Cannabis Holidays to Celebrate

Cannabis Day Dreaming

Not that you need an excuse to get high, but wouldn’t it be nice of cannabis had its own official holiday? Like, International Cannabis Day, or something? That way, we could all take a day off from work, order pizza, and watch the entire Game Of Thrones again from the beginning. As an overworked and underpaid society, we desperately need cannabis holidays for our health and longevity. 420 is the obvious one, but are there any other cannabis holidays? And where did 420 come from anyway? Why did we suddenly decide to dedicate those numbers to cannabis use? The idea of cannabis holidays may seem like something only a stoner would ruminate on, but it’s actually much bigger than that. If we can celebrate Labor Day every September to honor working people, then we should also be able to celebrate non-working people. People who would rather smoke cannabis. It’s all about equality, right?

Putting the 4 in the 20

Before we get into the lesser-known cannabis holidays, let’s explore the concept behind 420. Some say 420 is the code police officers use to report illegal cannabis use. Others say it has something to do with Adolf Hitler’s birthday, and another farfetched theory stems from Bob Dylan’s song “Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35.” You know, because 12 multiplied by 35 is 420. Spooky, huh? But according to Time magazine, none of these theories are accurate.

Their report claims the most credible 420 story dates back to 1971 in Marin County, California. Apparently, five students at San Rafael High School would meet at 4:20 pm by the campus’ statue of chemist Louis Pasteur to smoke up. Why 4:20 pm, you ask? Because that’s past when students’ extracurricular activities normally ended, so they wouldn’t get caught. This group of friends became known as the “Waldos” because they met at a wall before heading to the statue. They’d say “420” to each other as a code for cannabis. Boy, did we go to the wrong school.

Happy CBD Day

If April is too far away, the first cannabis holiday of the year takes place on February 1, also known as CBD Day. CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis. Unlike its cousin, THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects on the brain, but is instead a potential painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent. While you won’t feel high or stoned after taking CBD oil, it’s still great to have around for a day of relaxing or practicing yoga. 

CBD has also been said by users to…

  • Ease anxiety
  • Help with sleep issues

Keep in mind that any medicinal benefits of cannabis are purely anecdotal, as further research is needed to confirm marijuana’s efficacy in easing medical symptoms. 

Celebrating Jack Herer

Next up on the calendar is June 18, which stoners like to celebrate because it’s Jack Herer’s birthday. He was an American cannabis rights activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. After many years of fighting for cannabis legalization, he was given the nicknames the Emperor Of Hemp and the Hemperor. So, it’s only right to smoke cannabis on this birthday. And have you tried the Jack Herer strain?

Concentrate on July 10th

Shortly after Jack’s birthday is July 10 — Oils and Concentrates Day. Rumor has it smokers dedicated this day as a cannabis holiday because “OIL” flipped upside down looks like “710.” In recent years, cannabis concentrates, cartridges, and dabs have grown in popularity around the world. It’s not just about the leaf anymore. This holiday is a great excuse to dab the day away or make your own cannabis oil!

Remembering Cannabis Prohibition

If none of these summer cannabis holidays are speaking to you, then what about October 5, which honors the victims of cannabis prohibition. Here’s a quick history lesson. On October 2nd, 1937, the United States enacted the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act, which outlawed cannabis. A mere three days later, on October, 5, the FBI and Denver police raided the Lexington Hotel and arrested Samuel R. Caldwell and Moses Baca. These men are believed to be first citizens convicted of selling and possessing cannabis. What’s even more tragic is that Caldwell died shortly after his release.

Speaking of cannabis-related arrests, we need to celebrate the monumental day when Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize cannabis. It was November 6, 2012. Colorado and Washington deserve a big round of applause for sparking the trend. Now, cannabis is legal in Oregon, Alaska, California, Washington, and Colorado!

Of course, the rest of the United States still has some catching up to do…but it’s getting there! New York and Minnesota are right on the verge of legalizing cannabis. In fact, local lawmakers say it’s just a matter of time at this point. Could we really be looking at legal cannabis in all 50 states in the near future? Or maybe an entire continent, since Canada is already on board, with legalization officially a go just last week. By this time next year, we could be looking at a much longer list of pro-weed states.

Make Your Own Marijuana Day

Or what about Thanksgiving! That’s another secretive cannabis holiday. Basically, any national holiday that involves a lot of eating should automatically include cannabis. Christmas is also a good one, with all those cookies and gingerbread houses. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s always Hanukkah, which gives you not one, not two, but eight whole days of getting high. Also, if we do the math, getting an eighth of weed for every night of Hanukkah would eventually give us an entire ounce. Lastly, to end this year on a high note (see what we did there?), we’ve got New Year’s Eve. We should light a blunt as the fireworks light up the sky. It looks like our year is all set!

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