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Everything You Need to Know About the Biggest Weed Strains


When it comes to marijuana, what is the thing you are looking for primarily? For those who are just buying cannabis from a dispensary, maybe it’s flavor and aroma, maybe it’s about the THC content, or maybe it’s simply about the way that it makes you feel. You want the strain that feels right for you, though of course there are typically several stains that an individual can enjoy. However, when you get into growing your own cannabis plants at home for your personal use, another element may come into play. Namely, the size of the yield. The biggest weed strains become relevant to you. After all, you are growing your own plants, and a bigger strain would mean more bang for your buck. When you are simply buying buds, the size of the plant they came from doesn’t really matter. When the plant is yours, though, then the amount of yield really matters. Sure, you aren’t going to grow a strain you don’t like just because it’s one of the biggest weed strains out there. However, if you can find a strain you like that also has a bountiful yield, that’s a winning combination. If you are growing your own cannabis, do you want a big-time yield? Great, then let us tell you about the biggest weed strains out there…

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Why should I grow the biggest weed strains anyway?

If you are new to growing marijuana, how might it benefit you? Why not just go buy from a dispensary? Well, you can control the entire process, for starters. The plant is yours. The strains are yours. You know the whole process from planting the seeds to harvesting the plant. Plus, that harvest is entirely yours as well. In the long run, that will save you a lot of money. All you need to do is buy the seeds and the stuff for your grow operation. When you are buying from a dispensary, you are paying for all the people who are working from cultivation to selling. You are paying for that dispensary. Growing your own plants means cutting out the middleman. When you are growing one of the biggest weed strains, then you can, in theory, save even more money. All that yield is yours, and you can enjoy the savings.


What are the biggest weed strains?

Now, we assume when you say “biggest weed strains,” you likely mean the biggest yields. You don’t necessarily mean which plants are the tallest. Although, if a strain is tall, that is worth noting for an indoor grow. There’s a good chance you will have to top your plant unless you have a high ceiling. Among the tallest strains, if you are curious, are Monster, Dutch Dragon, and Jamaican Pearl. The tallest strains tend to be sativas, the energizing, uplifting types of strains. Indicas, on the other hand, tend to grow stout, which often actually leads to a higher yield. By the way, indicas are relaxing strains that chill you out. There are sativas, indicas, and hybrids that all have high yields. Specifically, they have big buds or a lot of buds. So what strains have the highest yields? Well, if you are going to grow your marijuana outdoors, then the top strains for that, in terms of yield, include Super Skunk and Amnesia Haze. What about overall strain, and strains that can be grown indoors with relative ease? Most people are indoor growers, after all. Generally speaking, the consensus is that Blue Dream is the biggest weed strain in terms of yield. Also in the mix include White Widow, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, Purple Trainwreck, and Green Gelato. In terms of biggest buds, Northern Lights shows up again, as does White Widow. On top of that, Skunk is a strain with big buds. Of course, the biggest weed strain, bud style, is fittingly called Big Bud.

Can you tell me about a couple of the biggest weed strains?

Let’s focus on White Widow and Northern Lights. They have high yield and big buds, and they are also among the most-popular weed strains out there. White Widow is a balanced hybrid, and it really delivers a punch when it comes to THC. We’re talking a heavy-duty 26-percent THC, which makes this one of the strongest marijuana strains out there. White Widow is known for having intense, instantaneous mental effects. It’s definitely a heady high, though it can also provide physical effects. In terms of yield, you can get up to 500 grams of flower per square meter. Plus, White Widow is easy to grow, so beginners can even handle it. Northern Lights is an old-school strain. It was a winner in the earliest days of the Cannabis Cup. Almost a pure indica, Northern Lights isn’t too heavy on the THC, making it a bit more manageable for smokers. As an indica, it’s great for helping you sleep and for giving you a chance to decompress and relax. It’s also an easy grow that can give you 500 grams of flower per square meter for good measure.

How will Growers Choice Seeds help me grow the biggest weed strains?

Many of the biggest weed strains are available from us here at Growers Choice. We have seeds for strains like White Widow, Sour Diesel, and other big-time, big-bud weed strains that are out there. Fortunately, some of these strains are easy to grow. Do you know what makes your marijuana-growing experience even better? Having a seed company you can trust. Growers Choice Seeds wants to make sure your experience growing your own marijuana for your personal use is a rewarding one. We want your first grow to be one of many. How does Growers Choice do that? With us, you can buy seeds for the biggest weed strains from our online store. Want to grow and smoke the Cannabis Cup winner Northern Lights? We can make that happen! What else does Growers Choice Seeds offer? In addition to the biggest weed strains, we offer:

  • Fully-feminized seeds
  • Hand-selected orders
  • Convenient delivery
  • Auto-flowering seeds for some strains
  • A germination guarantee on every seed

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