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Increase Your Cannabis High With These Foods

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Sometimes, you need a little extra something to bring your cannabis high to the next level. The same goes for alcohol, coffee, CBD—anything that alters your natural state. There are many external and internal influences at play when consuming cannabis, such ...  Read More

How to Make Your Own Cannabis Infusions at Home

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With many of us working, living, crafting, and even exercising at home these days, you might be itching for a new hobby to uncover. Have you thought about making your own cannabis infusions? Or does it seem overly complicated? Though it might sound like a fair...  Read More

For Patients With an Eating Disorder, Can Cannabis Help?

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Coming out of one of the darkest years in modern history, it’s completely natural to feel out of sorts in your body. The stress, depression, and anxiety that stemmed from our global pandemic may have triggered symptoms associated with an eating disorder...  Read More