Everything You Need to Know About Jack Herer Seeds


Sometimes, it’s nice to have a thing named in your honor. Now, sometimes people name things after themselves. Say, for example, Hilton Hotels. On other occasions, a person gets something named after them like Tesla automobiles, Wendy’s, or, germane to this conversation, the Jack Herer strain of marijuana. Jack Herer seeds are readily available these days, and the strain is quite popular, but who was Jack Herer? Herer was a longtime activist for the legalization of cannabis and for hemp use. He loved cannabis, he loved hemp, and he spent his whole life advocating for it. Jack Herer was even called “The Emperor of Hemp.” He even ran for President twice! It didn’t go great, but that’s a story for another day! Herer passed away in 2010, so he lived long enough to see marijuana start to find legal footing in the United States. He also lived long enough to see a strain named after him. If you want to grow your own marijuana, you may want to consider Jack Herer seeds. So let’s break down the strain that got its name for a legendary cannabis activist.

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What are the details on Jack Herer seeds?

Obviously, the Jack Herer seeds are designed to be used to grow into full marijuana plants. We will talk about the quality of the seeds themselves, but let’s talk about the strain as well. Jack Herer is a strain that was cultivated from the mixing of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights #5. Those are three classic, iconic strains, and Jack Herer lives up to their legacy. Jack Herer seeds grow a nicely-balanced hybrid. The strain is 45-percent indica and 55-percent sativa. That’s about as balanced of a strain as you are going to find. Jack Herer seeds contain 18-percent THC, which is not low, but isn’t necessarily high either. The CBD content is low in this strain, though. Jack Herer has a flavor that has been described as earthy, peppery, or with hints of pine. That also can make for a nice smell on the smoke front as well.


What is the experience of using Jack Herer seeds?

It is said that Jack Herer brings the best of both worlds when it comes to sativas and indicas and what those two experiences tend to provide. Truly, this is a strain all about balance. The THC level, which is roughly 18 percent as we noted, should give you a bit of a head buzz, but if you don’t; overindulge it shouldn’t impact you too much. The psychoactive effects don’t tend to be overpowering, which is good. Too much of a good thing can become a not-so-good thing. Indicas are known to be calming and relaxing, but also are known for giving you “couch lock” and helping to lull you into sleep. Sativas, meanwhile, tend to be energizing, perhaps even causing a euphoric sensation. Jack Herer seeds can provide you with a strain that can give you the best of those two sensations. Namely, you can get yourself a happy calm. You can be relaxed but not overly tired. Jack Herer can help you chill out but not leave you stuck to the couch, or unable to carry on a conversation. Now, different people’s bodies process marijuana slightly differently, and with a hybrid strain that can yield different results. You may either learn toward the indica side or get more of the sativa boost of energy. Either way, you shouldn’t lean too much in either direction. Jack Herer seeds yield a well-balanced experience.

When should I use the marijuana grown from my Jack Herer seeds?

Indica is great for nighttime use, and there is a decent percentage of indica available in Jack Herer seeds. That being said the sativa percentage is too high to make this a nighttime strain for most. Yes, Jack Herer can calm you, but it’s going to give you a bit of that sativa boost as well. There are energizing, creativity-promoting qualities to Jack Herer. That makes it an ideal daytime strain. You can use Jack Herer and be productive. It’s good for your creative pursuits, letting you chill out while also keeping you happy and energetic.

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