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Growers Choice Seeds are your friends in cannabis. Consider us your buds, specifically your buds that know a thing or two about, well, buds. We sell high-quality cannabis seeds all over the world and deliver them to boot. When you want to grow your own cannabis for personal use, Growers Choice is the way to go. We even offer a germination guarantee on all our strains! Speaking of strains, we offer dozens of them. There are award-winning sativas, indicas, and hybrids in the mix. We have high-CBD strains, auto-flowering strains, and so much more. Some are trickier to grow, but we also have strains that are great for beginners. Wherever you are on the spectrum of marijuana growers, Growers Choice has the strains for you. Now, what some people are really curious about is the output of their plants. They want robustness, they want bang for their buck. Specifically, they want a high yield, and for a high yield, you may want big buds. Not every cannabis strain provides buds of the same size. There are definitely some strains with bigger buds than others. They don’t just provide yield, they often also provide quality. So what is the biggest bud strain? And what kind of experiences can you get from the biggest bud strains?

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What is the biggest bud strain?

Well, if this is your question, why beat around the bush? Let’s get right to it. Which strain provides the biggest buds? A lot of the biggest bud strains are old-school varieties. However, in the end, when you are talking about the biggest bud strains, we have to start with the strain simply known as Big Bud. Yes, there is a strain called Big Bud, and it isn’t false advertising. Big Bud is the child of two other big-bud strains, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. It’s been around for a while, as it won the Cannabis Cup way back in 1989. All these years later, Big Bud is still providing big yields to growers.

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Can you tell me more about the biggest bud strain?

Big Bud is an indica-dominant hybrid. The THC content, which controls the strain’s psychoactivity – ranges from 14 percent to 20 percent, usually settling at around 17 percent. It’s an earthy and spicy strain with hints of pine to its taste and aroma. As an indica-forward strain, Big Bud is great for relaxation. You can feel relaxed throughout your body, and also in your mind. Big Bud is a great nighttime strain. The primary way it tends to make people feel is sleepy. Don’t use this strain in the middle of a busy day! Instead, save it for nighttime and be whisked into dreamland. In addition to big, thick buds, Big Bud can grow fairly large, so you will likely need to top the plant if you are growing it indoors, which is what is recommended.

What are some of the other biggest bud strains?

Let’s say you want to go beyond Big Bud. What other strains could you consider for some big buds from your strain? Like we said, both Northern Lights and Skunk #1 have big buds. White Widow and Durban Poison are two strains known for having among the biggest buds as well. When you are talking about the biggest bud strains, those are four to consider outside of Big Bud.

What are these other biggest bud strains like?

Northern Lights is quite similar to its child Big Bud. It is nearly a pure indica that comes in at 19 percent THC with plenty of earthy, piney goodness. It too has won a Cannabis Cup, and Northern Lights is now a favorite among medical marijuana users. While not everyone will necessarily experience the same benefits, there is anecdotal evidence that suugests some users may find this strain useful in easing chronic pain, or insomnia. Skunk #1 is a balanced hybrid and is the progenitor of the “skunky” strains. Now, they don’t literally smell like a skunk, but that is the comparison point. Yes, that may sound weird, but skunky strains exist for a reason. Skunk #1 has been a great anytime strain since it debuted in the 1970s. White Widow and Durban Poison step outside the realm of Big Bud. They are also two of the most popular strains, in part due to the hefty yield. White Widow is a balanced hybrid that smashes you over the head with its THC content. In a good way, of course. We’re talking 26 percent THC and almost-instantaneous effects. One toke of White Widow can be enough to last you hours. Usually, you start with a hit of mental energy, followed by a robust body high. We recommend that even experienced smokers start slow with White Widow. Durban Poison is a rare find these days: a pure sativa! Sativas are energizing, uplifting strains. They give you a heady high and are prized by wake-and-bake smokers. This sweet, earthy strain comes in at 16 percent THC, which is manageable, and it’s often used as a mood booster.

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Is there a new name in the world for the biggest bud strain?

Selective breeding is changing the world of marijuana quite a bit. Now, a new strain has been bred, and it is literally called Biggest Bud. Yes, it includes Big Bud among its progenitors, but Biggest Bud is taking things to the next level. Now, the smoking experience is basically exactly the same for Biggest Bud as it is for Big Bud. The THC content is 18 percent and it is also quite indica dominant. What it has, though, is a massive yield and some thick, robust buds. It provides you with 600 grams per square meter when grown indoors. If you truly just want the biggest bud strain, then Biggest Bud is leading the way. That is, at least for now. Who knows what the future holds thanks to selective breeding? Of course, there are also great strains with tremendous yields that Growers Choice sells seeds for. White Widow and Durban Poison are more popular than Biggest Bud, for example. It’s all about finding that balance and getting the biggest bud strains that are also the best bud strains.

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