Everything You Need to Know About the Strongest Weed Strain


Some people love quality. Others love potency and power. Then, of course, some like a mix of both strength and quality. Think of people who love a tasty hot sauce versus the person who goes for the spiciest sauce possible. You have coffees that promote the elevated level of caffeine they provide. There are alcohols that are known for their high proofs. Not every marijuana strain has the same strength as well. There are weed strains that are stronger than others, including those that are up for being the strongest weed strain. Among marijuana enthusiasts, or even simply the marijuana curious, there are those who seek out the strongest weed strains. They want to know, and they may want to experience it as well. So what is the strongest weed strain? Well, that’s a complicated question. There are different ways to answer it. However, we will do our best to provide you with an answer. Knowledge is power, including about powerful marijuana.

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What should I know before I seek out the strongest weed strain?

We aren’t to rain on anybody’s parade, but we are also professionals. We support marijuana use, obviously. We believe in the recreational and medical use of marijuana, otherwise, we would not be in the cannabis seed business. However, we are serious people, and we treat weed seriously. Marijuana is psychoactive. We advise you to be careful when you partake in the strongest weed strains out there. When you are new to marijuana, you probably shouldn’t mess with the strongest weed strain you can find, to be perfectly frank. You want to ease into using marijuana. The strongest weed strains can provide a lot of powerful effects, and you may enjoy those, especially if you have a high tolerance. That being said, everybody has their limits. If you overindulge in the strongest weed strains, it can have a negative impact on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Too much marijuana can make you paranoid or make it difficult for you to function. It can mess with your sleep. The strongest weed strains can also negatively impact how your body functions. Hey, a little alcohol is good, but too much is a problem. The same can be true for marijuana. You are entitled to make your own decisions, but we think you should exercise caution and practice moderation with the strongest weed strains. Don’t treat a weed strain like a novelty. If you want to push your limits, stick to trying to eat the giant burrito at the local Mexican restaurant. Don’t seek out the strongest weed strain you can find and then try and push it as far as you can go. That’s not advisable for your health and wellbeing.


How do you measure what is the strongest weed strain?

Within cannabis, there are dozens of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. One of those is THC. THC is what makes marijuana psychoactive. It’s responsible for the psychotropic effects that marijuana has on the mind. THC is, simply but, why marijuana makes you feel high. When you are talking about the strongest weed strain, you are talking about the strain that is highest in THC. The amount of THC vacillates from strain to strain. So when we tell you about the strongest weed strains, we will be talking about the level of THC found in the strain.

Are there other ways you will break down what is the strongest weed strain?

Yes! There are, generally speaking, three types of marijuana strains. They are known for their different effects, and when people buy cannabis or cannabis seeds, they tend to be looking for a specific type of strain falling under one of these three categories. The categories in question are:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

Which indica is the strongest weed strain?

Indica is the chill-out variety of marijuana. It’s known for being relaxing and calming. You use indica when you want to stick to the couch, or when you need help sleeping. Indicas tend to be for nighttime use. If you use indica during the day, you might find yourself catching an unexpected nap. What is the strongest weed strain in the indica family? Some of the strains that get mentioned include God’s Gift, G-13, and Chocolate OG. However, the consensus seems to hone in on Purple Kush being the strongest weed strain in the indica family. Purple Kush is a pure indica born from Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani and clocks in at 27-percent THC on average. As a general rule, if you are dealing with a strain that gets over the 25-percent mark, you are talking about one of the strongest weed strains in the world.

Which sativa is the strongest weed strain?

Sativa is on the opposite end of the spectrum from indica. They tend to be energizing and are known for their euphoric effects. Creative types often use sativa as part of their process. Sativas are daytime strains and a favorite of “wake and bake” smokers. Using a sativa at night can mess with your sleep. If you want to rev yourself up and tackle your day, which sativa is the strongest weed strain? Durban Poison and Pineapple Express are up there, and of course, there is a movie that helped give Pineapple Express some cultural cache. There’s another sativa strain associated with pop culture that we’re going with, though. That would be Bruce Banner. Named for the human counterpart of the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner packs a fitting punch. It gets the vote as the strongest weed strain in this group thanks to its 25-percent THC content.


Which hybrid is the strongest weed strain?

You can probably surmise what constitutes a hybrid strain. It’s the middle ground between indicas and sativas. Usually, these strains are bred by mixing indicas and sativas until you get a strain that doesn’t lean too far in either direction. You won’t get hit too heavy with the “couch-lock” of an indica that puts you to sleep, and it won’t get you revved up all the way like a sativa. It’s for those who want balance in life. Of course, “balance” and “strongest weed strain” don’t always go hand in hand. However, you could certainly want a balanced, but intense, experience. Girl Scout Cookies is, funnily enough, one of the strongest hybrid weed strains. Gorilla Glue is pretty potent as well. The winner for strongest weed strain among hybrids, though, seems to be Chiquita Banana. Admittedly, it’s a less-common strain, but some tests have clocked it at a staggering 33-percent THC. No less a source than High Times has twice called it the strongest weed strain in the world.

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