Everything You Need to Know About a Cannabis Cup Winner


There are lots of competitions in life. Some of them take place on a grand scale, like the Super Bowl. Others, not so much. You aren’t going to get people to pay millions for a 30-second ad spot for your family’s game of Uno, sorry to say. Not every competition is in this vein, though. Some are more subjective and involve judging. Think of the Westminster Dog Show or any episode of Iron Chef. These competitions involve judging, but the judges know what they are talking about. They are experts in their field making these decisions. People who are into marijuana certainly care about quality. The world of cannabis is full of variety. There are dozens upon dozens of strains, and they aren’t all the same. If you have one strain you like to use, then you are set. Good for you. Buy some seeds for that strain and start growing plants at home for your personal use. However, maybe you like to try different strains. Which strains should you try? Well, you probably want to partake in the best cannabis strains possible, and there is one well-known way in which strain quality has been measured. When it comes to marijuana competitions, nothing beats the Cannabis Cup. What is the Cannabis Cup? What strains can call themselves a Cannabis Cup winner? Much like how a pie might win a baking competition, some strains have won big in the competition world. The Cannabis Cup winner of your dreams might be right around the corner. And hey, after you partake, maybe you can enjoy some of that award-winning pie.

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Who decides whether or not a strain is a Cannabis Cup winner?

It all started back in 1988, and it all started in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Back then, Steven Hager and High Times, the cannabis enthusiast magazine, decided to start a competition to determine the best marijuana strains out there. Judges from around the world would come to Amsterdam to sample the wares and then vote on the best strains. Overall winners were named, as well as winners among sativa, indicas, and hybrids. Winning the Cannabis Cup was huge for a strain. High Times readers cared about who would win the Cannabis Cup, and winning that award had cache. When a strain was a Cannabis Cup winner it got attention. For years, the Cannabis Cup was an annual event in Amsterdam. Then, in 2010, the first Cannabis Cup was held in the United States. Suddenly, multiple Cannabis Cups were being held every year. In 2014, the Cannabis Cup went on hiatus in Amsterdam, but it did return for a couple more years before ending in 2018.. Cannabis Cup events across the United States have come and gone. Currently, there are five extant Cannabis Cup events, all in the United States. The Cannabis Cup events you can find are in Michigan, Southern California, Alaska, Illinois, and Colorado. Nowadays, these are “People’s Choice” events as well. The panel of judges have been replaced by marijuana users across the country. Hey, in a world where recreational marijuana is increasingly legal, it’s easier for more people to have their say.


Which strain was the first Cannabis Cup winner?

Perhaps it is fitting that the first strain to be declared a Cannabis Cup winner is the strain known as Skunk #1. Marijuana enthusiasts in 1988 were likely already well aware of Skunk #1. It has been around since the 1970s, making it truly an old-school strain. Skunk is a balanced hybrid with a reasonable, but effective, 18-percent THC level. It’s known for being a euphoric high, but also a relaxing high. That’s the power of a balanced hybrid. Skunk is also the progenitor of the “skunky” strains of marijuana. Now, it doesn’t truly smell like a skunk, but it is definitely a distinct aroma. It may seem polarizing, and it is, but obviously, a lot of people love a skunky strain. After all, Skunk #1 wouldn’t have been the first Cannabis Cup winner if that wasn’t the case.

What other notable strains can call themselves a Cannabis Cup winner?

Many Cannabis Cup winners are among the most-popular marijuana strains out there today. Hey, Cannabis Cup voters know quality, and so do Growers Choice Seeds customers. If you want to grow a Cannabis Cup winner for your personal use, we can make that happen. What are some strains to look for? Northern Lights was one of the first Cannabis Cup winners. It’s nearly a pure indica that is great for relaxation. If you want to chill out and get a full night of sleep, then Northern Lights is the way to go. Master Kush isn’t just a potent, pungent indica. It’s also one of the easiest strains to grow, and one with a high yield from its plants. White Widow is one of the strongest strains out there. It comes in at a whopping 26 percent THC, so start slowly with this one. If you use it at a reasonable level, it can be great for anxiety. Some other early Cannabis Cup winners include:

  • Super Silver Haze
  • Blueberry
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Jack Herer
  • Amnesia Haze

What is a recent Cannabis Cup winner?

Due to, well, the state of the world in the last couple of years, a lot of Cannabis Cup competitions have not happened or been on hiatus. However, a few Cannabis Cup events did happen in 2021. For example, Michigan was able to hold a People’s Choice competition for the Cannabis Cup in 2021. They handed out winners for sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Which strains were added to the list of Cannabis Cup winners? MAC1 took home the Best Indica category. Orangutan won for sativas. Among hybrids, Runtz emerged as the winner. For old times’ sake, let’s look at the winners of the last Cannabis Cup held in Amsterdam. Back in 2018, the sativa winner was Gelonade, the hybrid winner was Biscotti, and the indica winner was Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake is a strain that Growers Choice sells seeds for. It’s super popular for medical usage. If you grow Wedding Cake now and partake, you can see what it’s like to smoke a Cannabis Cup winner.


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