Everything You Need to Know When You Buy Cannabis Seeds


It’s an exciting time in the world of cannabis. Marijuana is being used by a growing number of people. Marijuana legality is also evolving in the United States. Every year, more states legalize recreational marijuana, as well as medical marijuana (source). Like any plant, cannabis starts with seeds. Growers Choice Seeds is at the forefront of the cannabis seed industry. Let’s delve into not just cannabis, but specifically cannabis seeds. Why should you buy cannabis seeds? How does the experience of buying, and cultivating, cannabis seeds go? How can Growers Choice Seeds help you? All that, and more, will be revealed.

What can I get when I buy cannabis seeds?

Marijuana plants contain an assortment of cannabinoids, one of which is THC, which is what gives cannabis its psychoactive effects. Using marijuana can make you feel better by helping you relax, chill you out, energize you, and more. You start with cannabis seeds, and from there you get marijuana. With marijuana, the sky is the limit in many ways.

If I buy cannabis seeds, are they all the same?

No, in fact, there is a wide assortment of marijuana strains. Growers Choice Seeds has dozens of strains. Marijuana plants tend to fall into three categories, which are sativa, indica, and hybrid.

Sativas are energizing. They are used by people who want to foster creativity or to have social experiences.

Indicas are relaxing and calming. They are good for nighttime use. Want to get a full, refreshing night of sleep? Go with an indica.

Hybrids, of course, are a combination of these two groups. Some are sativa dominant, some are indica dominant, and some are well-balanced. You can use different strains for different things. You don’t just eat one kind of cookie, right? Variety can be nice! There is more variation within the world of these different strains as well. Some marijuana strains are higher in THC than others. They have different flavors and aromas as well. There are fruity trains, peppery strains, and skunky strains. Yes, skunky! Some people love those kinds of marijuana. In fact, the very first winner of the Cannabis Cup was a strain called Skunk #1, and all these years later, it is one of the strains we sell seeds for.

I like using marijuana, but why should I buy cannabis seeds?

There is indeed a jump that is made when you go from being a marijuana user to being a marijuana grower. However, we’re talking about growing marijuana plants for personal use. If you want to get into running a marijuana farm and cultivating it professionally, that’s your business (in this case, literally). That being said, that is a huge undertaking that involves licensing and all sorts of things. Personal marijuana growing is more manageable. Why do it, though? Well, do you like to grow plants? Are you somebody who likes that sort of hobby? Marijuana can be part of that, and it can give you a sense of accomplishment. There are practical reasons to grow your own marijuana, though. You have more control over your product. When you buy marijuana buds from somebody else, you just get the buds they cultivated from a plant they grew. It’s up to the way they decide to do things. Plus, there’s the money aspect. There is no middleman when you grow your own marijuana. When you buy cannabis seeds, you are just paying for the seeds. Yes, you have to invest money in the growing process, but in the long run, it’s decidedly cheaper to grow your own marijuana plants from the seeds.

If I buy cannabis seeds, will it be difficult for me to grow plants?

Some marijuana strains are tougher to grow than others. There are some plants that are temperamental or tricky. If you look at the Growers Choice Seeds catalog, we always let you know about the particulars of growing that plant. However, there are marijuana strains that, frankly, are about as easy to grow as any plant out there. We have great strains for beginners. They are easy to grow, but the marijuana is still high quality. Some plants provide a really high yield as well. You might be surprised by just how much marijuana you can get from some strains. There are also auto-flowering strains available. The description says it all. These strains will flower automatically, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Why should I buy cannabis seeds from Growers Choice?

If you have made the decision to buy cannabis seeds in order to grow your own plants, you’ve taken a big step. Growers Choice wants to be here for you, and we will provide you with quality across the spectrum of the marijuana experience. We have cannabis seeds for a variety of strains, including many award winners. We lab test all of our seeds, and they are hand-selected for each order. Our seeds are fully feminized, and they also come with a germination guarantee. Not only that, we deliver right to you! You know what marijuana can do for you. It can help you relax or fuel your creativity. It depends on the strain and the type of cannabis you use. You know that it’s perfectly feasible to buy cannabis seeds and grow your own plants of all types of strains. And, of course, you know what Growers Choice will provide when you buy cannabis seeds from us. It’s time to enough the entirety of the cannabis experience!

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