Tell Us Your Cannabis Success Story

We asked, you answered. On yesterday’s Instagram stories, we reached out to fans, followers, friends, and customers to tell us their greatest cannabis success story. Our belief at Growers Choice Seeds has always been that cannabis represents a healthier lifestyle overall. From the seeds to the harvest, every stage of your cannabis journey comes with benefits.

Truthfully, it’s a shame that it took a global pandemic to open peoples’ eyes to the importance of cannabis. Now more than ever, governors are re-thinking their cannabis laws as they see what a necessity it is to the mass population. Don’t believe us? Read the following cannabis success stories and consider cannabis plants of your own. Everyone has a cannabis success story to share!

Customers Share Their Cannabis Success Story

“CBD and MCT oil have helped me quit smoking, drinking, and drugs.” @taliiman

“Growing cannabis has become therapeutic in and of itself.” @growpotential

“It saved my life and I was able to get off narcotics after being on them for over four years aftermy back surgery. It’s the only thing to get me off narcotics and lose weight and be the healthiest I’ve been. It’s amazing what this can do for people. I use it for anxiety, but it legit saved my life.” @seaweed313

“Cannabis has helped me to be more active. Before I used to procrastinate all the time.” @somewhereon4th

“It helps me with massive migraines that were going to end my life. But cannabis stopped it and brought me back to life.” @big_papa_ben

“I am bi-polar and also have hypomania. Cannabis has given me the ability to be normal minus meds.” @john.hoffman.54922

“After being in multiple car accidents, cannabis has helped me with natural pain relief.” @theguysgrow

“It’s my new hobby! Quarantine gave me time to research and go for my first grow. Thanks GCS!” @conormccannrealty

“It helps with sleep and arthritis (I’m an Iraq veteran). I also use topicals and tinctures.” @so_cal_farmer

Why People Choose Cannabis

You heard it here first, folks! Those are real stories from real people. No actors, no models, no fake infomercials. Based on their answers and feedback from other medicinal users, cannabis can potentially help users overcome a variety of symptoms and conditions.

Mental Health Vs. Physical Health

Based on the list above, many of cannabis’ purported medical benefits hover around the physical realm. But guess what? That’s only half the battle. You cannot consider yourself a “healthy” person if your mental sanity feels skewered or defeated. To live your healthiest life, you must take care of your mental health as well. Some call it self-care. Others practice self-love and appreciation.

Cannabis For Your Mental Health

According to some medicinal users, they claim cannabis can potentially help users alleviate anxiety and other mood-related disorders. If you find yourself stressed and nervous day-after-day, especially during quarantine, chances are your physical health will follow. It’s all connected.

When we get sick mentally, it comes as no surprise that we develop a cough or a cold shortly after. And vice-versa. When that cold starts to come on, we typically notice a negative shift in our mood. We suddenly want to sleep all day and stay in our pajamas.

We’re Moved By Your Cannabis Success Story

No matter where you get your seeds from, all we care about at the end of the day is your health and happiness. We didn’t ask you to specify a cannabis success story from Growers Choice. We didn’t ask you to tell us which strain of our worked best for you because that’s not the point.

If you like a strain from Growers Choice, yes, by all means, go ahead and treat yourself to it. But if not, don’t let that stop your cannabis journey. Find the strain or seed bank that speaks volumes to you and see what good it can do. You never know how cannabis can help until you try it. Bear in mind, it may take some trial and error to find the ideal strain for your needs. Don’t expect to hit the jackpot on the first buy.

Missed Our Instagram Post?

Not a problem! You can tell us your cannabis success story in the comment section down below or on social media. We post daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and would love to hear how cannabis has helped you—even if your seeds didn’t come from our seed bank.

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