What’s the Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

Everything You Need to Know About What’s the Difference Between Sativa and Indica


Marijuana is a plant. It grows out of the ground, it’s been around since before we were, and it has been used for a long time. These days, marijuana is becoming used more and more, and also is becoming increasingly legal. More people are giving marijuana a shot, but they are not all well-versed in the plant. One of the more-daunting things to new, or newish, marijuana users? All the different cannabis strains. You don’t just walk to the dispensary and say, “One marijuana, please.” When you buy cannabis seeds for your personal plant growth, you have many seed options. Now, you may have heard some things. For example, you may have heard of sativa and indica. What are sativa and indica, though? What do the words mean? Namely, what’s the difference between sativa and indica? These are both marijuana plants, but beyond that, there are distinct differences between them that we shall discuss right now.

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What’s the difference between sativa and indica physically?

There are different types of cannabis plants out there, including in the realm of marijuana. For example, there is cannabis sativa and also cannabis indica. These are two different types of marijuana plants, and those are their names. Sativas and indicas grow naturally, and they can usually be identified by physical differences. Sativas tend to be taller plants. Indicas, meanwhile, tend to be shorter but stockier. They are more thick and robust. Also, indicas tend to provide a stronger yield and tend to be easier to grow due to their heartiness. Indicas are naturally found in places like the Hindu Kush mountain range. You know, not exactly the easiest place for plants to grow.


What’s the difference between sativa and indica when you smoke them?

The differences between sativas and indicas go beyond physical traits. They also provide distinct experiences when you use them. Smoking sativa versus smoking indica will definitely lead to different sensations, both physically and mentally. The basics of the differences between sativa and indica go like this. Sativas are the strains that put a pep in your step. They give you a “heady” high. You feel them more mentally and emotionally, but in a way that is energizing. Sativas are often associated with euphoria and getting uplifted. Sativas are used by creative sorts and also by wake-and-bake smokers. Indicas, on the other hand, are felt in the body by and large. They are the relaxing strains. When you imagine using marijuana and then just sitting on the couch and not loving, those are indicas. Indicas are affiliated with “couch-lock” and chilling out. When you want to relax your body and your mind or get some sleep, then indicas are the way to go. Basically, sativas pick you up, and indicas chill you out.

What’s the difference between sativa and indica when you use marijuana medically?

Sativas and indicas have different characteristics, clearly. That means they also are useful for different medical concerns. Sativas are often used to achieve a cerebral buzz. Indicas, on the other hand, are used for sleep issues and bodily issues. When you are using cannabis medically, you want to make sure you are using a strain that’s best for you, right? Additionally, medically speaking, you may want to go with a high-CBD strain. Those are available in both sativas and indicas.

What’s the difference between sativa and indica among the most-popular strains?

Now you know the difference between sativas and indicas. You may feel like you know which sort of strain you want to focus on. This means it’s time to check out the strains available for you. What strains might you want to consider, though? What are the popular indica strains and the popular sativa strains? Critical Purple is one of the top indica strains of the moment. Part of that is due to the significant THC content. We’re talking 27 percent THC. However, that’s quite powerful. You might want a lower-THC strain, especially if you are new to marijuana. Northern Lights is a classic indica strain. It was winning Cannabis Cups back in the earliest days of those contests. With a 19-percent THC content, it’s more manageable. Plus, a strain doesn’t stick around for as long as Northern Lights without being top-notch quality. What about sativas? When you want a pick-me-up, which strains might be best for you? Durban Poison is royalty among sativa strains. It’s been popular for a long time as well and is a great energizing strain to use early in the day. You know what’s a great strain for people who want a long-lasting, but not overwhelming, high? That would be Super Silver Haze. A little Super Silver Haze can go a long way for a productive day.

What’s the difference between sativa and indica and hybrid strains?

Yes, there’s another type of cannabis plant to add to the list! In addition to sativas and indicas, there are also hybrid strains. Hybrids, as you might imagine, are plants that are created by combining sativa and indica parentage. Some are sativa-dominant, some are indica-dominant, while others are balanced. These strains can bring you the best of both worlds. Maybe you want to add a little chill after the energizing high of a traditional sativa. Maybe you want to relax but not fall asleep in the middle of the day. Hybrids add another style of cannabis experience into the mix. Obviously, hybrids take a little more parsing, in terms of the properties of smoking them. Fortunately, Growers Choice Seeds provides plenty of information in our catalog. You can find out basically anything you want to know about any of the strains that we sell seeds for. What are some of our popular hybrid strains? Now that you know what’s the difference between sativa and indica, maybe you’ve decided that a hybrid of both is what is suitable for you. Maybe you will want to check out one of these strains then:

  • Gorilla Glue
  • White Widow
  • OG Kush
  • Bruce Banner
  • Cherry Pie

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