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They say “Go big or go home.” You can apply that to the world of marijuana if you were so inclined. Some strains do it big. By that, we are talking yield when you grow plants, and as a company that sells cannabis seeds across the globe, Growers Choice is often talking about growing plants. You want a quality strain, to be sure. Quality is always priority number one. How do you measure quality, though? The enjoyment of your high, of course. However, some people also think that quantity and quality go together as well. Do you want a strain with a high yield? Do you want a big strain? Then maybe what you are looking for is Big Bud. Yes, there is indeed a strain that is simply called “Big Bud.” It’s been around for quite some time. At this point, Big Bud is among the classic strains that are out there. It is standing the test of time. However, is the name all a means of self-promotion? Or does the Big Bud strain live up to that name? Oh, and what other qualities does Big Bud have? Would Big Bird smoke Big Bud? No! Big Bird is a child, and children should not smoke marijuana, even if the strain’s name is a slant rhyme for their name. For all you non-avian adults out there, let’s dig into the Big Bud strain.

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What are some of the facts about Big Bud strain?

Within the realm of marijuana, there are three primary types of stains. There are sativas, which are energizing. Then we have indicas, which are mellow and relaxing. Lastly, we have hybrids. Big Bud is what we call an indica-dominant hybrid. It’s quite indica dominant, though, as it’s 85 percent indica and only 15 percent sativa. That much is clear from source to source. Beyond that, information on the Big Bud strain can be a little muddled. For example, when you read about Big Bud’s parentage, you will hear Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze all thrown in the mix. We’re going with Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5 as the primary parents, and we will get into why later. The report on the THC content is also varied, although that isn’t surprising, given that a strain can have some variation from plant to plant. We’ve seen as low as 14 percent and as high as 25 percent. That’s a bigger variance that you tend to see. That’s the nature of an old-school strain, perhaps. Generally speaking, we’d say the Big Bud strain tends to come in at around 17-or-18 percent THC. A solid number, but not overpowering.

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How does the Big Bud strain smell and taste?

The dominant terpene of Big Bud is pinene which smells like, well, pine. It’s a very earthy strain, to be sure. Some also call it spicy and peppery. All in all, it has a woody and herbal vibe, the kind you might call “dank” if you were so inclined. That keeps Big Bud from being too polarizing, as opposed to skunky or gasoline-y strains. Yes, those do indeed exist. Yes, some people do love them.

What does the Big Bud strain make you feel like?

Big Bud is decidedly heavy on the indica effects. That is to say, it’s relaxing and decompressing. It is known for its powerful body high. Big Bud is also known for being a “creeping” strain. That is to say, it may not hit you right away. Big Bud will slowly arrive, but when it does get there, you’ll really be feeling it. Consider that something of a warning, or maybe more of advisement. Don’t think that you need to smoke more just because you aren’t feeling it right away. You might end up getting a little too stoned, with some major couch lock going on. This is not a strain to use when you need to be productive. In fact, we would recommend saving the Big Bud strain for night use. The primary physical effect you get from Big Bud is sleepiness. Hey, sometimes that’s exactly how you want to feel. By the way, Big Bud was one of the winners of the 1989 Cannabis Cup. At the time, it was classified as “Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5,” which is why we gave them credit as its primary parentage. Now, though, it’s known as Big Bud, and it’s great for relaxing. Some users cite this strain as being helpful in fighting insomnia or chronic pain.

So does the Big Bud strain live up to its name?

Yes, Big Bud does indeed have big buds. It has an impressive yield, which is how it ended up with its apt nomenclature. Big Bud is known for huge, sticky buds. There are few flowers and a ton of buds in the plant. The yield on the budding front is truly massive for this strain. So yes, if you want quantity, you want a strain like Big Bud. You are going to get large, abundant buds. You are also going to get quite a tall plant, especially for an indica-dominant strain. Indicas tend to be shorter and stouter, but Big Bud can grow as high as seven feet. That can make indoor growing a little trickier, but indoor growing is advised with the Big Bud strain. There are ways to make it work, and if you are looking for yield, you can make it work.

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What strains are similar to the Big Bud strain?

This Cannabis Cup winner is tasty, robust, and has earned its long-lasting popularity. It can really relax you, chill out your entire body, and get a good night’s sleep. And, of course, there is the great yield. If you grow the Big Bud strain, you will likely be happy with the results on the quantity front. What if you want a strain that’s in a similar vein? Are there strains akin to Big Bud? Indeed. That includes its parents, Northern Lights and Skunk, of course, but there are strains beyond that which are similar to the Big Bud strain. Here are some strains worth a shot if you enjoy Big Bud:

  • Hardcore OG
  • Double OG
  • Cookie Monster
  • Royal Kush
  • Afghan Kush

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