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Everything You Need to Know About the Power Plant Strain


When you think of a power plant, you might think of the place where Homer Simpson works. That’s a job that probably brings a lot of stress with it, although Homer seems immune to it. You are likely smarter (and more sober) than Homer is, though. Power plants provide, well, power. They deliver electricity, energy, and more. That makes Power Plant a fitting name for the Power Plant strain. This is one of the many strains that Growers Choice Seeds sell seeds for. What is the Power Plant strain all about? Let’s delve into this popular, potent strain that may be exactly what you are looking for. Having a little Power Plant by your side may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s also a lot safer than working for Mr. Burns.

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What is the makeup of the Power Plant strain?

There are three types of marijuana, generally speaking. Those are sativa, indica, and hybrid. Hailing from South Africa, the Power Plant strain is considered a sativa. That’s because it is 80-percent sativa. So yeah, it’s not pure sativa, but it’s overwhelmingly sativa, which is why we consider this a sativa plant, and you should expect a sativa experience. We’ll get into that. The Power Plant strain also contains 19-percent THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.


What is the experience of smoking the Power Plant strain?

Different strains have different smoking experiences on the taste and aroma level. Some are sweet, some are skunky, and some are like Power Plant. The experience of the Power Plant strain is an earthy one. To be more specific, it’s known for its peppery, woodsy flavor and aroma. Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you like the smells of the woods? Do you enjoy a peppery flavor? Then Power Plant would likely make for a great experience for you.

How does the Power Plant strain make you feel?

Power Plant is a sativa, and that makes it an uplifting high. It’s pretty intense, thanks to its 19-percent THC. That doesn’t make it one of the strongest marijuana strains, but it is fairly strong. When you try this strain, we recommend you go light at first. The Power Plant strain is known for energizing you and making you feel happier. It’s a cheerful, social high, but it’s also known for being relaxing. Power Plant is an intense high, but not a tense one, if you catch our drift.

When is the best time to use the Power Plant strain?

This is definitely a daytime strain like most sativas are. Power Plant is uplifting and energizing, which is not ideal before you go to bed. While Power Plant is relaxing as well as euphoric, relaxation isn’t necessarily the same thing as helping ease you into sleep. If you indulge in too much Power Plant too close to bedtime, you might struggle to get to bed. The Power Plant strain is an alert high, which makes it good for creativity. Make Power Plant a piece of your daytime routine. It can really give you a pick me up.

What’s it like to grow the Power Plant strain?

Since Growers Choice Seeds is all about providing our customers with seeds in order to grow their own plants for personal use, we care about the experience of growing any given strain at home. What about the Power Plant strain? We classify Power Plant as an “easy” grow experience, making it a fine choice for beginner growers. It works in most environments and is considered to provide a moderate yield per plant. The Power Plant strain typically takes 55 to 65 days to flower. It’s also known for its stable and uniform growth, which is good for cloning your plants and can save you money in the long run. If there is anything to be concerned about when it comes to the Power Plant strain, it’s the fact the scent of the plant can be quite strong. If you grow it outdoors, your neighbors will likely be keenly aware. That makes the Power Plant strain ideal for an indoor growing plan, and then you can enjoy that woodsy smell all to yourself.

Can you help me grow the Power Plant strain?

Absolutely! If a peppery plant with an easy grow and an energizing high is ideal for you, then the Power Plant strain could be perfect for you. Power Plant is popular with sativa users for a reason. Growers Choice Seeds can deliver cannabis seeds for your very own Power Plant plants before you know it. All our seeds are hand-selected for each order. There are the best Power Plant seeds we are capable of providing. These fully-feminized seeds also come with a germination guarantee. The grow may be easy, but if you have any questions, you can feel free to ask. We want your experience of growing the Power Plant strain to be a stress free one. It’s an intense strain, but that’s what a lot of people are looking for. You have the power to grow your own Power Plant. As Homer Simpson might say, “Woo hoo!”

Short Description:

Power Plant is a sativa, and that makes it an uplifting high. It’s pretty intense, thanks to its 19-percent THC.

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