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Everything You Need to Know About Indica-Dominant Strains


For people not in the world of cannabis, you may just think that all marijuana strains are the same. You get some buds from a marijuana plant, you smoke them, and you get super spacey. It’s all cookie-cutter and uniform, right? Of course, once you even dip your toe into the world of marijuana, you realize that isn’t the case. There are hundreds of strains, and they offer different experiences. Then, you get hit with a lot of nomenclatures. It can be a bit daunting, or at least confusing. All of a sudden you are hearing about things like “indica-dominant strains.” OK, but what is indica? And what are indica-dominant strains? There are levels to this, as there are in all matters marijuana-related. Once you know more about these indica-dominant strains, you will be an ever-more-informed marijuana user and cannabis grower. An indica-dominant strain might be perfect for you! Let’s find out if that is the case!

What are some other flavor and scent options outside of sweet seeds?

There are a wide variety of flavor profiles in the world of cannabis strains. On one end, you have some more-polarizing sorts of flavors and aromas. Have you heard of “skunk weed?” That doesn’t speak to the quality of the weed. It’s not weed that has “gone bad,” like skunky beer. No, skunk weed has an aroma that reminds people of a skunk, but obviously not exactly. Otherwise, people wouldn’t really enjoy it. There are also cannabis strains that have a scent reminiscent of gasoline, which is a smell that some people do enjoy. We have earthy strains, peppery strains, sour strains, and more. Then, there are the sweet strains. Often, sweet seeds yield strains that are specifically fruity. When a strain is sweet, it tends to have a fruity profile. That’s true of the aroma and the taste. If you are a fan of fruit flavors and a sweet profile, then sweet seeds are the right choice for you. Let’s dive further into the world of sweet seeds.

What are the traits of indica-dominant strains?

Indicas aren’t just defined by their physical traits. They are also defined by the sensations they give you when you use them. Sativas are energizing, but indicas are on the flip side. Indica strains are known for their relaxing properties. They are used for chilling out, both mentally and physically. Indicas are often heavy on physical sensations. You really feel them in your body. With an indica, you can lay on the couch and feel your body relax. Now, if you need to be productive, maybe eschew the indica, because they often lead to “couch-lock,” or straight-up falling asleep. If you need to sleep, though, indicas are perfect for you.

Of course, we aren’t talking about pure indicas here. We are talking about indica-dominant strains. They have a little bit of sativa in the mix, which changes the landscape. That little boost of energy that comes from sativa is typically part of an indica-dominant strain. It’s not enough to get you energized, but it can be enough to avoid that couch lock or falling asleep. You can relax without relaxing “too much,” so to speak. Additionally, sativas have more cerebrally stimulating effects than indicas, so you can get something of a more-psychoactive experience while still getting the heavy-duty body effects of an indica. In the ideal scenario, that tinge of sativa balances out the indica sensations in a way that lessens or eliminates the drawbacks that can come with indica for some people. Maybe you want to chill out, but you don’t want to fall asleep before dinner. An indica-dominant strain could be perfect for you.

What are some popular indica-dominant strains?

Do indica-dominant strains sound right to you? Are you looking to relax, but with a hint of energizing sativa thrown in the mix? Not only that, as we mentioned earlier indicas are often easier to grow because they are sturdier plants by and large. What strains should you be considering if you are looking for an indica-dominant strain? Well, we mentioned that indicas often grow naturally in the Hindu Kush mountains, and many indica-dominant strains contain the word “Kush” in their name. We’re talking Purple Kush, OG Kush, Kosher Kush, and many more. Not every strain name gives you as clear of a hint, though. One of the top indica-dominant strains is Northern Lights. These days, Northern Lights is a popular choice amongst users. In fact, Northern Lights was one of the first winners of the Cannabis Cup. People have been loving this indica-dominant strain for decades.

Why should you buy indica-dominant seeds?

If you like indica-dominant strains, you may want to consider growing your own plants. It’s a way to save money in the long run. Not only that, Growers Choice Seeds provides feminized seeds that come with a germination guarantee. We also deliver our seeds to all our customers. Indica-dominant strains are quite popular, and it’s clear why that is the case. They provide the kind of relaxing experience that many marijuana users are looking for.

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