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How to Make Cannabis Honey

how to make cannabis honey

While this may sound like some kind of concoction created by a bougie dispensary run by over-privileged hipsters just to make a profit, in reality, canna honey, which is honey with cannabis tincture or decarboxylated cannabis infused into it, is believed to have been around since approximately 1500 BC as it is mentioned in the Ebers Papyri, which is the oldest medical text in the world comprised of a collection of scrolls created by the Egyptians. In this medical compendium, various medicinal cannabis honey concoctions were provided for “cooling” the uterus and easing various aches and pains (source 1).

About Decarboxylated Cannabis

Before getting into some recipes for making your own cannabis home remedy out of honey and marijuana plant matter or a THC or CBD tincture, let’s look at what decarboxylated cannabis is, as I know that just the term itself can sound very daunting if you’re unfamiliar with decarboxylating weed.

When an edible or tincture recipe says that you first need to “decarboxylate” or “decarb”  your cannabis flower know that pronouncing the phrase “decarboxylated cannabis” is probably the most difficult part of the process, which is actually quite simple to do.

Also, know that this is NOT a step you can skip because raw cannabis is not actually psychoactive. For example, if you were to just try and eat the nuggets that you’ve cured from your home-grown weed plants or that you’ve purchased from your local dispensary, not only do you risk upsetting your stomach, you’ll get zero effects. So, dumping a bunch of cannabis plant matter into a jar of honey is not going to do anything for you.

Basically, the process of “decarboxylation” is simply about removing a particular acid molecule from the chemical makeup of your buds (source 2). Without getting too into all the chemistry and science behind it all, marijuana buds contain something called THCA, which is an acidic cannabinoid that has little to no intoxicating effects. When you smoke or vaporize weed, the heat you use to do so is what converts the THCA into THC, and it is the THC that is what provides you with marijuana’s euphoric effects that get you “high.” If you’ve ever dabbed, smoked a joint, vaped, or lit up a bong or pipe before you have actually decarboxylated your weed.

However, when you’re making any kind of edible without a pre-made tincture, you can’t just use your lighter and burn your buds because, as you know, your buds will literally dissipate in flames and you’ll be left with nothing but some ash.

So, when decarboxylating weed for making some edibles etc. you need to use just enough heat by baking it as opposed to just lighting it on fire.

Why Use Canna Honey

Beyond some of the obvious benefits of cannabis-infused honey, like the fact that edibles are far more discrete than smoking or vaping as they don’t fill your space with weed odors and that they are often easier to transport, there’s also the fact that canna honey can provide a nice and warm full-body high when used in a warm beverage.

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Learn how food, such as honey, affects your cannabis high
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How to Decarboxylate Your Weed

Now that you know that decarboxylating cannabis is not a complicated task that requires your having an at-home laboratory, here is one simple way to decarboxylate your weed when a recipe, such as canna honey, calls for it. Also, know that you can apply this same process when you’re making edibles with CBD, CBN, etc., too.

Step 1.

While weed can be decarboxylated at anywhere from 200-245 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend that you do so at 220-240, depending on if your oven tends to run hot or cold. (If it runs hot, try 220, and if it runs cold try 240.)

The most important thing is that you don’t decarb your cannabis at 300 degrees Fahrenheit or above as doing so will result in actually burning off the cannabinoids and terpenes, which, simply put, means you won’t get high off it then.

Use some kind of oven-safe tray or a cookie sheet with parchment paper on it, and “arrange” your buds on it.

Step 2.

Once your oven has reached your chosen temperature of between 220-240, then take your tray of buds and bake them for 30-40 minutes. Make sure to “stir” and flip your cannabis a few times throughout the baking process, and rotate the sheet or tray a couple of times as well so that things bake evenly.

Step 3.

Once your marijuana buds look toasted with a golden brown appearance remove them from the oven and let them cool for at least 30 minutes or until they’re at least at room temperature.

Step 4.

Either seal and store them in a container for the next time you’re making some edibles, or add them to your recipe that you’re in the process of making.

And that’s it! Now let’s give you some THC-infused honey recipes to try at home!

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Did you know that there are foods that naturally fight stress?
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Cannabis Honey Recipes

Note that you can use any kind of honey you like for these recipes, be it regular, manuka, raw honey, or any of the numerous varieties that exist. When it comes to choosing it’s about your own personal preference.

Recipe No. 1


– 1 cup of honey

– 3.5 grams of decarbed weed


– Double boiler

– Cheesecloth or another food-safe fine mesh cloth for straining

– Funnel

– Mason jar (or something like it)


1. Add the honey and cannabis to a double boiler and gently heat over a low flame on a stovetop or hot plate.

2. Simmer on low for anywhere from 40-60 minutes, making sure your canna honey mixture doesn’t ever reach a boil.

3. Remove the double boiler from the stove and let it cool until it reaches room temp.

4. Line the funnel with the cheesecloth and pour your cannabis-infused honey through the funnel into your mason jar. Do NOT squeeze the cheesecloth as it can make your canna honey taste “grassy.”

5. Seal your mason jar and store it in a cool dark place. It will be good for about 2 months.

Recipe No. 2


– 2 cups of honey (or you can half this recipe if you prefer)

– 15 grams of decarbed cannabis


– Crockpot

– Cheesecloth or another food-safe fine mesh cloth for straining

– 1-quart jar (or something like it) with a lid that can be sealed so that it’s airtight

– 1 old hand or dish towel that you don’t mind getting somewhat “ruined” by heat and water

– Tongs

– Oven mitts (optional)


1. Wrap your decarbed cannabis in cheesecloth and tie it with the string. (This saves you the step of having to strain it into the jar later as you can simply remove this “bundle” when your canna honey is done “cooking.”)

2. Fill your quart jar with honey leaving some air space at the top, and add your cheesecloth bundle of cannabis to it. Tightly close the lid.

3. Place the (old) dish or hand towel at the bottom of the crockpot and place your jar of honey and weed on top of the towel.

4. Add enough water so that it is just above the top level of where your honey is in the jar.

5. Set your crockpot or slow cooker to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is usually it’s “Low” setting, and keep it there for about 8 hours.

6. Check every 2-4 hours, and “burp” the lid of the jar by loosening it if you feel or see that pressure is building. Then tighten it again before placing the crockpot’s cover.

7. After 8 hours have passed, turn off the crockpot and either remove the jar using oven mitts or let it sit in the crockpot that is now turned off until it cools.

8. Once your canna honey is cool to the touch, use the tongs to pull your cannabis cheesecloth bundle from the jar, making sure to squeeze as much honey from the cheesecloth* as possible.

*You can then steep this same cheesecloth bundle with the decarbed honey weed in it in a hot cup of tea, a hot toddy, etc.

9. Reseal the jar and store it in a cool dark place for up to 2 months.

External References

  1. Medium. (2024). “The Interplay between Cannabis Use and Ancient Egyptian Medicine in ‘The Ebers Papyrus.'” Retrieved from the Medium website.
  2. National Library of Medicine. (2016). “Decarboxylation Study of Acidic Cannabinoids.” Retrieved from the National Library of Medicine website.

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