Which Countries Smoke the Most Pot?


Where do you think the people who smoke the most pot live?

Would you guess a country like Jamaica (because it’s the seat of the Rastafarian religion), or the Netherlands, due to the way they’ve largely embraced the culture, and how Amsterdam is one of the most popular pot-related vacation destinations?

In fact, according to the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), the Netherlands comes in 20th, and Jamaica doesn’t even make the top 30. Of course, this data is updated by different countries in different years, and there isn’t information for every country in the world, but the list is nonetheless interesting – and perhaps surprising – one.

The 10 Countries That Smoke The Most Cannabis

The list is organized based on the percentage of the population that smokes marijuana, and I for one was surprised to see that the highest number wasn’t even 20%! This isn’t a list of the number of people who have ever smoked marijuana though, I assume, but rather the number of people who would check “yes” on a survey when asked, “Do you smoke cannabis on the regular?”

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Cannabis Countries:

places where people smoke the most pot
On the hunt for cannabis compatriots? Try these countries!
  1. Iceland (18.3%)
  2. The United States (16.3%) ← hey, look at that, we’re the runner up!
  3. Nigeria (14.3%)
  4. Canada (12.7%) ← not too shabby, neighbor-to-the-north!
  5. Chile (11.8%)
  6. France (11.1%)
  7. New Zealand (11%
  8. Bermuda (10.9%)
  9. Australia (10.2%)
  10. Zambia (9.5%)

What do you think? Are you shocked? Let us know in the comments below which countries you were sure would appear didn’t make the cut. And if you want to see the list of all 30 locations, check out this Telegraph article.

How Does Legality Affect Cannabis Use?

Interestingly, all the countries listed above still malign cannabis to some degree – not one of them has fully legalized use! Take the US, for example, where only 8 states have legalized recreational marijuana, and there remain an unfortunate number of states where the plant is completely illegal. As for growing, for which so many people turn to Growers Choice cannabis seeds, only 17 US states allow cannabis cultivation for any reason.

So, apparently, whether or not marijuana is actually legal doesn’t really have much effect on whether or not people use it. I’d say that’s a pretty good argument for decriminalization (at the very least) on such a relatively harmless product, right?

marijuana in Jamaica
In Jamaica, marijuana is decriminalized and people can grow their own plants.

Wait A Minute, What About Jamaica?

I’m sure you’re wondering how many people do use marijuana in Jamaica, at least after that little intro teaser.

Currently, recreational cannabis is illegal in Jamaica, though just a few years ago possession of 2 ounces or less was reduced to “petty crime”, which is the same as decriminalization. Interestingly, people are also allowed to grow up to five plants in their homes. So, I guess, you take your chances on getting caught with it when you’re out and about?

Additionally, people who practice Rastafarianism are protected by religious laws and can use marijuana for faith-driven purposes.

There’s no hard and fast data on how many people use cannabis in Jamaica, though apparently, a study from the 1970s popularized the notion that upwards of 70% of people indulge. That seems awfully high to me.

netherlands marijuana laws
Doesn’t this idyllic scene just make you want to roll a joint or eat a brownie?

In this article, the author says people consider drinking and smoking cannabis entirely different situations, and people who are aghast the thought of smoking might be completely accepting of, or even take part in, the consumption of weed tea.

Where Does The Netherlands Rank?

As I mentioned above, the Netherlands is 20th on the list of cannabis-smoking countries. According to the data, about eight percent of Netherlanders smoke weed, but I can’t help but wonder how that number skyrockets during tourist season!

What do you think? Do you have any new
vacation destinations in mind after seeing this list of the top 10 pot-smoking countries?

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