Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Cake Flowering Time


What’s a wedding without cake? Well, it could be perfectly fine. We’ve seen weddings where they had cupcakes or donuts. Hey, not everybody likes sweets either. All that said, wedding cakes are as iconic as birthday cakes, even though there is nothing inherent flavor or style wise to a “wedding cake.” We all just kind of have the image in our mind though. Now, if you are like us, we’d love to go to a wedding where everybody got some Wedding Cake at the reception. No, we aren’t talking about the baked good with the married couple atop the cake in plastic form. We’re talking about Wedding Cake, one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world. The name is evocative, and the experience is beloved by thousands of cannabis connoisseurs. Wedding Cake isn’t quite in the Growers Choice top five in terms of popularity. It sits behind strains like Diesel, Critical Purple, and Gorilla Glue. If we were to show the top 10, David Letterman style, it’d be in the mix to be sure. If you are growing cannabis plants at home for your personal use, Wedding Cake makes a fine choice in terms of the experience of using it. What about the experience of growing it, though? What’s the yield of Wedding Cake? How tricky is it to grow? What’s the Wedding Cake flowering time? How long do you need to wait to partake? Well, it won’t be as quick as going to a bakery and buying a wedding cake to eat, but we bet the wait will be worth it. Let’s talk Wedding Cake flowering time, and so much more about this popular strain.

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What is the Wedding Cake flowering time?

If you are new to growing marijuana, Wedding Cake may not be the ideal first strain to go with. It has an intermediate level of difficulty on the growing front. This strain is sturdy and stocky, but it’s also quite dense. That foliage will take maintenance. If you aren’t pruning your Wedding Cake plant properly, you will lose some output in terms of the buds you are looking for. This is not a “set it and forget it” plant. Still, if you are diligent, it can be worth it for those dense, gorgeous forest green buds. If you are growing Wedding Cake indoors, you can usually expect 18 to 20 ounces of marijuana per square meter, and if you grow it outdoors you can typically get 21 ounces per plant. How, when can you start to expect to see results from growing this strain? Namely, what is the Wedding Cake flowering time typically? This is a strain that should flower after 50 or 60 days. That means roughly a month and a half to two months. With careful pruning during that time, you can get a nice yield after flowering.


Allowing for the Wedding Cake flowering time, what can I expect after that?

So, you feel comfortable growing a strain like Wedding Cake. Pruning those leaves? No problem! You are a pruning master! The Wedding Cake flowering time of 50 to 60 days passes and you are starting to yield the benefits of your grow. When you use Wedding Cake, what can you expect? Well, as to be anticipated from a strain called “Wedding Cake,” it’s known for being a sweet experience. The aroma and flavor of Wedding Cake have been compared to vanilla. That’s great, but you may like the THC content even more. Wedding Cake is one of the strongest strains out there. Typically it comes in at around 25 percent THC, but some plants of this strain have been known to reach 30 percent THC!

After waiting through the Wedding Cake flowering time, how will smoking Wedding Cake make me feel?

Wedding Cake is a balanced hybrid, leaning ever so slightly toward indica. This is a popular strain in general, but especially for medical marijuana users. Due to its potency, pleasantness, and quick onset of effects, Wedding Cake produces a variety of benefits. There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests certain users may find Wedding Cake helpful for dealing with stress, anxiety, nausea, cramps, joint pain, and more. Of course, you don’t need a medical reason to enjoy this anytime strain. You can feel relaxed but emotionally uplifted, and some use Wedding Cake to fuel creative experiences. There’s basically no marijuana user who can’t find something to like about this strain. It’s well worth sitting out the Wedding Cake flowering time in order to enjoy the benefits of this sweet, potent, medically-beneficial marijuana strain.

What are some other strains to consider, even if I am fine with the Wedding Cake flowering time?

If you enjoy Wedding Cake, you may want to try similar strains. Two strains you may want to consider are Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. As you can likely tell from their names, those are two sweet-leaning strains as well. Girl Scout Cookies is a balanced hybrid that leans sativa, but it also has an easy-growing profile. It flowers in 55 to 65 days, so it’s similar to the Wedding Cake flowering time, but a bit easier to manage. If you want something closer to a pure indica, go with Cherry Pie. Its THC level isn’t as high as Wedding Cake, but it comes in at 80-percent indica, compared to the 60 percent of Wedding Cake. Generally speaking, the Wedding Cake flowering time is totally common, maybe even a little on the fast side. You aren’t really going to find a strain that flowers in less than seven weeks. If you go for a strain other than Wedding Cake, you are likely looking for an easier plant to grow more than a quicker flowering time. Remember, though, this is a great medical strain. Don’t forget that this strain can help you with health issues like these, and with a reasonable flowering time too!

  • Migraines
  • Muscle pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • And more

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