Strain Feature: Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

jack herer cannabis seeds

Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

If you’re embroiled in cannabis culture at all, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the name Jack Herer. While some cannabis seed strain names might seem completely random and inexplicable, Jack Herer is one that makes perfect sense: the strain was named for a pioneer advocate in the industrial hemp and marijuana movements.

What’s in a Name?

The Jack Herer Story

Jack Herer was born in the late 1930s, and passed away quite recently, in 2010. During his lifetime, he was deeply involved in decriminalization and hemp-related activism and could be regularly seen arguing for the use of hemp for fuel, paper, and medicine. In 1985, he published the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, which explored the history of hemp and its extensive – and largely unrealized – potential. Today, the book can be read free of charge on the website Mr. Herer’s wife continues to run in his name.

In honor of Jack Herer’s efforts in the cannabis industry, his name was given to a sativa-dominant hybrid strain first bred in the Netherlands in the 90s. In addition to being a popular choice for recreational users seeking its uplifting and energetic effects, Jack Herer is recognized as a medical-grade strain by Dutch pharmacies. According to its medicinal users, the same effects praised by its just-for-fun fans can potentially help to provide physical effects.

The Jack Herer Feedback

A healthy cannabis plant in the vegetative stage.

An award-winning strain (it’s taken home more than half a dozen gold medals from the Cannabis Cup), Jack Herer is born of a combination of three other wildly popular strains: Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk. As one reviewer of the strain notes, Jack Herer gives you a heady lift and a burst of energy but isn’t overpowering in its psychoactive effects. The same reviewers describe the obliteration of a burgeoning headache and its impressive longevity.

Growers Choice’s Jack Herer boasts a moderately high THC level of about 18 percent which should, as stated above, give you just enough of a mental high to get (and keep) you moving, without blasting you into the realm of hallucination or paranoia. Another reviewer celebrates the strain’s ability to let you down easy, with no “crash” at the end of that lengthy high. The good taste accompanying these great effects is often cited as just one more reason to love Jack Herer.

It should be apparent from these assessments that Jack Herer is not a strain for evening use unless you’re planning to be up much of the night. We strongly recommend sticking to morning or early afternoon with this strain – trust your instincts and knowledge of your own body.

Top Three Effects of Jack Herer

  1. Energizing
  2. Lightens your mood
  3. Soothing

Growing Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

Though sativa rules the show when it comes to Jack Herer, the indica aspects of its genealogy refuse to be overlooked and manifest in a relatively thick resinous trichome cover across the plant’s sugar leaves and buds. It boasts large, deep green leaves with jagged serration, and large, oblong flowers. Growers Choice Jack Herer cannabis seeds are feminized, like all our strains, which means every seed you receive is capable of developing into a harvestable plant. (Male plants only fertilize the bud-capable female plants, but feminized seeds are essentially pre-fertilized females.)

What’s more, if any of your cannabis seeds turn out to be duds, we offer a 90 percent germination guarantee – if more than 10 percent of your seeds don’t germinate, we send you new ones! We’re happy to say our germination promise is the highest in the industry. (Make sure you check out our Germination Guide for details.) Suffice it to say, whether you’re looking for an uplifting strain to get you through a tedious day or push past a sleepless night, Jack Herer is your strain. And if you’re seeking medicinal purposes, you can turn to Jack Herer for potential relief without worrying about an obliterating psychoactive side effect.

Try Jack Herer cannabis seeds from Growers Choice today. You’ll be so glad you did!

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