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Should Pro-Athletes Be Allowed To Smoke Cannabis?

should pro athletes be allowed to smoke cannabis

Around 9 am each morning, I like to sit down with my cup of black coffee and read the news—particularly cannabis-related headlines. Today, I discovered an article that hinted at the NBA’s stoppage of drug testing their pro-athletes. Some of you may already know that the NBA plans to make a comeback this July and wrap up the season in Orlando, Florida. This news article made me wonder: should pro athletes be allowed to smoke cannabis during the season? As an opinion piece, I’d love for you to chime in, as well!

The Return of the NBA

Earlier this month, sports fanatics lost their minds over the news of the NBA return. Granted, many, many details still need to be figured out in relation to the global pandemic. Sports Illustrated reports that pro-athletes will not be penalized if they wish to stay home and off the court. Additionally, “If a player has a medical issue that could lead to him being excused from playing in Orlando, he would be allowed to see an independent doctor for an examination. Even if he was cleared to play, the player could still abstain from participating without consequence.”

As of now, the 2019-20-NBA season is predicted to resume on July 31 in Orlando. “22 teams will be participating—the 16 teams currently in the playoff field, plus six teams who are within six games of the final playoff spot within each conference.” (source 1)

Will The NBA Drug Test?

Let’s face it, with so much downtime these past few months it wouldn’t surprise me if pro athletes turned to cannabis and other recreational drugs for some relief. Sales do not lie. The pandemic brought record-breaking sales to cannabis dispensaries across the nation. Are we really to believe that NBA players refrained from cannabis use just in case the season resumed? Highly doubtful.

Now that the season is confirmed to kick off once again, reports suggest that NBA officials will not drug test…because, if they did, we might not have any players left! According to the Boston Globe, “The head of the NBA’s players’ union is joining the board of a major marijuana company at the same time reports are surfacing that players will not be tested for cannabis and other recreational drugs when they convene to wrap up the season in Orlando next month.” (source 2)

Drug Use In Professional Sports

How disappointing…You grow up watching these amazing athletes on television only to realize that some are cheaters. We hate to say it but look at Lance Armstrong. He denied allegations of doping for years until he finally cracked on Oprah’s talk show. The former sports icon admitted to taking testosterone and human growth hormones to stimulate red blood cell production. Other busted pro athletes include…

  • Maria Sharapova (tennis)
  • Tyson Gay (Olympic runner)
  • Anderson Silva (UFC)
  • Roy Jones Jr. (UFC)
  • Shane Warne (cricket)

Should Pro-Athletes Be Allowed To Smoke Cannabis?

While it doesn’t necessarily surprise us that some athletes use drugs during their season, we are shocked that many don’t realize the consequences—or how easy it is to get caught! One urine test is all it takes! What do you think—all other drugs aside, do you think athletes should be legally allowed to smoke cannabis before a big game or event? Do you think the NBA should refrain from drug testing the following season when things (hopefully) return to normal? Let us know in the comment section!

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