Everything You Need to Know About the Skunk Strain


If there was a Mount Rushmore of cannabis breeds, the Skunk strain could easily occupy the Lincoln slot. Although “skunk” is a term that gets thrown around quite loosely in the cannabis community as being interchangeable with terms like “kush” or “hydro”, it actually refers to a highly specific and very special strain. An indica-dominant strain with traces of both sativa and ruderalis genetics, the Skunk strain is not only emblematic of the wind-down strain – it’s also a first rate auto-flowering variety. Exceptionally easy to grow and producing an exceptionally large yield for an auto-flowering breed, Skunk is the strain of choice for folks who want to relax, feel good, and ease into a peaceful, creative headspace. It’s an excellent strain for combating restlessness and getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Skunk is also world renowned for its amazing effectiveness against nausea. It’s part medicine, part sleep aid, and all good vibes.

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What are the medical benefits of the Skunk strain?

First and foremost, the Skunk strain is known primarily for its ability to combat nausea and promote a healthy appetite. This can be used to assuage the effects of everything from food poisoning, gastrointestinal disorders, and morning sickness. Most notably, certain cannabis breeds like the Skunk strain have been one of the most effective for the types of nausea experienced by chemotherapy patients. Secondly, Skunk is quite effective at creating the deeply relaxed headspace necessary for sleep. While it won’t cause drowsiness, making it okay for daytime use, Skunk brings about a calm, euphoric high that makes it a useful tool against insomnia.


How does the Skunk strain affect the brain and body?

Like any other breed of cannabis, the Skunk strain contains natural chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are responsible for creating the spectrum of different physical and psychological effects when you consume cannabis. Although the potency of these effects will depend on a variety of factors including the amount consumed as well as your individual metabolism, Skunk strain interacts very predictably with your brain and body. With its 12% THC concentration, Skunk is perfect for helping consumers attain optimal THC levels in their bloodstream to achieve the blissful, uplifting feeling without the risk of creating paranoia that can sometimes occur with higher potency strains. Cannabinoids in this strain can also help lower your body’s level of cortisol – the hormone commonly linked to stress.

How do I grow Skunk cannabis seeds?

Growing cannabis for the first time can be intimidating for a new home grower, but you’ll find that the Skunk strain is exceptionally user-friendly. If you are growing indoors, you will first need to prepare a grow space that is well-ventilated, temperature stable (about 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-25 degrees Celsius), and one which you can shut out any external light from. Next, you’ll need to invest in growing lights, as your plant will need upwards of 18 hours of light per day during its vegetative phase and about 12 hours during its flowering stage. Plants require blue light during their vegetative phase and orange light during the flowering phase, so you will either need to purchase LED lights that emit the full spectrum of light colors or separate blue and orange HID bulbs for the respective phases. Regularly watering your plant and feeding your plant fertilizers with plenty of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is essential for helping your plant flourish and grow. For best results, consult Growers Choice’s blogs and articles with loads of tips, tricks, and advice from seasoned professionals.

Is the Skunk strain easy to grow for beginners?

The Skunk strain is an auto-flowering strain, so it is naturally user-friendly and an ideal breed for beginners to explore the world of home cannabis. While most breeds of cannabis are photoperiodic and require precise changes and adjustments in their lighting cycle in order to transition from their vegetative phase to their flowering phase, Skunk’s unique genetics allow it to automatically enter its flowering phase in only a few short weeks regardless of light levels. Auto-flowering plants like Skunk reach maturity and are able to be harvested much faster than photoperiodic breeds. Under the right conditions, a grower could have a respectable harvest of anywhere between 300-400 grams per plant in a little under 8 weeks!

How can I grow the best Skunk cannabis plants?

What you feed your Skunk plant will make all the difference in its overall health and your eventual yield. It is essential to make sure that you are watering your plant regularly and that your water has a neutral pH balance of 5.8-6.2. Tap water tends to contain chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine which are harmful to your plant, so it is important to hydrate with either rain/gray water or water that has been filtered via reverse osmosis. Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, pruning your plant and trimming its leaves and branches is one of the best things you can do for its overall health. By ridding the plant of sick or dying appendages, your plant can more efficiently distribute its metabolic energy towards healthy buds and allow them to grow bigger and fuller.

How does the Skunk strain make users feel?

Our customers have lauded the Skunk strain for its mild, blissful high. These pleasant properties also help create the conditions ideal for being able to doze off as well as promote the relaxation needed for sitting down and completing a creative task. In testimonials, many Growers Choice customers reported that Skunk made them feel:

  • Euphoric
  • Creative
  • Relaxed
  • Centered
  • Blissful

What does the Skunk strain smell and taste like?

Despite its rather unpleasant-sounding name, the Skunk strain actually smells and tastes delicious! With a lion’s share of aromatic compounds called terpenes, Skunk emits a very distinctive earthy, fruity smell. A discerning nose will pick up hints of sandalwood, wild berries, and vanilla bean.

Does Skunk come with any adverse effects?

With a relatively low THC concentration as well as an almost negligible CBD percentage, the danger of getting either unpleasantly high or drowsy from the Skunk strain are very minimal. Skunk is bred with the intention for use as an evening strain. As such, the relaxation and light euphoria it brings on might not be conducive to more active daytime activities, such as heavy exercise or labor. In some cases of acute cannabis intoxication, the symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia can be exacerbated in people with genetic predispositions to these psychiatric conditions.

Short Description:

With its 12% THC concentration, the Skunk strain is perfect for helping consumers a blissful, happy, and uplifting feeling.

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