Everything You Need to Know About Kush Weed


There are certain words and phrases you often hear thrown around in the world of marijuana. You hear talk of THC, heady highs, sativas, indicas, landrace, and so on and so forth. You also tend to notice certain words popping up in the names of cannabis strains. You will see words like “super” or “sour” or “skunk” or “haze.” One of the words you hear the most, though, is Kush. You will hear about Kush weed. If you are in the know, you know exactly what somebody means. However, if you are new to marijuana or just maybe not as well-versed as you would like to be, then the concept of “Kush weed” means nothing to you. It can be valuable to know about Kush weed, though, in order to become a better-informed consumer. So let’s tell you all about Kush weed!

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Where does the name Kush weed come from?

Kentucky Fried Chicken. Canadian bacon. Kush weed. What do these three things have to do with one another? Well, if you smoke Kush weed, you may have a hankering for the first two. However, they are all also names with geographic origins. The Hindu Kush is a mountain range that straddles the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a region where cannabis grows readily and naturally. As one of the places where there are native marijuana plants, many cannabis strains started by being cultivated in the Hindu Kush range. Oftentimes, these strains then had Kush put into their name. Thus, Kush weed is any marijuana strain that owes its origins to this region. Some of these strains are hybrids that feature Kush weed parentage, but some of them are strains that are from the Kush region.


What are the physical traits of Kush weed?

Obviously, every Kush weed strain isn’t exactly the same. However, there are traits that are common among Kush cannabis plants. Kush plants tend to be dense and stocky with big, robust buds. Kush weed is typically green, but with purple in the mix in the leaves. A lot of purple weed comes from the Hindu Kush mountains as well. The flavor tends to be smooth and herbaceous. The aromas of Kush weed are where there is more variance. Some of the ways in which Kush weed smells have been described include earthy, sweet, floral, pungent, citrusy, and peppery.

How does Kush weed make you feel?

Native Kush weed strains tend to be indicas. Cannabis indica is common in the region. More often than not, if we’re talking Kush weed, we’re talking indica strains. Indica is the type of marijuana used for chilling out and relaxing. It provides the “body high” compared to sativas “head high.” Indicas aren’t for waking and baking or when you need to be productive. Kush weed will often give you “couchlock” or help you doze off. They tend to hit you heavily and be sedative. For when you need to relax and decompress, that’s when you turn to Kush weed.

Why should I use Kush weed?

Do you want to just chill out on the couch, perhaps even zone out a bit? You know, maybe you put Nailed It on and just let it roll when you relax? That’s when to use Kush weed. It’s for decompressing and relaxing. Let’s say you’ve been stressed out. A little Kush weed might be perfect for you. Additionally, many Kush weed strains are ideal for sleep. If you toss and turn at night, consider smoking a bit of Kush weed before you go to bed. Sleep is vital to your mental and physical performance. Sure, Kush weed may not help you be productive during the day, but it can help you sleep better than ever. At that point, it is helping you be productive. Just not, you know, when you smoke it.

What is it like to grow Kush weed?

As plants that began life growing naturally in the mountains, Kush weed strains are usually ideal for new marijuana growers. Kush weed tends to be hardy and durable. They are plants that grow in regions that aren’t exactly fertile, and regions where water and nutrients can be hard to come by. Kush weed is durable and can handle harsh climates. They can certainly handle whatever you are going to throw at them. A durable plant is good if you are an inexperienced grower. If you do something wrong, your Kush weed will probably be just fine. On top of that, Kush weed tends to have a high yield and shorter, denser plants. If you are cool with the idea of partaking in indica plants, then a Kush weed strain is probably perfect for you, especially if you are a beginner grower.

What are some strains of Kush weed?

Growers Choice Seeds has seeds for all sorts of cannabis strains. That includes Kush weed, of course. We offer up an assortment of Kush weed strains. In fact, we want you to know our seeds are fully feminized, come with a germination guarantee, and can be delivered to you. Here are a few of our Kush weed strains that might be of interest to you.

  • Blackberry Kush
  • Burmese Kush
  • Critical Kush
  • Master Kush
  • Presidential Bubba Kush

Can you provide further detail on one Kush weed strain?

Absolutely! Let’s delve into one of our Kush weed strains so that we can use it as an example of what Kush weed is all about. We’ve landed on OG Kush because, well, it’s the OG. Actually, the thought is “OG” stands for “Ocean Growth,” so it isn’t the original Kush strain, but it is perhaps the most popular. This strain is described as earthy, piney, and woody. It has 27-percent THC content. This Kush weed strain is different from others in that it is a hybrid, as its parentage is expected to be Chemdawg mixed with Hindu Kush. That gives OG Kush more of a combination of physical and mental effects. Having said that, like most Kush weed it will give you a heavy body high. It’s often used for relaxation and sleep. The couch-lock is often combined with a relaxation of tense muscles. However, the sativa parentage makes it a trickier grow than other Kush weed. We’ve gone into detail on OG Kush in a way that will hopefully show you why this strain is popular, but also why not every strain with “Kush” in the name is the same. They may all have origins in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but a lot has happened since those days.

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