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The Super Skunk strain has been a popular choice since its introduction in the 1990s and is an excellent choice for beginner growers as it is easy to manage, produces high yields, and has an average flowering period. It has a distinct and prominent scent, and while many find it smells like its name suggests, others notice a much more diverse odor. Its parents are Skunk #1 and an original Afghani landrace strain, giving it a unique and recognizable smell and experience. Super Skunk is a sativa-leaning hybrid whose effects offer a deep relaxation while revitalizing the mind and keeping it sharp and focused. This strain can be pretty potent, so novice users should be careful not to over-indulge at the start. The Super Skunk strain has a bit of complicated taste, which, paired with its relaxing and uplifting effects, can make for an exciting strain to share among some of your closest friends.

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What are the medical benefits of the Super Skunk strain?

Because Super Skunk does an extraordinary job of releasing tension throughout the body and mind, this strain is often recommended for patients who suffer from chronic and severe stress. It can also help users fall into a good night’s sleep, making it helpful for insomniacs. There are typically many side effects associated with sleeping medication, making the Super Skunk strain an excellent choice for anyone having trouble sleeping but who don’t want to use potentially harmful drugs. This is also a good strain for helping people with anxiety manage their symptoms. Anyone with trouble concentrating will find that the Super Skunk strain can help them focus on a task, and those struggling with their appetite can benefit from using it. And, because of its high-THC content, the Super Skunk strain can help reduce the frequency and severity of seizure.

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How can I expect to feel from the Super Skunk strain?

Introduced in the 1990s, the Super Skunk strain has become a go-to for people with a busy mind needing extra focus, clarity, and relaxation. While it does cause some drowsiness toward the end of the high, most of the experience will have you feeling happy and stress-free and able to help you become productive. The Super Skunk strain can help encourage a heightened concentration on creative tasks such as writing, studying, playing music, and more laid-back activities such as socializing and reading. Because it is almost an evenly balanced hybrid, some people will enjoy this strain by themselves, while others will have the urge to get together with friends and socialize. Whatever comes to you, Super Skunk will offer a sense of contentment and euphoria. It should be noted that people who are prone to paranoia and panic attacks might fall into scattered thinking and nervousness with the Super Skunk strain, so use this strain in moderation if this applies to you. Because of its higher than average THC content and its amounts of CBD, this strain will relax your muscles and allow you to sink into something productive and enjoyable. Toward the end of the high, it is not uncommon to want to have a nap or go to sleep, depending on the time of day.

How do I grow Super Skunk cannabis seeds?

Super Skunk cannabis seeds are easy to grow and very forgiving, making them excellent for novice growers and anyone looking for something low-maintenance. This strain can withstand many different climates and is resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. When growing indoors, gardeners can use soil or hydroponics and can expect an 8 to 9-week flowering period with yields of up to 500 grams of fresh flowers. Outdoors, growers will harvest in late September/early October and can expect up to 600 grams of beautiful buds. Regarding their appearance, Super Skunk flowers will be a vibrant green color and densely packed with short, twirling hairs and a thick layer of juicy trichomes.

What are the origins of the Super Skunk Strain?

The Super Skunk strain was created by the breeders at Sensi Seeds and is the offspring of Skunk #1 and Afghani. Skunk #1 is an indica-dominant hybrid created in the 70s, and it instantly became a popular strain for its pleasant and physically relaxing high. It remains a well-loved and respected strain worldwide, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. Skunk #1 was created by crossing Afghani with Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold, resulting in an intense-smelling and potent strain. As its name suggests, it is exceedingly skunky and has undertones of earth and spices. Super Skunk’s other parent, Afghani, is a sweet-smelling landrace strain originating from the mountains in Afghanistan. This strain hardly needs any introduction as it continues to dominate the scene as one of the most sought-after landrace strains in the world. The floral fragrance of Afghani, paired with the skunkiness of Skunk #1, makes for a truly unique aroma in the Super Skunk strain.

Does Super Skunk cannabis have a high-THC content?

The Super Skunk strain has been rated between 20% and 28%, which is above average among marijuana strains. This means you should be wary of taking too much at first, as it can easily take over your day in too high of doses. With that said, Super Skunk does contain about 2% CBD, which can offset some of the potency of the THC. 60% of the THC content in Super Skunk is sativa, and the other 40% is indica. The high will lean a little heavier to the cerebral side of things while still offering some profound relaxation. It is essential to understand what you’re looking for when choosing a cannabis strain to grow. Because of its almost even balance of indica and sativa, the Super Skunk strain is great for anyone looking for mental stimulation during the day or evening while relaxing their body from head to toe.

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How does the Super Skunk strain make users feel?

The Super Skunk strain comprises 60% sativa and 40% indica. It will immediately deliver a rush of euphoria and clearheadedness that will have you looking for something exciting to do. The sense of clarity will be paired with a bold but not-too-heavy body high that slows your pace. For these reasons, the Super Skunk strain can be an excellent choice for anyone looking for some alone time to concentrate on a creative project. Writers, artists, musicians, or anyone needing that extra concentration will find the Super Skunk strain very useful. It can also be an enjoyable strain to share among close friends and usually guides users into a deep state of joy, causing plenty of laughter and light-hearted conversation. Because of these characteristics, the Super Slunk strain is recommended for late afternoon, and early evening use, with its main effects being:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Sharpened focus
  • Increased appetite
  • Enhanced mood
  • Creative thinking

What does the Super Skunk strain smell and taste like?

The Super Skunk strain is distinguishable by its potent, fragrant aroma, which many compare to the ammonia-like scent of the black and white animal. With that said, others seem to pick out smells of bold cheese or the fungus found on the underside of a rock. Likely thanks to its Afghani parent, it also carries a certain sweetness comparable to honey or flowers. When it comes to its taste, the Super Skunk strain has a sweet, earthy, and citrusy character while maintaining a certain skunkiness. It has a savory and tangy aftertaste that is not unpleasant, though apparent and strong. The Super Skunk strain is a great talking point when sharing among friends, as everyone seems to taste something different.

Does Super Skunk come with any adverse effects?

The Super Skunk strain can have a few adverse effects on people, the most common of which are a dry mouth and dry, bloodshot eyes. This can be aided by drinking lots of water before, during, and after using the strain and keeping a bottle of eye drops nearby. The Super Skunk Strain is also known for increasing appetite, which can be beneficial in many cases, though the strong urge to eat can be annoying in others. Some more severe though less common side effects of using this strain are nervousness, anxiety, and paranoia. This can be caused by the indica genetics slowing down your body while the cerebral effects of the sativa keep your mind racing, causing frantic thinking. Even though these side effects are not very common, they should be considered when using the Super Skunk strain.

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