Megan’s “Markle Sparkle”: A Pot Present Fit for a Princess

cannabis farmer grows Megan Markle strain

Written By: Melissa, Staff Blogger
Arguably more famous for her pending nuptials to a certain red-headed royal, Meghan Markle is about to be awarded with one of cannabis culture’s highest honors – having a pot strain created just for her.

Californian actress and now activist Markle is known for her supporting roles in television shows like Suits and minor roles in movies like Remember Me and the slapstick comedy Horrible Bosses.
Until now, the biggest scandal surrounding the beauty and her party-loving beau has been the fact that Markle is a divorcee – something considered relatively taboo in royal circles.

We can’t help but wonder, though, how Her Majesty the Queen might have reacted on learning her soon-to-be-in-law has a nephew in the process of developing a designer cannabis strain in honor of the upcoming wedding.

A Royal Joint

Tyler Dooley may not have received an invitation to the “big do” (he admittedly hasn’t spoken to his aunt in several years), but plans to celebrate the occasion with a designer strain of his own creation, named for his famous cousin – “Markle Sparkle”.

“Megan grew up in California and I’m sure has an American view on pot,” the 25-year-old was quoted as telling The Daily Mail. As for the husband-to-be? “Prince Harry enjoys a good party.”

boutique cannabis strains
Any cannabis farmer can undertake the creation of a specialty cannabis strain (and many do)!

Boutique Cannabis Strains

Designer or “luxury” cannabis strains like Dooley’s “Markle Sparkle” are nothing new – this special plant is one in a long line of hybridizations created by serious gardeners who, thanks to more lax laws surrounding the growth and use of ganja, have taken their love of weed to a whole new, creatively delicious level.

In most cases, these boutique strains are considered top-shelf, the kind the lowly likes of the average cannabis consumer will never see in their lifetime. What Chanel, Christian Dior, and Jean Paul Gauthier are to haute couture fashion, these strains are to the weed world. Rare commodities with the kind of aroma, flavor, look, and high you can’t get from local vendors. While gardeners might not be able to patent their specific breeds, genetics like these will naturally remain proprietary information and come at more than a fair price. Don’t believe us? Consider one of the most expensive strains in the world – Isla OG Canned Cannabis, a pot product whose air-sealed buds can go for up to $800 an ounce.

Cannabis Creativity

Also known as craft cannabis, the practice of producing such dynamic pot began back in the heyday of marijuana, in the 60s and 70s, when growers world-wide began experimenting with breeding existing varieties to develop strains with distinct combinations and effects.

cannabis strains that cost hundreds of dollars
Some fancy cannabis strains can cost hundreds of dollars an ounce.

Thanks to supply and demand, we have been blessed with strains that appeal to pot fans as much for their effect as much for their flavor and aroma. Manali West’s Pink Starburst tastes like a candy and can have up to 32.49% THC, a phenomenon that probably wouldn’t occur in nature. Another popular boutique breed is Planet of the Apes by LA Confidential, a hybrid with parentage from Gorilla Glue #4, producing dense buds with a heavy lemon/pine flavor that will knock your socks off.

Yet to be released, we can only imagine what kind of attributes Megan’s “Markle Sparkle” will have – sweet and spicy, perhaps, with a kick that leaves you feeling carefree? One can only hope. Til then, why not check out our great selection of feminized cannabis seeds, guaranteed to be a lot easier on the bank!

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