Cannabis Gift Guide for Christmas 2021

gift guide for christmas

What do you get the stoner who already has everything? Possibly one of the presents listed on our 2021 gift guide. We scoured the internet for Christmas gift ideas that stay true to nature’s greatest gift: cannabis, of course. ‘Tis the season of giving, so keep reading if you need a few ideas on what to buy for your loved ones.

Cannabis Gift Guide for the Stoner Who Has Everything

Creative Thinking Journal

With a front cover that reads, “Please Use This While You Are High,” this journal was created for those who enjoy cannabis on a regular basis. It’s where all your high-deas (ideas) go when you’re feeling creative and in the mood to brainstorm your never endeavors. How many times has this happened: you think of a great idea while high but never write it down. The next day, you can’t even remember what you said and that great idea becomes wasted. This journal ensures that never happens again.

Electronic Lighter

The most practical present on our gift guide. Another common occurrence in the cannabis community: you lend a friend your lighter and never see it again. Or, you have lighters scattered across your car, your office desk, your home, your pockets—it’s just a mess. You can eliminate all of that with one clean, simple, and chic electronic lighter. One that your forgetful friend can’t take home with them. Not to mention, you’ll save money in the long run by having one electronic lighter at home that never runs out of gas.

Smell-Proof Pouch

Up next on our gift guide: a present for your stoner friend who’s constantly on the go, you need to buy them a smell-proof pouch. Just because cannabis is legal in many states, doesn’t mean your loved ones should constantly smell or weed or leave behind a stench wherever they go. Their boss doesn’t need to know by the lingering smell on their shirt. A smell-proof cannabis pouch ensures that you and your loved ones can carry canna accessories without the signature aroma coming from your pocket. Cannabis has a strong, immediately recognizable smell that needs to be tamed in som

Ducking High Card Game

It’s not so much a game as it is closer to Apples To Apples or Cards Against Humanity. After you smoke, drink, or both, play Ducking High with your friends to get everyone to open up a little bit more. As the game says, it’s “sure to get you talking” You answer questions like, “If you were a street performer, what talent would you put on to make money?” It also asks you to, “Write a Yelp review for the city you currently live in.” Ducking High is sure to get you talking, thinking, and laughing hysterically.

Cannabis Cookbook

Surely, you know at least one self-proclaimed foodie in your life. The Bong Appetite cannabis cookbook is the perfect gift for kitchen connoisseurs and beginners alike. It will teach you how to bake edibles of all kinds from scratch, like brownies, cookies, and Rice Krispies. Not only that, but Bong Appetite also features savory recipes that you can whip up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s not only about sweets and desserts. Sometimes we want canna-infused French bread pizza.

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