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Everything You Need to Know About The Banana Kush

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Bananas are a great source of potassium, and their peels are a great source of comedy, at least if you are in the 1940s. You can eat bananas in an ice cream sundae or in bread form. We’re fans of bananas, and we aren’t the only ones. Banana flavoring is a popular one, even if banana-flavored things are flavored based on an extinct variety of bananas. In the world of cannabis, there are assorted strains, and many of them are fruity. One of the top naming devices for marijuana strains is to name them after fruit. Sometimes these fruity names are indicative of the smell or taste, but other times it is about the color. If you see the word “grape” in a strain’s name, it’s likely more about the purple coloring and not the flavor. One strain that is on the rise? That is Banana Kush. For fans of fruity strains, Banana Kush is gaining a lot of popularity. What is Banana Kush all about? Before we split – see what we did there? – we’ll let you know a thing or two about the Banana Kush strain.

What Is The Origin Of Banana Kush?

Kush is also a word that is found in the name of many strains. These are named for the region that they come from, or where their lineage comes from, as is the case with Banana Kush. The Hindu Kush region is a mountain range in the Afghanistan area. Cannabis grows naturally there, and these are the Kush strains. Kush strains, by nature, are indicas. There are three primary types of cannabis these days, and those are sativas, indicas, and hybrids. We’ll get more into that later. Hybrids, unsurprisingly, are a mixture of sativas and indicas. Banana Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its parents are Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. The Kush lineage can be found by going further into its history, of course.

What Are The Characteristics Of Banana Kush?

Now, Skunk Haze is named because it is a bit skunky, but the fruitiness gets into the mix. People say that Banana Kush does indeed smell like bananas, maybe with a bit of skunky-ness in the mix. The dominant terpene of Banana Kush is limonene, which is citrusy. Now, bananas aren’t citrusy, but that gets us down that fruity path. Banana Kush is typically 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa, so it is a balanced hybrid. The THC content, which is the psychoactive element of marijuana, comes in around 18 to 20 percent, which is a kind of the Goldilocks zone for a lot of people. That’s not too high, but it’s not a low-THC strain either. The CBD content is on the low side, though.

How Does Smoking Banana Kush Make You Feel?

The experience of using Banana Kush is truly a balanced one. Now is the time to discuss the differences between sativa and indica. Sativas provide a heady high. They are energizing and can lead to euphoria and a boost in mood. There is a real buzz associated with sativas. People use them when they want to remain productive and creative. Indicas, on the other hand, chill you out. They relax your body and your mind. Need to unwind? Indicas are the strain to use. They tend to wipe out your energy, though. Indicas often make you feel sleepy. In short, sativas lift you up, while indicas let you decompress. Now, what happens when you are smoking an indica-dominant hybrid like Banana Kush? When it comes to strains, Banana Kush is considered one of the most balanced. It can give you something you might consider a relaxed sense of euphoria. Even though it’s an indica, it won’t shut you down and make you feel untalkative. You can stay productive and remain social…to a degree. You can mellow out, but you might be able to stay awake. That being said, some do say that Banana Kush makes them feel quite tired. It is indica dominant, after all. While you might get a bit of a buzz, eventually Banana Kush is going to likely make you feel sleepy. If not sleepy, then a feeling of deep relaxation and chillness will probably be felt. First, you’ll feel giddy and peppy, but then you are going to feel sleepy and chill.

How Easy Is It To Grow Banana Kush?

Now, if you are going to be growing your first cannabis plant, you may not want to go with the Banana Kush strain. It may sound great for you, but it’s not ideal for a beginner grower. Banana Kush is considered moderately difficult to grow. It usually takes a lot of care and attention, so you need to be able to give Banana Kush some real TLC. The yield is also moderate, but a lot of plants have a higher yield. This strain tends to flower after about eight to nine weeks, which is somewhat early. You can use Banana Kush right away, but if you do that you might want to buy it instead of buying seeds at first. If you are an experienced grower, though, then go right ahead and buy some seeds for Banana Kush today. You can handle the grow!

Are There Similar Strains To Banana Kush?

If you like Banana Kush, what other strains might you want to consider? Similar strains include Orange Juice, White Gold, and LA Kush. Then, there are the strains that have Banana Kush as a parent. Want a strain with Banana Kush lineage? Then try out Strawberry Banana or Banana Sherbet. It depends on what sweet strain is right for you.

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