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What Are the Strongest Cannabis Seeds?

Strongest Cannabis Seeds

Ten of the Strongest Cannabis Seeds We Sell

While THC is definitely a solid indicator of how potent a strain is, other factors such as cannabinoids and terpenes play an important role too. Provided below are some of the strongest cannabis strains around right now to suit your indica and sativa needs. If you have any personal favorites, be they on this list or not, we always love to hear your feedback and suggestions. However, before getting into things, just remember that when trying a particularly potent strain for the first time, starting out conservatively is best, as even if you are a pretty regular recreational or medical user one of these could knock you off your feet or have you bouncing off the walls if you end up exceeding your tolerance level. Keep reading to learn about the strongest cannabis seeds we sell online.

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Bruce Banner

Packing as much of a punch as its hulking green counterpart, Bruce Banner is a deliciously potent and socially driven hybrid. It produces a more subtle and nuanced high with a sweet, floral fragrance that belies its ridiculously high THC content of 25%. Ideal for stimulating creativity and happiness, Bruce Banner is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is distinctly euphoric, though its indica genetics are clearly apparent as the uplifting and giggly high tapers towards relaxation. Just a few puffs and you’ll see why Bruce Banner has become a force to be reckoned with.

White Widow

One of the most famous and sought-after types of cannabis, White Widow is a highly-social strain that possesses 26% THC. White Widow is a hard-hitter that delivers a host of recreational benefits desired by marijuana newcomers and aficionados alike. Regardless of your experience, you will want to start slow with this strain, and gradually work your way up.

$100 OG

$100 OG marijuana is a 50/50 hybrid that tends to lean into its indica heritage ever so slightly. Its high is quite powerful, courtesy of boosted THC content, which can top out at 24%. $100 OG marijuana delivers an exceptional experience that hits mind and body hard and fast, gifting you with a happy mood and the energy to get through the day. 

Double Dream

Double Dream marijuana delivers the sweet reverie from which you won’t want to be disturbed with each toke. Double the THC content of your average strain (it can top out at 26%) and a sweet fragrance, Double Dream helps you drift into a trance-like state ideal for rest and relaxation. 

Death Star

Death Star is a powerful indica hybrid that will blast you into space with its strong sedation and euphoric high. Topping out at almost 27% THC, the effects of Death Star are sure to blast you into space, leaving any worry or strife behind you. 

Cinderella 99

Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular sativa-dominant strain with a very powerful 22% THC content. In fact, many users caution that Cinderella 99 should be used sparingly (think one hit and quit) because a little goes a long way. With 70% sativa genetics, this sweet, citrus-scented strain will give you a serious burst of energy and creativity. This strain is infamous for being an energetic powerhouse that will have you up and out all night or completing tasks at home all day.

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Sour OG

Sour OG is the kind of 50/50 hybrid that will keep you feeling at ease and light for hours. Its THC content is far above average at 25%, which can lend a euphoric, and sometimes creative, edge to your evening of bliss. 

Wedding Cake

A true example of the marriage that is sativa and indica, Wedding Cake is the kind of near-evenly balanced hybrid that will reward you time and time again with its potency and pungency. Consistently testing beyond THC levels of 20%, with a ceiling of 30% and averaging around 25%, Wedding Cake is considered one of the most potent strains around today. The indica-leaning treat takes effect quickly, with a mind-enveloping head-rush of euphoria. Consumers are urged to exercise caution with the strongly sedating yet bliss-inducing effects of Wedding Cake marijuana.


Afgoo marijuana is a strong, potent indica strain that will knock you off your feet in every sense–from a ridiculous content of THC to a ridiculous yield, it’s the cannabis strain that keeps on giving. Afgoo, which is an indica-dominant hybrid, is the perfect complement to an evening of blissful relaxation. With THC content that can top out at 28%, beginners be warned that it may come on overwhelmingly strong.

God’s Gift

God’s Gift is a stand-out indica that has fast become a favorite among the medical cannabis community. This indica-heavy hybrid boasts both a phenomenally high THC content (26%) and a nice helping of CBD (1%). God’s Gift is a deeply relaxing strain, ideal for delivering peace and calm. And, of course, with these levels of THC, mood-boosting happiness is a given. Chances are you’ll find a smile on your face as you drift off into a night of restorative sleep. 

Which of our strongest cannabis seeds have you tried? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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