Cannabis Terms Most-Used By Police

cannabis terms most-used by police

Due to the ongoing Black Lives Matter and George Floyd Justice protests, a handful of states now have federal troops and military-trained officers monitoring the streets. In early July, Trump deployed federal troops to Portland (the hot spot on the news right now), Philadelphia, and New York City, with aims to spread military control as time goes on. We cannot think of a more appropriate time to review the cannabis terms most-used by undercover police and law enforcement.

Common Police Cannabis Terms

With undercover police surveilling the streets, we urge all protesters to watch their backs and stay on the lookout for suspicious behavior. Keep your phones out to document the scene, keep fighting the good fight against racism and police brutality, and keep each other safe. Do not talk to strangers in the mass protests setting as they could very easily be an undercover cop prying for information. Keep your personal information close to your chest, and stay aware of the red-flag cannabis terms cops use the most.

  • Skunk
  • Grass
  • Mary Jane
  • 4:20
  • Pot
  • Dope

Some strange ones include Wacky Tobacky, Stink Weed, Toke/Toak, and The Devil’s Lettuce. We rounded up these cannabis terms from police-based chat rooms, such as Police Mag, where everyday cannabis users share the nicknames they’ve heard the most from law enforcement. For this post, we’re going off of the public’s input.

How To Point Out Undercover Police

In many cases, it’s easier to point out an undercover police-operated vehicle than a single individual in a large crowd of protesters. Undercover vehicles often feature municipal plates, clusters of antennas, and dark-tinted windows. 

We cannot speak for all undercover officers but a vast majority of them wear loose-fitting outdoorsy pants with a number of pockets to store their badge and handcuffs. They may also don a clean-shaved face, buzz-cut hair, and heavy-duty boots—no sneakers or open-toe shoes.

According to a chat room on Quora, the combination of a baseball cap and dark, sharp-edged sunglasses are common among undercover cops. Another user mentioned plain clothes with no branding, so no Nike logos or Polo shirts with visible trademarks. They want to blend in and look as “mundane” as possible—no vibrant colors, no crazy patterns.

How To Stay Safe At Protests

No matter where you live, the end all be all rule of cannabis is that you cannot smoke in public spaces. It is illegal to consume cannabis in any form (edibles, tinctures, etc.) at protests—especially ones right outside police headquarters. Keep the cannabis at home!

Secondly, it’s crucial to know your rights as a protester. “If the police do stop you, you have a right to remain silent and the right to obtain a lawyer. You also have the right to refuse consent to a search without a warrant, with an exception for probable cause,” according to Vocal Media. “Moreover, the courts have also shown that you have the right to photograph in public — and that police cannot confiscate your camera if you tape them during an arrest.”

Thirdly, practice safety in numbers. If you cruise by alone on your bike or your friends can’t make it, find a group of like-minded individuals to protest next to…while still keeping information close to your chest. You can protest without getting into personal conversations. If you do attend with friends, designate a meeting point at a specific time should you separate.

Protesting Looks Different To Everyone

While you have every right to freedom of speech out on the streets, some protesters argue that peaceful practices are not enough. Some protesters turn to graffiti, vandalism, aggression, and occasional violence either toward police or fellow protesters with contrasting beliefs. Protesting looks different to everyone, so go about it how you so choose. Don’t let others influence you to protest a certain way, especially if it puts your safety at risk. Stay safe out there!

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