Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Cup Winners


They give out awards for all sorts of things. The world of film has the Oscars, television has the Emmys, music has the Grammys, and that’s just the United States. County fairs have contests to see who has baked the best pie. The advertising industry has awards, and we’d bet basically every industry does to some degree. Marijuana is no different. When it comes to marijuana competitions, none are more renowned than the Cannabis Cup. Being a strain that is among the Cannabis Cup winners is a badge of honor, and good for your marketing, of course. Who doesn’t want to sample the Cannabis Cup winners? What is the Cannabis Cup, though, and what strains are among these Cannabis Cup winners? Let’s get into it!

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Who determines the Cannabis Cup winners?

In 1988, the first Cannabis Cup was held. Sponsored by High Times and founded by Steven Hager, for many years the Cannabis Cup was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Judges from around the world sample strains to vote on the Best Overall strain, while VIP judges on site would choose the winners for the indica, sativa, and hybrid categories. There were other, technical categories not related to the strains themselves, and also a category for hash, but that’s a story for another day. In 2010, High Times started holding Cannabis Cups in the United States as well, in cities such as Denver, Seattle, and Portland. The year 2014 saw the last Cannabis Cup held in Amsterdam for a few years, as the increasing legality of marijuana in the United States made it simpler to just hold the events in America, especially after the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup was raided in 2010.


Who were the first Cannabis Cup winners?

Back in 1988, the first strain to emerge as a Cannabis Cup winner was Skunk, a classic strain that is still around these days, though the process of breeding marijuana strains likely means the modern experience isn’t quite identical to what the Cannabis Cup voters experienced back in 1988. Hey, that’s the march of progress. Skunk came up big in the early days of the Cannabis Cup. Cannabis Cup winners in 1989, 1991, and 1992 were either Skunk or hybrids that involved Skunk. Skunk is sort of like the Tony Hawk of marijuana strains, an early legend that remains revered even all these years later.

What are some other strains that are Cannabis Cup winners?

Let’s stick with the days of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup for now. While it’s been gone since 2014, for many years it was the only Cannabis Cup, and also it remained the primary Cannabis Cup until its final competition. Winning the Cannabis Cup during this time was the pinnacle. Here are some of the noteworthy strains that emerged as Cannabis Cup winners back in the heyday of the Amsterdam Event.

  • Jack Herer
  • White Widow
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Blueberry
  • Tangerine Dream

What are some modern Cannabis Cup winners?

There has, admittedly, been a bit of inflation in the number of Cannabis Cup winners in recent years. Having multiple events across the United States has yielded those results. When winners are being named in Denver, Detroit, the Bay Area, and more, the numbers are on the rise. Nevertheless, it’s still an honor for these Cannabis Cup Winners. Here are some of the most recent winners from the High Times Cannabis Cups. All of these winners come from 2019, the last year any cataloged Cannabis Cup happened. In Northern California, Whoa-Si-Whoa won for indica, Mothers Milk won for sativa, and Dosickeys won for a hybrid. Southern Cal’s winners were Wedding Cake, Insane Gummie Bearz, and Nova Cane. Seattle’s Cannabis Cup winners were Forbidden Fruit, MTN Top, and Premier Glue 4.0. Not to be West Coast elitists, the Michigan winners were Triple OG, Tropicana Cookies, and Rainbow Chip.

Do you sell seeds for Cannabis Cup winners?

Absolutely! Growers Choice Seeds provides seeds for multiple Cannabis Cup winners, from classic strains to current ones. You could be growing a Cannabis Cup winner in your own home before you know it. Growers Choice has high-quality seeds and we offer a germination guarantee as well. If you love a winner, you’ll want a strain, or strains, that have won at the Cannabis Cup. Growers Choice Seeds can help make that happen for you.

What can you tell me about Cannabis Cup winners like Super Silver Haze?

Super Silver Haze has won multiple Cannabis Cups, and it’s one of the strains we sell. It’s a hybrid of three strains: Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. Super Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its energizing high. It has long-lasting effects and packs a wallop. However, due to its latent indica roots, it also tends to mellow out by the end. Still, this is a strain for daytime usage, given the high-energy sensations it provides.

Do you have more information on Cannabis Cup winners such as Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake has a sweet, vanilla-like flavor, which probably helped give the strain its name, not to mention its popularity. Also helping with that popularity? The potency of this strain. Wedding Cake is heavy on the THC among Cannabis Cup winners, and it is popular with medical marijuana users. It’s also a sturdy grower that can thrive almost anywhere. Maybe don’t serve it for dessert at your wedding, but definitely give it a shot if you want an indica-heavy, relaxing experience. It probably won’t get you on the dance floor at your reception, though.

Could you tell me more about Cannabis Cup winners like White Widow?

Growers Choice Seeds offers two different types of the White Widow strain, one of which is auto flowering. White Widow was a meticulously-cared-for strain, and the results made it a multiple-time Cannabis Cup winner. It’s got a genuinely-white appearance thanks to the trichomes on the flowers and leaves. White Widow is known for hitting you almost immediately with its psychotropic effects, and it also grows best in an indoor, hydroponic situation.

You have more Cannabis Cup winners available, right?

Absolutely! We have only scratched the surface in terms of naming strains that have won the Cannabis Cup, as well as noting the strains we sell seeds for that are Cannabis Cup winners. When you peruse the Growers Choice Seeds online store, you will see a litany of great strains. Many of them have a Cannabis Cup to their name.

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