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Everything You Need to Know About White Widow Seeds


Perhaps you have heard of black widow spiders. You don’t want to run into one of those. Then, of course, there’s the Marvel character Black Widow, made famous by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She got her own movie once, though ScarJo was overshadowed by both Florence Pugh and David Harbour. There was also a different movie called Black Widow back in the day, but it’s totally forgettable and you don’t need to see it. What you do need to see, though, is all the strains that Growers Choice Seeds has to offer. We deliver high-quality cannabis seeds for dozens of strains. Our seeds are ideal for people who want to grow marijuana at home for personal use. One of our top strains here at Growers Choice is on the flip side of the darkness. We’re talking about White Widow. White Widow seeds are some of our most popular seeds. When customers buy seeds from Growers Choice for their personal marijuana growing, and get them delivered, of course, many times White Widow seeds are in the mix. What do White Widow seeds offer? What makes White Widow one of the best, most-popular marijuana strains in the world? Let’s get to what there is to like about White Widow and White Widow seeds.

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What are some of the traits of plants grown from White Widow seeds?

White Widow is an old-school strain. It’s a balanced hybrid born of a South American sativa and a South Indian indica. White Widow seeds tilt ever so slightly toward sativa, as the strain is 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica. Years of selective breeding have turned it into one of the best strains out there. White Widow’s name comes, in part, from the fact it is laden with trichomes, which turn milky white when the plant is ready to harvest. White Widow seeds grow plants that are known to be citrusy and pine-scented and flavored.


What sensation will White Widow seeds provide?

There’s something that makes White Widow stand out beyond the trichomes. White Widow seeds are packed with THC. THC is the chemical compound that gives marijuana its psychotropic effects. You get high because of THC, to put it simply. Any marijuana strain that boasts 20 percent THC or more can be considered a strong strain? Guess what? White Widow seeds provide you with 26 percent THC. Yes, this is a powerful strain! Even if you are experienced as a marijuana user, start slow with White Widow. Ease yourself into using it, but if you like a potent strain, you will likely want White Widow seeds. What does this hybrid strain provide you beyond potency? It tends to lead to the sativa effects. Users will get an almost-instantaneous heady high. The mental effects will hit you immediately, and you should get a nice dose of energy as well. You can be productive when you first use White Widow, at least once you get used to it. Then, the indica effects will start to hit you. You will start to mellow out, and your stone will move more from your mind to your body. The hybrid nature of White Widow seeds can provide you with the best of both worlds, so to speak. Get energized, and then get relaxed. Why choose when you can just go with White Widow seeds instead?

Are there medical uses for White Widow seeds?

You will get a lot of THC from your White Widow seeds, instantaneous mental effects, and a light body stone. However, this strain has a reputation amongst some users for providing varying level of relief from certain symptoms. While not everyone will necessarily experience the same benefits from any given strain, many users cite White Widow for being helpful in alleviating some of their ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and joint pain.

What are the qualities of your White Widow seeds?

Alright, you are considering buying White Widow seeds. You decide to get them from Growers Choice Seeds. What do we provide you? All our seeds are fully feminized, which means they grow female plants. That’s important because only female plants provide THC-rich buds. You can’t get all that THC goodness from White Widow without female plants! On top of that, all our seeds are lab tested and hand-selected. Growers Choice Seeds provides a germination guarantee for every single order. Let’s say you order White Widow seeds and we deliver them to you. If at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order don’t germinate, we will replace them. White Widow seeds tend to be easy to grow, especially indoors. However, we offer another version of our White Widow seeds as well. We have auto-flowering White Widow seeds too. Most marijuana seeds are photoperiod, and they flower based on light exposure. Autoflowering seeds flower based on the age of the plant, thanks to a little Cannabis ruderalis in the mix. If you are new to growing marijuana at home, you may want to go with auto-flowering seeds, and auto-flowering White Widow seeds are among our most popular.

What other popular offerings do you have other than White Widow seeds?

Why settle for growing only one strain at once? Growers Choice Seeds can send you high-quality White Widow seeds, but we have many other options out there. Why not grow multiple marijuana strains at the same time? White Widow seeds are great. They are loaded with THC and can give you wonderful mental effects and a nice body stone. Don’t limit yourself to one strain, though. When you order White Widow seeds from Growers Choice, throw another strain or two into the mix. Remember, your order will have a germination guarantee, even if it contains multiple strains. White Widow won the Cannabis Cup in 1995. Here are some other Cannabis Cup winners we have seeds for, to be paired with your White Widow seeds:

  • Skunk #1
  • Jack Herer
  • Northern Lights
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Tangerine Dream

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