Everything You Need to Know About the Strongest Strains


There are many different ways to think about marijuana strains. You can divvy them up into different types, such as indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Or, you can consider them based on how easy, or difficult, they are to grow. When you are growing your own cannabis plants for personal use, that really matters. Some of the ways to think about marijuana are more subjective. Take, for example, which marijuana strain smells or tastes the best. That depends on what you are into. Maybe you like a sweet strain or a sour strain or an earthy strain or a skunky strain. What’s not subjective, though, is what are the strongest strains. Marijuana is often thought about in terms of strengths. For cannabis users, strength often matters. It’s not unlike how people love to know the hottest hot sauces, and also in that vein, some people care about the strength of marijuana for almost the novelty of it. They want to exist in the extremes. On the other hand, you might have another reason to want to use the strongest strains of marijuana. Perhaps you have a high tolerance, or maybe you need a strong strain for therapeutic reasons. Whatever their reason, we know a lot of people out there want to know the strongest strains. Put down your hot wings, wipe off your fingers, and delve into the world of the strongest strains of cannabis.

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How do you measure the strongest strains?

Where does strength in marijuana come from? What makes one strain stronger than another? It all comes down to tetrahydrocannabinol. You may also know it as THC. THC is one of many chemical compounds in cannabis called cannabinoids. What makes THC stand out, though, is the fact it is psychoactive. THC is what is affecting your brain and gives marijuana its psychotropic effects. In addition to variations in taste and aroma, cannabis strains also differ in terms of THC content. The more THC in a strain, the stronger it is. Thus, if you are hoping to use the strongest strains of weed, be sure to check in on the THC content. Now, there’s a fair warning to be given about cannabis that is high in THC. Be careful not to overdo it. You may want to see what a high-THC strain is like, much like how you might want to try the hottest hot sauce or the strongest beer, but as with those things there can be consequences if you aren’t careful. When you use the strongest strains, we highly recommend starting slow at first. Even if you are an experienced marijuana user, if you are kicking it up another notch, you should pace yourself. It is indeed possible to be “too high.” Too much THC can really impair the way you feel mentally and physically. And, unfortunately, you can’t merely flip a switch and be not high. You’ll have to come down, and it might take a while. Part of what’s great about a high-THC strain is being able to have one toke and be plenty stoned.


What are the different kinds of strongest strains?

There are primarily three different types of marijuana strains, and we mentioned them earlier. They are indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Indicas are for chilling out and relaxing. They are good for soothing your body and helping you feel sleepy. Sativas are energizing. They give you a heady high and are used by people who want to be creative and not lose too much focus. Be particularly careful with the strongest strains of sativa. Too much of a heady high is usually tougher to navigate, especially since a lot of indica is more likely to just put you to sleep. Hybrids are a mix of sativas and indicas. Some of them are sativa or indica dominant, while others are balanced. We will note that pure sativas and indicas are increasingly rare these days. Most strains, especially the popular ones, are hybrids. Of course, that selective breeding has also yielded some of the strongest strains as well.

What is one of the most popular strongest strains?

One of our most popular strains is Critical Purple. It’s also one of the strongest strains out there. Our Critical Purple seeds are actually auto-flowering. That means they flower based on age, not light. Critical Purple is a pure indica, although our auto-flowering version means there is a bit of ruderalis in there. In terms of the effect, though, it’s purely indica. Critical Purple comes in at 27 percent THC. That means it really packs a punch. It’s great for people who want a sedative effect from marijuana, and if you want to sleep, Critical Purple is ideal for that. With this level of THC, you might only need one drag on a joint to get you right to bed.

Is there another popular option among the strongest strains?

White Widow has won the Cannabis Cup, and it’s still one of the top strains out there. Like Critical Purple, it’s consistently one of our highest sellers. People dig the balanced hybrid that is White Widow. It comes in at 26 percent, and it’s also easier to grow than Critical Purple. This famous strain is known for its nearly-instantaneous effects, so you definitely want to ease your way into using White Widow. If you do, we bet you’ll come to really enjoy it.

What are some of the other strongest strains?

Want to try a variety of the top strains in terms of THC content? Growers Choice can help make that happen! With us, you can buy seeds for a variety of strong strains until you find the one you like the best. You can try sativas, indicas, hybrids, you name it. When you are ready to give the strongest strains the proverbial Pepsi Challenge at your home, these are some of the strains, along with Critical Purple and White Widow, to consider throwing into the mix. Enjoy, and remember to exercise caution! Overindulging can really ruin the fun of the strongest strains.

  • Diablo OG Kush
  • Durban Poison
  • Lemon Haze
  • Presidential Bubba Kush
  • Stinky Pink

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