBD tampons via a staff member who mentioned she was experiencing painful cramps and bloating. Many women can relate to these uncomfortable menstrual symptoms, which explains why these tampons are the latest (but still largely undiscovered) craze in...  Read More

Cannabis for Veterans

While some of you may associate the month of November with Thanksgiving, others honor the veterans who fought to keep our country safe. This Veteran’s Day (November 11, 2021), we’re dedicating our blog to looking at the reputation cannabis has, amongst some users, for being helpful in treating some of the symptoms associated with conditions...  Read More

For Patients With an Eating Disorder, Can Cannabis Help?

Coming out of one of the darkest years in modern history, it’s completely natural to feel out of sorts in your body. The stress and anxiety that stemmed from our global pandemic may have triggered symptoms associated with an eating disorder.

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