Cannabis for Your Hair Health

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Cannabis for hair health? That sounds strange. We thought so too at first until we read about the  research that suggests cannabis’ positive effects on your hair from new growth promotion to stronger strands. This anecdotal evidence puportes that regular, consistent cannabis consumption can help your hair grow longer, faster, and stronger. We’ve said it once but we’ll gladly say it again—cannabis can do it all for your inner and external health. Keep reading to find out what exactly is it about cannabis that benefits your hair.

Cannabis has a number of unique anecdotal therapeutic benefits we’ve likely all heard about, among them a reduction in stress levels and anxiety, and even the easing of physical pain. But, have you ever considered that cannabis could actually help your hair grow healthier and stronger? Let’s dive into this claim to see exactly how cannabis has the potential to have a positive effect on your hair health. Some cannabis users have claimed that when consuming marijuana and products derived from cannabis between three and five times a week, they have noticed that their hair and scalp look and feel healthier and that their hair grows faster.

The positive effects of hemp

As many cannabis users likely already know, there are two different types of cannabis plants known as indica and sativa. Though cannabinoids can be derived from both plants, hemp comes exclusively from sativa plants. Hemp, which is not psychoactive, plays a role in the production of many products, including clothing, paper, and materials used for building. There are a number of key nutrients found within hemp, which is why it is also a popular choice for people to ingest via supplements. Hemp oil is now frequently found in hair products because it offers a distinct array of mane-boosting benefits.

Hair health begins with a healthy scalp, and hemp oil is well known for its moisturizing abilities. When used on the scalp, hemp oil can add moisture and build a barrier to reduce water loss so that the scalp stays healthy even after the oil has been absorbed. And, luckily, hemp oil does absorb fairly quickly and easily, so you won’t have to deal with a sticky mess after applying it to your head. 

Hemp oil also contains Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids, which are associated with stimulating hair growth. Keratin, which makes up 90 percent of hair follicles, can similarly be found in hemp oil. This protein is closely tied to promoting hair growth and benefiting blood circulation on the scalp. Lastly, hemp oil is said to reduce hair breakage and improve hair texture, thanks to these incredible components.

CBD for healthy hair

If you’re thinking about ways to potentially reduce your stress levels or improve your overall health, CBD may come to mind as a possible solution. Now, research has shown that CBD may also be helpful in terms of enabling hair growth and reducing the symptoms of many common hair disorders. As such, there are a growing number of hair health products on the market that integrate CBD in their ingredient list.

Some people are surprised to learn that CBD actually contains all of the 21 amino acids that we know of, allowing hair to bulk up its collagen and elastin levels. One of the aminos found in CBD, tyrosine, might even allow hair color to be maintained for longer periods, and CBD’s overall high amino acid content also makes hair stronger and therefore less likely to break.

Vitamins A, E, and C can also all be found in CBD, and these particular vitamins play a large role in protecting us from the free radicals that pollution can inflict upon our bodies. They can act as a shield on hair, reducing the environmental damage like frizziness and dryness that would otherwise be problematic. And, like hemp oil, CBD is rich in omegas and can also promote healthy scalp blood circulation and moisturization.

Does THC promote hair health?

While research has pointed to potential hair benefits via hemp oil and CBD, the same may not be true for another component of cannabis–THC. There are conflicting studies on the benefits or, in some cases, drawbacks, of using THC-infused products to promote hair growth or health. Although more studies will need to be done to draw firm conclusions, there are a few potential reasons why THC may not have as positive of an impact on scalp and hair health as its comrades hemp and CBD.

THC use has been tied to hormonal changes and fluctuations in cell production, both of which are closely linked to hair loss. THC can bring about a reduction in the hormones that are responsible for testosterone production, which can lead to increased hair loss. Also, some forms of THC are linked to increased levels of cortisol. There is a condition called telogen effluvium which can be induced by high cortisol levels that may prevent THC users from having the healthiest head of hair possible. 

As previously mentioned, more research on THC’s connections to hair loss as well as hair growth must be undertaken to reach a conclusion on its effects. Until then, it may be best to closely monitor your own hair growth when imbibing in THC, as well as CBD and hemp oil. And, should you plan to harvest your own cannabis plants, a great place to start your cannabis growing journey is Growers Choice.

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