Everything You Need to Know About the Hindu Kush Strain


One of the premier indicas on the market, the Hindu Kush strain has rapidly become a favorite amongst indica connoisseurs. Hindu Kush’s soothing, relaxing, bodily high is perfect for adults looking to decompress after a stressful day at work, catch up on some much-needed sleep, or just spend some quality time sinking into the couch. In short, this strain is your best bet if you’re planning for a lovely, lazy day. As a major bonus, Hindu Kush strain is among our easiest blends to cultivate. 90% indica with 10% Russian Ruderalis genetics, Hindu Kush is an auto-flowering variety and requires much less attention and adjustments to the lighting cycle in order to grow to full maturity. In fact, after its initial planting Hindu Kush takes only 2-3 weeks to begin flowering. You’ll be up to your elbows in healthy, potent, indica-rich buds inside of three months.

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What are the medical benefits of the Hindu Kush strain?

As a predominantly indica blend, the Hindu Kush strain is excellent for achieving total relaxation of the mind as well as the body. This is due in part to its moderately high concentration of THC: a formidable 15%. THC is one of many naturally occurring chemical compounds found within marijuana called cannabinoids and it interacts with special receptors in the body to produce a plethora of desirable and beneficial effects. Disease like glaucoma comprise just a smattering of the conditions that THC has been used to treat. While clinical studies are ongoing and inconclusive, THC and marijuana as a whole are becoming an increasingly popular and highly touted holistic route for people looking for viable alternatives to prescription pharmaceuticals for their ailments.


How does the Hindu Kush strain affect the brain and body?

Believe it or not, your body has a built-in system to interact with the cannabinoids found in marijuana. This system is known as the endocannabinoid system and it is responsible for producing the entire spectrum of physiological and psychological effects which occur when you consume cannabis. Cannabinoids found within the Hindu Kush strain, most notably THC and CBD, latch onto special receptors to produce a mellow, relaxing, sleepy type of high. On the physical side, the most prominent side effect is an overall relaxation of the muscles. This can be especially complementary when it is paired with activities such as soaking in a warm bath or going to bed but might not be your best bet for morning use. On the more cerebral side, we’ve observed deep feelings of calm and ease without any uncomfortable drowsiness or brain fog.

How do I grow Hindu Kush cannabis seeds?

Conventional wisdom says “never get high on your own supply”, but the reality is that growing your own cannabis can be an incredibly rewarding and therapeutic experience. Depending on how many Hindu Kush strain plants you would like to grow in a cycle, your set-up and the initial investment can be fairly minimal. To initiate the germination phase, all you need is a glass of water, a paper towel, and a dark, warm space for your seeds to sprout in. After the germination phase is complete and a 1-¾ inch taproot has erupted through the shells of your seeds, you can plant your sprouts in a soil mixture that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (pre-mixed NPK soils are relatively easy to come by and often expressly marketed for growing cannabis). From this point until harvest time, you’ll need to regularly water your plants – checking the soil down to a finger’s depth to make sure your plant is adequately hydrated. During the vegetative phase of growth (before the buds develop) you’ll need to light your plant with blue light for upwards of 18 hours a day and during the flowering phase, you’ll need to reduce this to 12 hours a day with orange light. Luckily, the Hindu Kush strain is an auto-flowering variety and will initiate its flowering phase with or without any adjustment to its lighting cycle.

Is the Hindu Kush strain easy to grow for beginners?

Whether you’re a veteran cannabis grower or trying to raise your very first plants, you’ll find that the Hindu Kush strain is among the easiest strains in Growers Choice’s catalog to grow. This is partly because it’s an auto-flowering strain, which means that it will automatically switch from its vegetative to its flowering stage without any adjustment to its lighting cycle. These plants tend to flower within only 45-55 days and harvests can be completed in as little as 10 weeks. If you’re on the fence about growing cannabis because of the planning, maintenance, and attention involved, consider testing the waters with a breed as user-friendly as the Hindu Kush strain!

How can I grow the best Hindu Kush cannabis plants?

In order to grow the healthiest possible crop of the Hindu Kush strain and maximize your yield – which can be up to 200 grams per plant – you’ll need to strictly monitor all of your variables. Always keep your plants in an environment insulated from external light sources at temperatures between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 Celsius) and at humidity ranging from about 45-65%. To ensure that you’re maintaining these conditions, a reliable thermometer and hygrometer are worthwhile investments. The health of your plant also depends on the pH level of your water. Cannabis plants are nourished and thrive when watered with a neutral balance of between 5.8-6.2. Rain and gray water often naturally carry this ideal pH balance as well as many nutrients which will vitalize your plant. If rainfall isn’t plentiful or easily collected in your area, it may also be worth investing in a reverse osmosis water filtration system, which will filter and purify your tap water to be suitable for your plant (and yourself when you get thirsty!)


How does the Hindu Kush strain make users feel?

The Hindu Kush strain is one of the most incredible natural stress relievers that Growers Choice offers. Our customers have reported that Hindu Kush makes them feel:

  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Peaceful
  • Mellow

What does the Hindu Kush strain smell and taste like?

Hindu Kush has a sweet, earthy aroma that is easy on the palate as well as the lungs – like a nice incense or palo santo stick. Taste-wise, Hindu Kush also skews sweet and earthy. Overall, it’s a pleasant earthiness somewhere along the lines of a root or tuber, like beetroot or kohlrabi. In many respects, settling down at night with Hindu Kush is just as hearty and soothing as sitting down to a plate of fresh-baked candied yams.

What does the Hindu Kush strain smell and taste like?Does the Hindu Kush strain come with any adverse effects?

As with any strain in the Growers Choice catalog, we advocate for measured, moderate, and responsible use of the Hindu Kush strain to achieve a pleasant and optimal experience. As this is an especially relaxing strain, consuming an excessive amount could venture into a lethargic territory and an undesirable sense of couch lock. We certainly advocate for evening use over morning use, as the relaxing side effects may not be conducive to a busy morning that requires a ton of energy. Everyone’s body is different, but as this is a more body-based strain, users are unlikely to experience paranoia or any notable psychological side effects.

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