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When you think of cannabis plants, the first color you probably think of is “green.” Indeed, green is the predominant color associated with marijuana. However, it is not the only color that is found in marijuana. The second color most associated with weed is purple. There are purple weed strains that abound, and there are those who swear by these purple weed strains. However, what makes a strain “purple?” More to the point, is there more to a purple weed strain than simply the color? And what purple weed strains are the most popular? With all due respect to Prince, let’s focus on our favorite purple entity out there, and that’s purple marijuana.

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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

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What makes for purple weed strains?

It does, indeed, all begin with color, and for that, we need to get into science. Yes, fundamentally the only thing that makes a weed strain purple is the fact that there is purple in the plants. Many plants just provide purple buds, but others will be purple through the leaves, the stems, you name it. Let us get a little scientific for a second. The purple in marijuana started naturally. It’s all in genetics. Basically, these purple strains have a higher level of anthocyanins, which is a group of flavonoids that are heavy on antioxidants. These plants, in nature, were cold weather strains. When the weather turned colder, plants that thrived in those conditions were higher in anthocyanins, and thus we got purple plants. Because of the aesthetics of purple weed strains, selective breedings have brought purple to plants other than these classic, cold-weather varieties.


What are the sensations of purple weed strains?

When you smoke a purple weed strain, what can you expect? A lot of times people will associate grape flavors with purple marijuana, though that might be a bit of a mental connection to the color, as opposed to the actual flavor or smell of these plants. You see purple, you think “grape.” That being said, purple weed strains do tend to be sweeter and fruitier. That includes the smell of the smoke. It’s a sweet experience, to be sure. Purple weed strains also tend to have a denser smoke, as well as richer flavors. A purple plant doesn’t bring a light experience. You will ride the flavor train. Of course, these days crossbreeding gives us purple weed strains that are skunky or herbal instead.

How do purple weed strains make you feel?

In nature, purple weed strains tend to be indicas. This is opposed to sativas and hybrids. However, due to crossbreeding, which has become more and more prevalent, you will find more and more hybrids with purple coloring. Let’s focus on the natural purple weed strains, though, and the vast majority of the purple cannabis plants. We are in the world of indicas here, and indicas are the “chill out” and “body high” strains. Indicas have a narcotic effect, and they are used for relaxing. You tend to feel them in your body more than in your mind. With indicas, you get “couch lock” and are likely to drift into sleep. When you want to relax, you turn to an indica. If you want an indica that packs a wallop, you go with a purple weed strain. Purple strains are associated not just with indicas, but with strength. Some of the most powerful strains out there are purple plants, which is another reason why some marijuana users worship at the altar of purple.

Are purple weed strains good for medical use?

There are some potential medical benefits to purple weed strains. Here, the potency can pay off big time. Perhaps the best way to make use of purple weed is for sleep. Do you struggle to sleep? Do you toss and turn at night? Sleep is vital to your health. If you need help sleeping, a purple weed strain could potentially be right for you. These powerful indicas can get you right to bed and keep you sleeping. You could also use purple weed strains for other physical effects, but they are most commonly used for sleeping and relaxing.

What are some of the most popular purple weed strains?

Now, not every purple weed strain has “purple” in its name. You can look through the Growers Choice Seeds catalog and see photos of all of the strains we sell seeds for. Many of them are purple in coloring to some degree. There are plenty of strains that advertise their purple nature right in their name. A few of our purple weed strains include:

  • Purple Gorilla
  • Purple Haze
  • Purple Haze
  • Purple Princess
  • Purple Kush

Can you tell me more about one of your most-popular purple weed strains?

We’d be happy too! In addition to the strains we mentioned, we could have thrown Grape Ape or Granddaddy Purple in there. However, as we write this, one of the top-five-selling strains at Growers Choice is Critical Purple. It is a pure indica that is beloved for its high-THC content. We’re talking 27-percent THC. That makes this one of the most-potent purple weed strains out there, which is really saying something. You can get some heavy-duty relaxation from Critical Purple. It is indeed one of the fruity purple weed strains, making for a pleasant smoking experience for many. Also, a Growers Choice, we sell seeds for an auto-flowering version of Critical Purple. This means a bit of ruderalis has been bred into our seeds in order to make the plants flower automatically. Now, it is even easier to grow Critical Purple. Of course, this is one of many purple weed strain choices out there. While the purple only guarantees the coloring, you can also likely expect a powerful indica when it comes to purple weed strains. The plants look nice, but the smoking experience is even better.

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