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How to Make Weed Tea From Marijuana Stems

How to Make Weed Tea from Stems

The art of making tea from plant products stretches back thousands of years ago (source 1). From the ancient Chinese to the middle age British four o’clock traditions, different people have learned the art of infusing plant extracts into hot steaming water.

Nowadays, you would find it’s not just ginseng and jasmine that make for great tea. Weed tea from cannabis stems is becoming popular as an alternative to smoking weed. Some people even go as far as using cannabis seeds like the Tangerine Dream and Strawberry Cough seeds in cannabis tea preparations to avoid smoking.

Typically, you can prepare cannabis tea from the stem and seed leftovers. The stems are components of the bud but are too harsh to be smoked and aren’t exactly an appetizing ingredient in cooking. But both seed and stem find their uses in weed tea, conserving the otherwise wasted parts of the bud.

So next time you settle to have a go with your cannabis buds, remember that nothing goes to waste. Here’s our guide on preparing tea from weed stems.

A bunch of cannabis buds just before harvest.
No part of the cannabis plant is a waste! Check out where we get ‘dabs’ from.
Source: Esteban López unsplash

What is Weed Stem Tea?

There are many ways to enjoy cannabis, THC, and their products, and cannabis tea is one of such ways. It’s a great alternative to regular smoking and THC infusions, and you end up making the most of your marijuana plants if you’re a cannabis cultivator.

Now, weed stem tea is one of the methods to ensure absolutely nothing goes to waste. Preparing it uses up parts of the cannabis plant and bud that you would normally discard for various reasons, namely the stem and the seed.

Both the weed stems and seeds contain THC, CBD, and other beneficial cannabinoids, but they are not released in significant amounts through smoking, cooking, or infusions. Their psychoactive effects are better expressed in marijuana tea, even though they are still quite milder than the bud.

This makes them a better choice for people who are new to the cannabis experience. Instead of a wild thrust into the effects of cannabis, weed stem tea allows for a gentler, smoother transition for beginners.

Does Weed Stem Tea Get You “High”?

It’s complicated, really, and that’s because of the many different cannabis strains we have. The strains that have higher THC content will get you the desired “high,” while CBD-dominant strains will only create a relaxing feeling.

Apart from the kind of strains, you might not feel the effects of cannabis tea so well if you’ve been going chronic on weed smoking. In that case, your body is quite used to the THC levels in the bud, and frankly, the weed stem tea can’t offer you that much.

Instead of the expected effects, you will only experience a slight shift in reality. Leaving out a binding agent in your marijuana tea preparation would also take the high right out of it. Cannabinoid compounds are not soluble in water (source 2), so they require binding agents to be effective in weed stem tea.

The binding agents could be alcohol-based or oil-based. Alcohol-based binding agents can be any hard liquor (brandy, whiskey, vodka), while the oil-based binding agents could be coconut oil, butter, or milk.

Effects of Weed Stem Tea

Generally, weed tea offers the same benefits as smoking or eating edibles, and the same side effects too. The major difference is to what extent you will feel these effects and for how long.

The most common effect is the calm, sedative effect associated with all strains of weed.

Overall, if prepared and administered properly, weed stem tea could be the perfect way to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis even during the day.

How Long Does Weed Stem Tea Take to Kick In?

The onset of ingested cannabis products is slower than when you smoke the buds. In other words, edibles and cannabis tea take longer to kick in than the smoked buds.

From the digestive tract, the THC is hydrolyzed and activated, releasing the active component into the bloodstream (source 3). All that time from ingestion to THC activation comprises the onset of action, which can appear to take too long compared with smoking.

However, when the weed stem tea starts to kick in, the effects can last for up to eight hours. That’s why you have to wait about two hours after ingesting your cannabis tea before drinking any more. Because the release is delayed, it is easy to “overdose” on cannabis stem tea, mistaking the elongated onset of action for impotent weed strains.

In such cases, the effects could be quite jarring. Instead of smooth, relaxed effects, you can experience some of the adverse effects and get a terrible experience.

 Tray containing cannabis-infused tea in teacups.
Sometimes, you just want to get all that THC out of your system. And it could also be because of your boss!
Source: Kimzy Nanney unsplash

How to Make Weed Stem Tea

Before delving into the cannabis tea recipe and ingredients for your weed stem tea, you have to decide which active ingredient–THC or CBD–you want. And that depends on what mood you wish to experience.

If you want a calm, relaxed evening after work, or you wish to start off the weekend with a cool sensation, your weed stems should come from indica-dominant cannabis varieties like Candy Kush. You can top it off with lavender flavor to generate an even more soothing sensation.

You might want a more stimulating cup for a start to your day. Then you should choose your weed stems from sativa-dominant strains like Purple Haze plants, and a touch of lemongrass leaves for added flavor and energy boost.

But enough talk; it’s time to brew our weed stem tea!

Ingredients and equipment:

  • ¼ cup or 1 g of dried cannabis stems.
  • 3 cups of water.
  • Kettle and stirrer.
  • Binding agents (milk, unsalted butter, coconut oil, or some brandy).
  • Strainer (coffee filters or cheesecloth) or tea bags.
  • Teacups.
  • Flavors and sweeteners.


1. Break the larger stems into smaller pieces. Some people like to crush their stems into even smaller pieces for more surface area.

2. Gently boil the water with any of the binding agents in the kettle ( ½ cup of milk or coconut milk, or ¼ tablespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil). If you go with alcohol for your binding agents, wait till the end of step 3 before adding it.

3. Add the crushed stems to the boiling water and simmer for an additional 7-10 minutes while you stir frequently. THC gets more infused as the boiling time increases. Remove from the burner; now you can add the alcohol binder (about two spoons of brandy should do for each cup of tea).

4. You can now use cheesecloth or coffee filters to strain your tea into your tea cups. If you have tea bags at home, you can load the crushed stems from step 1 into them and just immerse them in the boiling water. That way, you don’t have to strain at the end of the tea preparation.

5. You can add flavors and sweeteners to your freshly prepared weed stem tea. It’s just like every other tea and the earthy taste and smell might not be palatable for everyone.

Ceramic mug containing tea mixture and some dried flowers.
There are several additives that would enhance your cannabis tea. And tinctures are one of them!
Source: Drew Jemmett unsplash

Making Weed Stem Tea in Different Ways

Here are some tricks to make your delectable cup of weed stem tea even more special:

  • You can add cannabis flowers to the gentle boiling stage to increase the potency of your tea.
  • Raise the boiling time to about 10-15 minutes. Of course, it is a case of the longer, the stronger with weed stem teas.
  • Add some cannabis tincture after your infused tea is ready–and thank us later!


So you see, you are only a few steps from creating a masterpiece that is your own cannabis tea! So you can’t smoke? Big deal! Follow our guide above and brew yourself some essence of cannabis.

And what better source for cannabis stems than your own garden? From the sativa-dominant Bubble Gum auto flowering seeds to the indica Critical Mango Medical seeds, you are only a few clicks away from a whole different experience in the cannabis world.

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1. Can I Use Dabs for Weed Tea?

Absolutely! However, you must take care to boil them under intense heat, so that you don’t burn the essential terpenes. Otherwise, you can steep the concentrates in your tea while the water is simmering.

2. How Much Weed Stems Do I Need for Weed Tea?

You need at least ¼ cup of dried weed stems in 1 cup of water for a concentrated tea mix or 3 cups of water for a more dilute mixture.

3. How Many Grams of Weed Stems Do I Need for Weed Tea?

You need at least 1 g of dried weed stems to get a cup of cannabis tea. You can adjust the water (1 to 3 cups) to dilute the tea mix.

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