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Everything You Need to Know About Afghani Strain

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Perhaps one of the oldest marijuana strains in the world, the Afghani strain is a sweet-smelling, original landrace native to the beautiful mountain ranges of Afghanistan. Afghani is a prized strain for its potency and pure genetics and is now protected in its natural habitat. This strain was brought over to America in the 70s and completely changed how North Americans used cannabis. Even during the war against cannabis worldwide, breeders continued to safely reproduce this plant and create some of the most iconic hybrid strains we have today. Afghani is a true grandparent of marijuana which, in its pure form, offers one of the most deeply relaxing experiences any pot smoker will have. The Afghani strain is an excellent introduction if you’ve yet to try a pure, 100% indica.

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What are the medical benefits of the Afghani strain?

The Afghani strain is a beloved species among medicinal users for its ability to manage conditions efficiently. Because of its profound calming qualities, it is one of the most commonly prescribed strains for insomniacs and can help anyone get a good night’s sleep. Afghani can help relieve severe and chronic stress, allowing high-strung patients to unwind at the end of their day. Afghani encourages a healthy appetite, too, which can help anyone struggling to nourish themselves properly. The Afghani strain can also help reduce the frequency and severity of seizures, making this one of the most healing strains you’ll find.

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How can I expect to feel from the Afghani strain?

Brought to America in the 1970s, though enjoyed for thousands of years prior by the locals in the Middle East, this landrace strain has become a go-to for anyone needing heavy relaxation and breeders wanting to create the perfect hybrid strain. The Afghani strain will almost certainly make you feel tired and heavy and, in higher doses, might keep you stuck on the couch for the entirety of the high. Mentally, the effects are uplifting and offer a spacy feeling, described as profound contentment. After a few puffs of Afghani, the effects will slowly creep into your body, instilling a happy and carefree mood. It can be perfect to use alone at the end of the day, though it can also be shared among close friends with whom you can laugh and be happy without worry. You can expect to feel very hungry when using the Afghani strain, and even after eating, you might find the savory urge has not gone away.

How do I grow Afghani cannabis seeds?

Afghani seeds are relatively easy to grow and are suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, though outdoors, you’ll need a hot and humid environment. If choosing to grow indoors, gardeners will love these short and bushy plants that mature between 2 and 4 feet. Afghani will take about 7 to 8 weeks to flower and produce up to 450 grams per square meter planted. If you are looking to breed your cannabis, Afghani is a must-have, as its pure indica genetics cross exceptionally well with other strains. If choosing to grow outdoors, you need to ensure your climate is hot and humid. As this strain originates from the mountain ranges in Afghanistan, cooler weather won’t offer much success. With that said, gardeners can expect to harvest at the beginning of October with yields of up to 600 grams per plant in the proper environment.

What are the origins of the Afghani Strain?

The Afghani strain is one of the oldest strains known to humans. It is one of the original landrace strains, native to the beautiful, towering mountain ranges of the Middle East. Before humans began experimenting with this strain, it grew relatively undisturbed for centuries, making it a strain with some of the purest genetics. These plants originate from the stunning lands of Afghanistan, where they grow in wild masses and have been picked by locals for centuries for their incredible medicinal properties. It wasn’t until the 1970s, just before the war on cannabis began, that the Afghani strain was brought over to America. It has since been protected and is now imported and used to create many of the hybrids we know and love today.

What’s it like growing Afghani indoors?

For most people, the Afghani strain is perhaps best grown indoors. While it will do wonderfully outdoors, it will require a similar climate to the southwest Asian environment from which it originates. For many people, this isn’t possible, but that’s not a problem as growing the Afghani strain indoors comes with some great benefits. For one, it usually only grows to be about 2 feet tall. They can get up to 4 feet, but with regular pruning, these plants will be very easy to manage and won’t take up much space at all. Because of their tendency to grow short and stalky, having the ability to control air circulation and humidity levels is a big plus. Many home-growers will choose a grow tent to produce these seeds, which is a small tent that can be set up quickly and makes it easy to control conditions.

How does the Afghani strain make users feel?

With pure, 100% indica genetics, the Afghani strain is one of the most soothing strains you will ever try. The effects of this strain will move through you like a wave, gradually pulling you up and down and leaving you in a full-bodied, weighty calmness. With 20% THC, it is highly relaxing, so don’t expect to be accomplishing many tasks after using Afghani! Because of its sedative qualities, you will feel uplifted and euphoric as all your stress and worries will vanish. Many people experience an increase in their appetite when using the Afghani strain, and because of its heaviness, it might be good to have some food prepped before indulging. Feelings of happiness and giddiness are typical when using the Afghani strain, and deep sleep is almost impossible to avoid at the end of the high. Some of the primary effects are:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Tiredness
  • Increased appetite
  • Enhanced mood
  • Euphoria

What does the Afghani strain smell and taste like?

The Afghani strain has an alluring scent, with a pleasant, floral fragrance that was an earthy personality. It is sweet and refreshing and is reminiscent of standing in a field of flowers on top of a mountain. There is also diesel and citrus quality to the Afghani strain, which all adds up to a pungent yet delightful smell. The taste is also sweet and floral, leaving herbal and piney notes on the tongue. As with many indica strains, Afghani can be harsh on the throat and lungs for some people and can cause coughing. If you find it too harsh, vaping might be a more enjoyable route with the Afghani strain!

Does Afghani come with any adverse effects?

As this landrace strain can be pretty potent, it comes with a few unwanted side effects that users should be aware of. A dry mouth accompanied by parched and itchy eyes is common when using the Afghani strain. These symptoms can be managed by drinking plenty of water beforehand, during, and after using the plant, and keeping some eye drops nearby will help ease the discomfort in your eyes. Novice users might feel some dizziness and potentially a headache in higher doses. While not severe or expected, some users have reported experiencing paranoia when using the Aghani strain. This strain can be deceiving in its potency, so anyone who has not tried it before should approach it cautiously. Though, once you understand how it works, the Afghani strain is profoundly enjoyable.

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