Everything You Need to Know About the White Widow Strain

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Not every day is a nice day for a white wedding, but every day is just perfect for the White Widow strain! One of the headiest strains in the Growers Choice catalog, White Widow strain offers an uplifting, euphoric, and thoroughly relaxing experience. If you’re looking for a strain with a hefty THC content, the White Widow strain will be right up your alley – weighing at a respectable 26% THC. White Widow is a nicely-balanced hybrid comprising approximately 50% indica, 40% sativa, and 10% ruderalis. If you’re a novice cannabis grower, White Widow is an excellent introductory strain to experiment with as its short plant height and auto-flowering cycle make it among our most space-friendly and user-friendly breeds.

What are the medical benefits of the White Widow strain?

There are a plethora of medical benefits to be derived from the White Widow strain, both physiological and holistic! White Widow contains a larger than average concentration of THC – a cannabinoid that has shown clinical correlation to everything from easing nausea to relaxing muscles, and relieving anxiety. We’ve found more than anything, the White Widow strain functions as a great mood booster and stabilizer. It produces a clear, relaxing, and euphoric high that can be especially valuable for customers who suffer from seasonal depression or are dealing with work-related stress.

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We sell both autoflowering and feminized versions of White Widow marijuana seeds
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How does the White Widow strain affect the brain and body?

The White Widow strain is somewhat of a unique unicorn in the spectrum of physiological and psychoactive effects that it produces. Although White Widow is an indica-dominant hybrid, it produces a much more cerebral or heady sensation than the range of cerebral or body-based effects most commonly associated with indicas. The most prominent of these effects is the nearly instant and intense feeling of relaxation both in the mind and body. This is accompanied also by a warm, gentle feeling of well-being and bliss. As with any other substance, the dosage is extremely important, and too much THC intake at one time can actually produce an inverse experience from the euphoria described above. For an optimal experience, be mindful of your physical limits and tolerance and use White Widow strain both moderately and responsibly.

How do I grow White Widow cannabis seeds?

If you are a novice or less experienced cannabis grower, White Widow cannabis seeds are an excellent introductory strain. White Widow strain is auto-flowering (also called a non-photoperiod strain), which means that it will flower on its own in an average of only two to four weeks time. In contrast to conventional strains, which require strict monitoring of their light cycle and a downgrade from around 18 hours of continuous lighting during the vegetal phase to around 12 hours during the flowering phase, White Widow does not necessarily require these photoperiodic adjustments to initiate the flowering phase. If you do not reside in a warm climate conducive to year-round outdoor growing, a suitable indoor space is necessary. One of the critical prerequisites for growing space is proper ventilation to mitigate odor as well as to provide the plant with a steady supply of fresh air. Your grow space should also be dark and impenetrable to external light so as to allow you to freely toggle between lighting and darkening periods. Cannabis plants comfortably reside in temperatures ranging from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 Celsius) and humidity ranging from about 45-65%, so investing in a trusty thermometer and hygrometer is advised. Fortunately, White Widow plants have a small grow height and little vertical space is needed for these plants to flourish.

Is the White Widow strain easy to grow for beginners?

Yes! As discussed above, auto-flowering/non-photoperiod breeds like White Widow strain are ideal for beginners. We understand that not everyone has the time and resources to closely monitor their plants with the care that photoperiod feminized strains require. White Widow strain is extremely robust and doesn’t require any adjustment to its lighting cycle to enter its flowering phase and ultimately give you a bounty of healthy buds.

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Learn how to grow White Widow cannabis seeds using our online guides and blogs
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How can I grow the best White Widow cannabis plants?

Being mindful of what you feed your White Widow plant is always the best practice. This includes regularly hydrating your plant with water that has ample mineral content and the appropriate pH balance. More often than not, the ideal water is collected rain or gray water, which contains tons of minerals that will vitalize your plant and typically carries the ideally neutral pH balance of 5.8-6.2. Choosing a fertilizer with the appropriate balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) is also essential. Keep in mind that during the various phases of growth, the optimal NPK ratios for your plants will change. Plants during the vegetative phase prefer a 3:1:1 NPK ratio, whereas the early flowering stage requires closer to a 1:3:2 ratio and late flowering calls for 0:3:3. For best results, apply the Golden Rule to your White Widow strain plant and treat with the same level of care and attention that you would your own body.

How does the White Widow strain make users feel?

In a word: excellent. White Widow strain carries among the highest levels of THC of any of the seeds offered on Growers Choice and yields a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive experience. Satisfied customers have described the effects of White Widow as

  • Euphoric
  • Relaxing
  • Calming
  • Uplifting
  • Blissful
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The aroma of White Widow cannabis plants is dank, skunky, and woodsy
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What does the White Widow strain smell and taste like?

White Widow strain has a rich, earthy aroma that connoisseurs will love and that won’t be offensive to bystanders or neighbors. While many strains of cannabis carry a dank, skunky odor, White Widow exudes more of an enticing, piney fragrance offset with a whisper of citrus. Just one small puff and you’ll be surrounded by the smells of a camping trip in the great outdoors.

Does White Widow come with any adverse effects?

White Widow strain carries a 26% THC concentration, which can adversely affect consumers with a lower threshold or tolerance for THC. As this is an exceptionally potent strain, it isn’t recommended for use while performing especially cognitive or memory-based tasks. Clinical studies have also shown that users who consume excessive amounts of THC in one sitting are more likely to experience surges of paranoia, anxiety, or depression. While this poses no immediate physical danger, it can certainly be uncomfortable or frightening for many people. As always, moderation is encouraged to curb these pitfalls and get the best possible experience out of your White Widow strain.

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