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Everything You Need to Know About What is the Strongest Weed


What is the best weed? This is a subjective question. Now, if you ask us what are the best cannabis seeds, it’d also be subjective, but we would say that they are the seeds you get here from Growers Choice Seeds. Our seeds are feminized, which means they only provide you with female plants, the plants that provide you with THC-rich buds. They are also lab-tested and hand-selected, which is why we offer a germination guarantee on our seeds. At least 90 percent of the seeds in your order will germinate or we will replace the duds for free. Growers Choice offers seeds for hundreds of top strains, but that gets us back to the question of the “best weed.” You may be all about sativas or indicas. You may think primarily about aroma or flavor when it comes to deciding the best marijuana strains out there. Or, maybe you think of THC content when it comes to the best weed. To you, the best weed is the strongest weed, and to you the strongest weed is the weed that is the highest in THC. This is less of a subjective question. We have more definitive answers related to what is the strongest weed.

How do you measure what is the strongest weed?

Why is the strongest weed the weed that is highest in THC? How did THC become the focus for all things marijuana strength? Well, within marijuana there are dozens of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. One of those is THC. It has stood out above the rest of the cannabinoids because THC is psychoactive. It’s what gives marijuana its psychotropic effects. The more THC in the cannabis plant, the more psychoactive it is. That’s why we consider the strongest weed to be the weed that is highest in THC. In terms of making you feel “high,” in the popular parlance of marijuana, THC is the name of the game.

What is the strongest weed that is a sativa strain?

Sativas are the energizing strains. They are the ones that give you a pick-me-up, and often a boost, both physically and mentally. If you want to get a heady high and still have energy, sativas are the way to go. Want to be a wake-and-bake smoker? Then go with a sativa, and if you get a strong enough strain it can give you a bigger boost in the morning than your coffee. Now, at this point, we will note that pure sativas and pure indicas are getting increasingly rare. Hybrids are the name of the game after all these years of selective breeding and cross-breeding on the marijuana front. Now, there are balanced hybrids, but there are also hybrids that are sativa dominant or indica dominant. For the purposes of this article, we will toss in dominant strains into these sections, provided they are still synonymous with the effect of that type of cannabis. Perhaps the quintessential sativa these days is Durban Poison. We have a Durban Poison strain that comes in at 25% THC. Anything over 20 percent is packing a real punch. Not only that, our Durban Poison comes in an autoflowering variety. That means the plant will flower based on age, not due to light cycling. This is easier for beginner growers. Durban Poison is earthy, spicy, piney, and great for anxiety. If you are looking for a potent sativa, we definitely would go with Durban Poison. It’s definitely up there among the strongest weed strains.

What is the strongest weed that is an indica strain?

Sativas are energizing, while indicas rule the roost for people who want to chill out—looking for a relaxing body high? Want to ease sore muscles and tension in your body and mind? Need help unwinding so that you can fall asleep? Then indica is what you are looking for! Indicas are great for mellowing out. Just don’t use them when you need to be busy and productive, especially if you are using one of the strongest weed strains, which is an indica. These strains are known for inducing “couch lock,” so if you are using a particularly potent indica, you might be in for a day of just hanging out and lazing on the couch. Meet Jealousy, which comes in at a whopping 27%THC. That gives this strain a powerful sedative effect, which is what a lot of marijuana smokers want, of course.

What is the strongest weed that is a hybrid?

Hey, we’ve been on an autoflowering kick thus far, so why not stay in that realm? Heavy-duty THC and an easy plant to grow and nurture? Talk about a winning combination! White Widow is available in an autoflowering form from Growers Choice as well, and it’s a sativa-leaning hybrid. And, of course, it is still quite strong. White Widow tends to come in at 26% THC. People tend to characterize White Widow as providing heady effects, but also still being relaxing. Truly, it’s a best-of-both-world situation with this hybrid strain. When you are trying a strong strain for the first time, though, we recommend taking it easy. Don’t jump in right from the get-go and overdo it! Moderation is not a dirty word.

Is there another way to think about what is the strongest weed?

You know, maybe the effects of THC-rich strains aren’t for you. Is strong weed still in the cards? In a way, yes. Let us introduce you to high-CBD strains. These strains focus more on a different cannabinoid, CBD. They tend to be low on THC but high in CBD, which does not have any psychoactive properties. Is your primary goal with marijuana to get some soothing relaxation or a bit of an uplift with no side effects? Then the strongest weed for you may be the weed that is strongest on the CBD front. We have several high-CBD medical strains you might want to consider, which include:

  • Critical Mango
  • Critical Mass
  • Blueberry
  • Moby Dick
  • Shark

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