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Everything You Need to Know About the Strongest Strain of Weed


People are into strength. They want to try the hottest of the hot sauces. They want to dabble in beers with the highest alcohol by volume. Hey, there is also a reason why strongman contests exist. Superlatives interest people, whether they are just intellectually curious or want to partake themselves. You can say you have had an experience that is at the highest level possible in a certain way. Some people also just thrive on intensity and strength. They want to live at the extremes.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of folks are intrigued by weed strength. They want to know what marijuana strains are the strongest. That information is interesting to them. Of course, a lot of those people then want to try them. Maybe they feel that by getting the strongest strain of weed they are getting more bang for their buck. A stronger strain can make you feel higher, and if you want to be quite high, the stronger the better. While that is true, you should always know your limits and be careful. Pushing yourself too hard can have complications. For the curious out there, though, let’s talk about the strongest strain of weed.

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How do you measure what is the strongest strain of weed?

What makes weed strong? We aren’t talking about the most-pungent aromas or most robust flavors right now. We are assuming that when you want to know the strongest strain of weed, you are talking about the distinct effects of marijuana. Namely, the feeling of being “high.” There are dozens of chemical compounds unique to cannabis, but the one that has psychotropic effects and gives you the feelings most associated with marijuana is THC. When people are well-versed in marijuana, they don’t necessarily ask us, “What is the strongest strain of weed?” They ask us, “What strain of weed has the highest percentage of THC?” This is the way in which we measure strength. We could talk about CBD content as well, but we know that most people just want to find out what the strain of weed with the highest THC content is. THC is psychoactive. It’s the crux of the marijuana experience. When we tell you what the strongest strain of weed is, we are talking about THC percentages.


What about CBD in terms of the strongest strain of weed?

OK, before we go, let’s touch on CBD briefly. High-CBD strains tend to serve as medical-grade strains. If you are less interested in being high and more interested in the therapeutic uses of marijuana, then a CBD strain would be right for you. Fortunately, the strongest strains of weed on the CBD front tend to have “CBD” right in their name. Here are some CBD strains to keep in mind if that is the route you want to go:

  • CBD Blueberry
  • CBD Critical Mango
  • CBD Dancehall
  • CBD Moby Dick
  • CBD Shark

Are there different ways to think of the strongest strain of weed?

Indeed, there is. There are other ways to discuss weed strains than simply strength. Cannabis is divided into three categories. First, there is sativa. These weed strains are known for their heady high. They are energizing and uplifting. Sativas are known for creating euphoric sensations. They are for “wake and bake” smokers and creative types. Then, there are indicas. These are relaxing and give you more of a body high. They are for chilling on the couch or getting a full night of sleep. Then, there are hybrids. These are strains that are a mix of sativa and indica strains. They blend the sensations associated with sativas and indicas. Since indicas, sativas, and hybrids all have different experiences, and you may prefer one of those over the others, we want to talk about the strongest strain of weed for all three classifications. They all contain a heavy dose of THC, but they deliver different results along with that THC.

Which sativa is the strongest strain of weed?

When you want to get energized and hyped up, what strain should you go with? How do you get the most-potent head high possible? A lot of strains with the word “Haze” in their names fall into the heavy-duty sativa category. We’re talking Purple Haze, Lemon Haze, Ghost Train Haze, and Amnesia Haze. You know when the word “Amnesia” is in the name of your strain, it is probably packing a significant punch. The winner, though, at least among regularly-available strains that aren’t boutique strains created mostly for the cache, is probably Durban Poison. Now, “Poison” may not be the most-appealing word for something you are going to consume, but don’t sweat it. This 23-percent-THC strain definitely won’t make you feel poisoned. Quite the opposite, in fact. For many, Durban Poison is preferred to a cup of coffee. It’s an extremely-energizing strain, one that is perfect for morning marijuana users. Get out of bed, and get yourself a boost with Durban Poison, which is definitely a candidate for the strongest strain of weed, and our choice here in the sativa category.

Which indica is the strongest strain of weed?

OK, so you don’t want to put pep in your step. You want to chill out and get your couch-lock on. Which indicas are in the running for the strongest strain of weed? A few of the top indica strains are the ones that have “OG” in their name, which is not a nod to them being longtime strains. “OG” is a different bit of nomenclature speaking to regional origin. Chocolate OG and Skywalker OG are among the strongest strains of weed out there. The “Kush” family of strains are also almost all indicas, because they are named after the Hindu Kush mountains, where indica plants grow naturally. That includes Purple Kush, which can be up to 22-percent THC. Purple strains are also prized for their potency, and purple strains are almost all indicas as well. It only makes sense that Purple Kush would be up there as the strongest strain of weed on this front.

Which hybrid is the strongest strain of weed?

There are hybrids that are sativa-dominant, some that are indica-dominant, and some that are balanced hybrids. Diablo OG Kush is a 60-40 hybrid that leans toward sativa and contains 22-percent THC. However, when it comes to hybrids of any strain, few can match the potency of White Widow. This is a candidate for the strongest strain of weed regardless of classification. White Widow tends to sit around 26-percent THC, and any strain that gets to 25 percent or higher is really at the top of the charts, strength-wise. It really packs a punch.

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