The Individual Cannabis Seed Customer

Before we get to all the details of our wholesale cannabis seeds, let’s start small.

At Growers Choice, our customers love us for our dedication to quality, our fantastic prices and customer service, and our range of pack sizes; if you just want to try your hand at growing cannabis for the first time, or you only have room for a couple of plants, you can order up one of our 3-packs and you’re all set! Individual customers with more space might opt for a 10-pack, and the extremely dedicated gardeners can pick up 25 seeds and save a few bucks.

This reaction from one of our happy gardeners celebrates our
fresh, high-quality, and eagerly viable cannabis seeds:

The seed had split and put out a root in only two days; all other seeds I’ve started don’t even split in two days, let alone be ready to go into soil in two days. Thank you for the quality product.

That’s fresh!

The Wholesale Cannabis Seed Customer

So, that covers our loyal customer base, but what about those business owners who see the quality of our seeds and want to share it with their own loyal customers? Well, we’ve got this awesome group covered, too.

At Growers Choice, we’re proud to offer outstanding deals in the wholesale sphere, and we do more than just sell wholesale cannabis seeds to dispensaries, nurseries, and garden centers looking to offer something unique. Our wholesale buyers are partners, and together we benefit and flourish.

wholesale marijuana seeds bulk

Buying wholesale cannabis seeds means you (or your customers) can grow your own healing medicine right at home.

You might wonder why a dispensary that sells ready-to-use marijuana would want to sell seeds – wouldn’t that take away some of their customers? Actually, the opposite might be true. Customers will buy one or two 3-packs of seeds, and even if they love them, clone them, and never return for more, you’ve still gained a loyal customer.

Most patients and personal cannabis users enjoy trying different strains – very few will be satisfied with just the one or two varieties they choose to grow. They might have come to you for the seeds, but they’ll come back for the prepared bud that rounds out their needs and is ready and waiting while their plants are growing. After all, from germination to vaporization, cannabis plants need at least three months.

Decking out your counter space with one of our display racks filled with seeds means your customers will recognize you as a multi-purpose provider if they haven’t done so already. And while you’re blowing them away with your savvy product choices, you can also wow them with your enviably low prices.

Hold on – why are you able to offer such low prices? Well, that’s where all those benefits of being a Growers Choice Wholesale Partner come in!

The Short List:

wholesale pot seeds on discount

With our wholesale partner benefits, everyone – provider, retailer, customer – wins!

  • When you purchase wholesale through Growers Choice, you keep on saving money the more you order. The percentage you receive off the retail price rises as high as 70% when you order 2,000 cannabis seeds in bulk.
  • Sometimes, 2,000 wholesale cannabis seeds can feel like a lot, and you just can’t justify buying that many of a single strain. We’ve got you covered there, too. Choose from one of our carefully curated Wholesale Cannabis Seed Combinations and get equally great savings on double the strains. Choose from Afghan and Amnesia, Blueberry and Diesel, and many more!
  • Packaging matters! If you’re a dispensary or garden center owner, you know this. At Growers Choice, we know it too, and that’s why we pay close attention to the containers that hold our cannabis seeds. Forget about soft plastic bubble packs, our customers’ orders come safely, cleanly housed in medical-grade glass vials.When you order wholesale cannabis seeds, you get the same packaging pieces as our individual customers, so you can display and sell your new product with pride.
  • You’ve seen our packages: our medical-grade glass vials are enclosed in plastic cases that show off our colorful insert, complete with a lot of helpful points about the strain. But perhaps you’re a fan of a clean, sparse design, and prefer to showcase only your own logo and packaging within your store.At Growers Choice, we want to accommodate all customers, and that’s why we offer white-label options for our wholesale cannabis seeds customers. Get in touch with us to learn more about this self-branding opportunity!

Help your customers grow better with our
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Wholesale Cannabis Seeds Delivery

Ordering wholesale from Growers Choice means you place your trust in us, and we respect and value that trust – without it, we disappear. We’re dedicated to safe, transparent ordering, so when you place your wholesale cannabis seeds order, you know your information is going straight onto our secure server and will never be shared with any outside businesses. That’s our promise to you.

And while we’re on the topic, let’s touch on one more promise that’s close to the heart of our company: our germination guarantee. You may have noticed mentions of this guarantee around our site. Basically, we replace any cannabis seeds beyond 10% of your order that fail to germinate. Rest assured, this promise extends to our wholesale partners and their customers, as well. We hope you’ll encourage your customers to follow our Germination Guide to ensure they remain covered by the guarantee.

Order Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

Now that we’ve caught your attention, why not place your first wholesale order? Not sure where to begin? Let us recommend a few best-selling strains to which your customers will flock:

  1. Jack Herer Feminized Wholesale Cannabis Seeds
  2. Blueberry Auto-Flowering Wholesale Cannabis Seeds
  3. Medical Wholesale CBD Moby Dick Cannabis Seeds

Happy Shopping! Please touch base with us if you have any questions about our awesome deals on wholesale cannabis seeds!

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