Everything You Need to Know About Purple Power Cannabis Seeds


Purple is for more than Prince, Barney, and the Northwestern Wildcats. In the world of marijuana, purple strains are prized by many enthusiasts. These strains do indeed have some purple in the plants, though that does not mean these strains are all exactly the same. There are strains like Purple Haze, Purple Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and more. Also in the family of purple-hued cannabis plants is Purple Power. If you are growing your own marijuana plants for personal use, you may want some Purple Power cannabis seeds. If you have used other purple strains in the past, making the move to Purple Power cannabis seeds might be ideal for you. Or maybe this will be your first purple strain, and you can see what the hype is about. Purple Power cannabis seeds have proven quite popular, and we can understand why. Let’s delve into the Purple Power strain and see what it’s all about!

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What makes Purple Power cannabis seeds stand out?

There are many purple marijuana strains out there. Almost all of them are either indica or indica dominant. That means they are relaxing, sedating strains. Indicas are used by people who are looking to chill out or to sleep, especially though with sleep issues. Purple Powers cannabis seeds grow a strain that is notable for being a purple strain that is sativa dominant. Yes, this is the rare sativa purple strain! Its parents are Dutch Dope and one of the all-time classic strains, the old-school legend Skunk #1. Purple Power cannabis seeds give you the rare opportunity to get a sativa experience with a purple strain.


What are some of the specifics on Purple Power cannabis seeds?

This dark and fluffy purple strain has a strong, sweet smell. Purple Power is fruity in terms of aroma, which a lot of people really enjoy. Occasionally, the sweetness is balanced with sour undertones in terms of smell. The popular flavor that comes from Purple Power cannabis seeds is also fruity and sweet, but the Skunk #1 parentage gives it an underpinning of skunky-ness as well. Sweet and skunky? Hey, many people consider Purple Power one of the best-tasting strains out there. Apparently, that flavor profile works for many. Purple Power cannabis seeds are reasonably strong in terms of THC. It usually comes in at 20 percent, which is right at the threshold of “pretty strong” and “strong.” That might be the perfect amount of THC for you.

What’s it like to smoke the plants grown from Purple Power cannabis seeds?

The sativa-dominant nature of Purple Power cannabis seeds leads to an energizing high. This strain is heavy on the usual elements of a sativa smoking experience. There is a heady high to Purple Power, which makes you feel quite buzzy. The buzz provided by Purple Power cannabis seeds hits quickly and can be a bit trippy. Many feel euphoric when they use Purple Power. However, the indica aspect of Purple Power lends itself to relaxation after a few hours of your buzzy, energizing high. First, you’re lifted up, and then you’re mellowed out. That’s the nature of Purple Power, and why you might want Purple Power cannabis seeds. This is a fine daytime strain, and also a social strain. A lot of people say they feel talkative when they use Purple Power. While you will likely mellow out after a few hours, don’t use Purple Power too close to bedtime. It may keep you awake. There are possible medical reasons to want Purple Power cannabis seeds as well. You can use Purple Power for issues such as:

  • Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Anxiety

How is it to grow plants from Purple Power cannabis seeds?

This is where Purple Power cannabis seeds may not be for you. Purple Power is a strain to grow outdoors or in a greenhouse. In fact, we highly recommend only growing Purple Power in those environments. The plant grows tall, up to seven feet, and tends to provide a high yield. However, do not try to grow plants from Purple Power cannabis seeds indoors. When you attempt to grow Purple Power indoors, it tends to be quite difficult and temperamental. It’s a tricky experience to try and grow Purple Power indoors, and even if you are an expert grower we would not recommend it. There’s a lot to like about Purple Power cannabis seeds. The strain is delicious and provides a great sativa-dominant experience with a decent amount of THC. If you can’t do an outdoor grow, though, or don’t have a greenhouse, you may want to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you can manage an outdoor grow, then go right ahead and buy yourself some Purple Power cannabis seeds. You’ll get a nice yield from these plants.


Are there alternatives to Purple Power cannabis seeds?

Are you down to buy Purple Power cannabis seeds? That’s great, and we get it. The strain is delicious, fruity and skunky. It can give you both euphoria and relaxation. On the other hand, the strain can be difficult to grow. Are there other strains that are similar to Purple Power? If you decide to enjoy a strain other than the one grown from Purple Power cannabis seeds, what might you want to go with? Sour Grape is a different purple strain that is considered to have a similar profile. Champagne Kush, Sour Cookies, and Gorilla Blue are also all similar strains. If you can manage an outdoor grow, though, Purple Power cannabis seeds are a great option. You can really enjoy the yield, and the quality, of this strain. When you get seeds from Growers Choice Seeds, you can get them delivered directly to you. Our seeds are all fully feminized, lab tested, and hand selected for each order. If you bought Purple Power cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, you can get the best quality seeds that are available. Grimace may be purple, but Purple Power can wipe that grimace off your face. Enjoy!

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