Everything You Need to Know About Purple Strains of Weed


Purple was the color of royalty. Then, it was the color of Prince, who was in a way his own kind of royalty. Eggplants are purple, as are eggplant emojis. In “America the Beautiful,” they talk of the “purple mountains’ majesty.” Here at Growers Choice Seeds, though, we are into a different bit of purple found in nature. That would be purple strains of weed. If you are not well-versed in marijuana, when you think of it, you probably just think of that generic drawing of a pot leaf. Those are green. Then, you start to use marijuana, but there’s a good chance you never see a full plant at that time. Also, you don’t really pay attention to the different strains. You are just getting used to the experience of using marijuana. Then, as time goes on, you get more and more into the world of marijuana. You start considering strains. You also start hearing about purple strains of weed, or even seeing them. What’s this all about? Why are some people so into purple strains of weed? What characterizes purple marijuana? Let’s dive deep into the wonderful world of purple weed strains.

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Why are there purple strains of weed?

Sometimes in the world of marijuana, the nomenclature isn’t meant to be literal. That’s good, given that there are strains with names like “Amnesia” and “Green Crack.” In this case, though, it is literal. Purple strains of weed are, indeed, purple. Now, purple strains aren’t entirely purple. You aren’t going to get a plant that looks like Dino or Barney. The amount of purple in these plants varies from strain to strain, and can even vary from plant to plant. You can see purple in the leaves, the buds, the trichomes, you name it. So why are some marijuana strains purple? It comes down to anthocyanins. This is a group of flavonoids, and some marijuana strains have them in higher concentrations. It’s the anthocyanins that give strains their purple color. The purple is inherently just coloring, but there are other characteristics common in purple strains of weed that we will be getting into.


Where do purple strains of weed come from?

These days, marijuana cultivation is different. You can grow plants indoors and through hydroponic methods. Once upon a time, though, marijuana only grew naturally. You had to plant it outdoors, and also you only had access to the strains that were local. Purple strains of weed, originally, were found in cold-weather climates. That means purple marijuana strains tend to be heartier. Many of them were originally found in the Hindu Kush mountains. Purple strains of weed often have their origins in this mountain range found in Asia. These days, though, selective breeding and cross-breeding have changed things a bit. You don’t need to head to the Hindu Kush mountains or brave a cold-weather climate to get purple strains of weed.

What are some purple strains of weed?

If you are looking for marijuana strains through the Growers Choice Seeds website, you can look at photos of all the strains. When you do that, you can tell that a strain is purple. You will be able to see the leaves, the buds, and all the purple coloring. When you aren’t looking at a strain, though, there is often another clue as to whether or not it is a purple strain of weed. Oftentimes, the word “purple” will be right in the name. This is true for strains like the classic Purple Haze as well as Purple Urkle, Purple Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Mendocino Purps. However, not every strain tips you off so clearly. Here are some other notable purple strains of weed:

  • Grape Ape
  • Obama Kush
  • Blackwater
  • Lavender Jones
  • Grape Skunk

How do purple strains of weed taste and smell?

There are hybridizations that involve purple strains of weed that have yielded an assortment and flavors and aromas. That being said, there is definitely a traditional flavor profile associated with purple marijuana plants. Purple strains of weed tend to be fruity and sweet. This is true in terms of flavor and the smell of the smoke. This is palatable to a lot of marijuana users. A gasoline-smelling, skunky strain is not for everybody. A lot more people are cool with the fruity hints of a purple strain. There are also some purple strains of weed that are quite herbal in scent. Purple marijuana strains tend to be rich and potent in terms of flavor. These plants don’t like to play it subtle, necessarily.

How do purple strains of weed make you feel?

In nature, purple strains of weed were almost entirely indicas. Marijuana strains tend to be broken up into indicas, sativas, and hybrids. As we noted earlier, purple strains of weed are usually cold-weather plants. Indicas sprouted up in the Hindu Kush region, and many of these are now these sturdy, purple strains we have come to know and love. Sativas are energizing and have a heavy mental effect. Indicas, on the other hand, are more about the body high. These strains tend to be relaxing and calming. You use an indica to soothe yourself. Or, use an indica just to chill on a couch. It’s up to you! Just don’t smoke an indica right before you need to study for a big test or something. Indicas aren’t great for staying awake and productive.


What else are purple strains of weed known for?

If you are growing your own marijuana plants, you may prize purple strains of weed for their aesthetic properties. When you are using cannabis, though, that may be less important. What are purple marijuana strains known for? They aren’t just typically indicas. They are also prized for their potency. The general consensus is that purple strains of weed tend to be stronger. The color purple and power go hand-in-hand with many marijuana users. If you want a potent indica to help you relax or various physical effects, purple strains of weed may be for you. Maybe smoke some Purple Haze and listen to “When Doves Cry” or something. Or listen to Jimi Hendrix, we guess. That’s probably the more obvious choice.

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