The Effects of Cannabis on Women vs. Men

effects of weed on men and women

The common effects of marijuana are widely known, and everyone has at least heard of the most notorious ones, if not experienced them. This knowledge makes people either want to try this natural plant or avoid it. While these effects — which include increased appetite, dizziness, and dry mouth — aren’t necessarily fun, they’re not life-threatening or even long-lasting.

While it is certainly true that marijuana can cause these side effects, the good news is some strains and products enable you to bypass them altogether. Thanks to advances in genetics and the development of new ways to use marijuana, you can truly have your pot brownie and eat it, too.

What you might not have heard about marijuana side effects is that they can differ greatly depending on whether the user is male or female. Below, we explore some ways cannabis affects men and women differently.

cannabis seeds effects on female
The effects of marijuana may change depending on your estrogen levels

Cannabis Effects on Women

  1. Estrogen

Your body’s estrogen cycle can alter how marijuana will affect you. THC will have the strongest effect when your estrogen is at its highest, just before it begins to decrease again (prior to ovulation). In other words, if you don’t want to get “high”, avoid using strains high in THC at this time of the month.

If you’re still looking for relief, give one of our high-CBD strains a try: CBD Blueberry can potentially help ease stress and won’t give you that heady sensation.

  1. Withdrawal

Often, women will find they are more out of sorts than their male friends when they stop using marijuana. (While studies show the plant is not as chemically addictive as heroin or opiate medications, we can still develop a habit that can be tricky to break!) These effects tend to be largely physical and may include trouble sleeping and lack of hunger.

Remember to use only as much marijuana as you need to generate the sensation you’re looking for. Like any substance, taking too much can have a negative result. For more information, check out our blog on Determining the Right Dosage.

  1. Libido

Cannabis can have a different result depending on the amount ingested, even beyond the obvious “higher dose = more intense”. This is the case for medicinal use, and it is also true regarding the female libido.

Anecdotal evidence in some studies has suggested that a low dose of marijuana can increase libido, while a high dose begins to have the opposite effect. Back to estrogen again, this hormone plays nice with small amounts of THC, but larger doses can interfere.

cannabis seeds effects male
You might find yourself eating all the snacks

Cannabis Effects on Men

  1. Appetite

Here’s that well-known side effect, again. If you have ever used cannabis in the company of a group of friends, you may already have deduced this gender-based difference: marijuana appears to cause a more advanced case of the munchies in guys than in girls.

The takeaway? Boys, remember to be gentlemanly and share the pizza with the girls, rather than scarfing it all down yourself!

  1. Psychoactivity

Findings in some studies claim the number of men who experience psychosis when using cannabis outnumbers women two to one. There is still a lot of research to be done on this rare side effect, but if you want to chill out and enjoy yourself when feasting on cannabis-infused goodies, take it slow and stop if you start feeling a little sketched out. (Or try a high-CBD strain like Critical Mass – CBD won’t mess with your head, and some users claim it potentially offers relief from chronic pain and migraines.)

  1. Pain Relief

Sorry to say, but for those who want to potentially use cannabis to handle joint and muscle pain, some medicinal users say men require a higher dose than women. Because you’re less sensitive to this holistic medicine than women (hence the fairer sex’s tendency to suffer worse withdrawal and more quickly develop tolerance), anecdotal evidence seems to suggest men won’t feel as much relief unless they use a bit more.

While this might be bad news for your personal stash, you can try strains higher in THC or CBD, which should give you more bang for your buck. But whatever method you try, keep in mind number two on this list, and don’t overdo it.

It’s clear that your genetics and your hormones change the way marijuana affects you. Be mindful of these differences, and listen to your own body when you’re consuming. Don’t ingest the same amount of cannabis as your friend just because they seem fine. Rather, be smart and safe!

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