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Everything You Need to Know About the Strongest Weed


You like your coffee strong. You like your beer strong. You like your cannabis strong. Or maybe you don’t necessarily like that extra oomph in everything you indulge in. Maybe you drop six packets of sugar in your coffee in the morning. However, there are people who like their weed quite potent and quite strong. There is a curiosity when it comes to strength in the things we consume. That’s why people are so into the idea of the strongest hot sauces, for example. Of course, we don’t think you should treat the strongest weed strains out there as a novelty. Marijuana is not hot sauce. While we believe in the positive qualities of marijuana, we also recognize it’s possible to overdo it, although we also know some cannabis enthusiasts out there can handle strong weed in considerable doses. For you, the strongest weed is not a novelty, but a consumption choice. It’s what is best for you. Whether it’s curiosity or a desire to partake in the strongest weed, we’re going to take you into the world of the most potent strains out there. Read on, maybe with a cup of coffee. However strong you like it is up to you.

What makes the strongest weed the strongest weed?

There is, generally speaking, something specific people are talking about when it comes to the strongest weed. What they mean by “strong,” is “what makes you feel the highest.” The psychoactive effects of marijuana is what sets it apart from other consumables out there. You feel these effects in your brain and your body. There are strains that your average marijuana smoker only needs a couple drags of to really be feeling it. You get knocked through a loop by the strongest weed. How does this weed get so strong, though? What makes some weed stronger than others? It comes down to THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical compound found in cannabis. This cannabinoid carries the psychotropic effects associated with marijuana in it. The effects of marijuana are owed to THC. The more THC, the stronger the weed. When you want a strain that packs a punch, you want THC. Of course, these days, the amount of THC found in a given strain is readily available. If you check out the catalog on the Growers Choice Seeds website, you can find the THC content in each and every strain.

Are there different types of the strongest weed?

You can find strong weed strains that are sativas, some that are indicas, and some that are hybrids. These are all marijuana plants, they all have psychotropic effects, and they all can be high in THC. That being said, they have different sensations associated with them. Sativas are energizing and uplifting. They are often used by creative types or wake-and-bake smokers who need to remain productive. Indicas are relaxing and hit you more in the body. They are good for chilling out on the couch or sleeping. Hybrids are strains with a mixture and sativa and indica parentage. They blend the sensations of these two types.

Which of the strongest weed strains are sativas?

For regular sativa smokers, Durban Poison is a popular choice for a strong strain, but not the strongest strain. It’s more like the strain that pushes the envelope a bit without going over the top, like the hot sauce that is spicy but still makes sense as a condiment. Super Sour Diesel is in the running most definitely. In the end, though, the answer here could very well be Ghost Train Haze. Technically, there is a smidge of indica in this strain, but it is so sativa-dominant it remains considered a “sativa” strain. Quibble about that if you want, but it is definitely one of the strongest weed strains out there, coming in at 27% THC. If a strain is over 20-percent THC, you can count on it to be quite strong.

Which of the strongest weed strains are indicas?

If you like indicas, and you like strong cannabis, you might want to head down the realm of the purple strains. Purple weed strains, which can usually be identified by having the word “purple” or “grape” in their name, are almost always indicas, and also almost always strong. Take, for example, Purple Kush, a pure indica that is probably the indica equivalent of Durban Poison. For an indica that is potent, turn to the dark side. Death Star clocks in at 26% THC.

Which of the strongest weed strains are hybrids?

These days, most strains are hybrids. Pure sativas and pure indicas are getting rarer thanks to selective breeding and the evolution of the cannabis world. Now, many of these strains are sativa-dominant or indica-dominant, but some are balanced hybrids. We consider “balanced” hybrids any strain that doesn’t exceed 60% of either indica or sativa. Gorilla Glue and White Widow are a couple of the strongest hybrids out there. Bruce Banner’s strength calls to mind that scientist’s alter ego. However, do you know what strain may surprise you? Wedding Cake. Sure, it doesn’t call to mind “strongest weed,” but this 60/40 indica-leaning hybrid comes in at 25%. If you truly just care about trying the strongest weed, we recommend looking at hybrids. Selective breeding has helped them really pack a punch

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