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Cannabis Laws From Around The World

Cannabis laws From Around the World

The push for cannabis legalization is alive and well around the world. Canada made frontpage news for all the right reasons when local lawmakers legalized cannabis for recreational use, which makes us wonder if the rest of the world will follow suit. Americans see progress year by year, and 2020 could be the time when cannabis becomes federally legal in all 50 states — as long as we elect the right Presidential candidate. But what about the rest of the world? What are the cannabis laws from around the world? With the holidays coming up, we know you’re eager to travel and across country lines.

Let’s Start With Australia

When asked about their dream destinations, most people mention Sydney or Melbourne at least once on their bucket list. Would could say no year-round sunshine, breathtaking beaches, and hotties with accents. Australia becomes an even desirable location when you learn that, for the most part, cannabis legal Down Under. Medical marijuana laws passed in 2017, according to Thrillist.

Marijuana Laws In Mexico

If you don’t feel like traveling too far, Mexico might be the holiday destination for you. Like Australia, it’s loaded with gorgeous beaches, delicious local cuisine, and festive celebrations around Christmastime. But should you smoke during your trip? Most signs point to yes! Private, personal use of recreational marijuana in amounts 5 grams or less is decriminalized, which means no jail time for you if the cops notice. While cannabis remains technically illegal in Mexico, at least you won’t be thrown behind bars.

Welcome To Jamaica

It shouldn’t surprise you that the cannabis capital of the world has loose laws. If you happen to be Rastafarian, you can use it unlimited quantities with no repercussions. It’s not uncommon for locals to approach you to ask if you’re interested in buying some — it happened to the Thrillist writer as they were walking along the beach. Jamaica decriminalized cannabis in 2015.

Touchdown In Italy

Who cares about the cold weather when there’s such mouth-watering food?! Italy in the wintertime might be chilly (or completely freezing) but it’s all worth it when you think about pasta and cannolis. Oh, and cannabis, of course. The sales of cannabis might get you into trouble with the law but small quantities for personal use won’t land you in jail, although police might ask for your passport. You should smoke discreetly here and not draw much attention to yourself.

Can I Smoke In The Netherlands?

While in Europe, why not hop over to Amsterdam? It’s only a short flight from Rome. As you might have guessed, Amsterdam is famous for its pro-cannabis coffee houses, which are always filled with smoke and treats for the munchies. Growing cannabis, on the other hand, is illegal here. In 2017, a bill was passed to legalize cannabis use outside designated coffeeshops but no word on the results yet. Stick to the coffeeshops for now.

I’m Interested In Spain

Like The Netherlands, Spain has its own collection of cannabis clubs and shops where people light up all day and night. Even if you aren’t smoking in a club, you’re free to smoke on your own without fines or legal repercussions of any kind, so there’s really no need to hold back here.

Where Else Should I Smoke On My Trip?

While each country has its own spin on cannabis laws, you’ll find that it’s mostly legal in the following hotspots…

  • Switzerland
  • The Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica

Give in to your wanderlust this holiday season. Whether you choose a warm beach or a snow-topped cityscape, friendly cannabis laws follow you wherever you go. You can’t go wrong with Europe, South America, and Australia. Now that you’re familiar with cannabis laws from around the world, book that ticket and enjoy your vacation!

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