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Everything You Need to Know About What is Indica Hybrid


There are all sorts of ways to categorize marijuana. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming. This can prove a hindrance to those looking to get into cannabis, or into growing their own cannabis at home for personal use. Personally, here at Growers Choice Seeds, we don’t want you to feel daunted. Getting into marijuana may be complex, but it shouldn’t be complicated. Yes, there are many ways to sort marijuana, and that’s the way it needs to be. Not every marijuana plant is the same. After all, we sell seeds for dozens of top cannabis strains. They can’t all be the same. However, they do fall into different categories. For example, some of those marijuana strains would be classified as indicas hybrids. What does that mean? Hopefully, with some information at your disposal about indica hybrid weed, you will feel more comfortable as a marijuana consumer.

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What is an indica hybrid strain?

Primarily speaking, there are three main categories that cannabis strains are placed into. Those are indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indicas and sativas occur naturally, while hybrids are bred through crossing indicas and sativas. Sativas, which aren’t as much in the picture here, are energizing strains known for their heady highs. Indica strains and hybrid strains are two other types of marijuana. As such, you might be wondering how an indica hybrid can exist. Yes, a strain can be both an indica and a hybrid. However, hybrid strains are classified as being indica dominant, sativa dominant, or balanced. Sometimes, though, people want to cut to the chase. If somebody is talking about an “indica hybrid,” they are referring to an indica-dominant strain.


What does the indica parentage bring to an indica hybrid strain?

We mentioned briefly what sativas are. What are indicas? What are they all about? Indica strains are stockier, shorter plants with dense buds. They tend to grow naturally in colder climates and are usually more-robust plants. That means they tend to be easier to grow and less temperamental. You can find all sorts of flavors and aromas in the world of indicas, ranging from fruity to earthy to skunky and beyond. What about the sensation of smoking indica, though? Sativas are energizing, while indicas are relaxing. These indica strains are known to chill people out and calm them down. They also tend to provide more of a body high than a head high. Indicas make for a great nighttime strain as a result. The relaxing qualities are good for sleep. Not so much for being productive during the day.

How does it feel to use an indica hybrid strain?

Indicas provide something closer to a universal experience than anything involving a hybrid will. Indica-leaning hybrids will have different effects based on the level of sativa. A strain might have 80-percent indica content and 20-percent sativa. Or, it could be 60-percent indica and 40-percent sativa. Yes, there are strains that are 50-50 splits, but those are balanced strains and wouldn’t be considered indica hybrids. The blending of indica properties and sativa properties tend to tamp down the more-extreme sensations of using either type of marijuana. With an indica hybrid, the sativa aspect is leaving you hit a little less heavily with the indica properties. Like we said, indicas are great for relaxing and for chilling out, and that’s still true of indica hybrids. However, the addition of a little sativa will generally keep that relaxation from getting too intense. A lot of pure indica smokers experience what we call “couch lock.” That’s when you feel so chilled out that you don’t really feel like you can get up. Indicas cut into productivity and also can have you drifting into sleep, whether you want to or not. The hint of sativa can keep those effects from hitting you. An indica hybrid can help you relax without slipping into couch lock or into sleep. Want to be laid back but not drift off? Looking for a body high with a bit of a head high? Then indica hybrid marijuana is what could be best for you.

When might you use indica hybrid marijuana?

Indica hybrid strains are said by medical users to be good for alleviating stress, chronic pain, or issues with soreness and achy joints or muscles. On the other hand, some indica hybrids may not help with sleep issues or insomnia like a pure indica does. That bit of sativa that keeps you from getting couch lock also may keep you from improving your sleep.

What are some popular indica hybrid strains?

Now you know what indica hybrid marijuana is. Does this sort of strain sound like the kind you want to use? Are you looking for relaxation without getting couchlock or falling asleep? We have many popular indica hybrid strains for you to consider. One of our most popular strains, Gorilla Glue, leans indica. It’s a nearly-balanced hybrid with a smidge more indica to it. The THC content is fairly high at 21 percent, and it can help you feel both relaxed and euphoric. Northern Lights is a classic strain, and an early favorite of the Cannabis Cup set. It’s still kicking around, and it’s still indica dominant. If you want heavy-duty indica effects with a hint of sativa, Northern Lights has been a prime choice on that front for decades. There are many of these indica hybrids out there. Here’s a tip for you out there looking for new strains: Strains that have “Kush” in their name are usually indica related. We’ve only scratched the surface of the indica hybrid world. Most strains these days are hybrids, and many of them lean indica for those who use marijuana for relaxation. Pickup some indica hybrid seeds today, perhaps for one of these strains:

  • Lavender
  • Mango Kush
  • Pineapple Chunk
  • Skywalker OG
  • Wedding Cake

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